ST Only

[NPC Creation]

!checkname <name>  :  Use this first to make sure you don’t overwrite someone else already in the system!

!create-<type>-npc <name>  :  Type = Physical, Social, Mental, or Random.  This will weight the stats and abilities toward certain types of NPCs.

!create-<venue>-npc <name>  :  Venue = Vampire, Ghoul, Mortal, Mage, Shifter, etc.  This gives it a set of random basic traits for whatever it is.  Rage, Quintessence, etc.

!health-standard <name>  :  This gives the NPC basic health.  it can be manually edited to give more or less.

!<section> <name> <trait> <amount>  :  Section = Attributes, Abilities, Disciplines, Secondary, Arcanoi, etc.  This manually sets a trait into the sheet.

!remove <name> <section> <trait>  :  In case of “oops” this will remove something off the sheet that shouldn’t be there.