Promethean Laws

Rule #1:  Don’t be a dick.

The Prometheans were a sect of Cainites during the Dark Ages, which dreamed of re-creating Carthage and the harmony of Kindred and Kine associated with it (unsurprisingly, many members were Brujah).  The Promethean laws reflect that, as well as a dislike for feudal or strict hierarchies of power.

Loss of human life is always a last resort.  This is fundamental to the ideals of the Prometheans in general.

The ‘Masquerade’ is handled on a case-by-case basis.  While overall caution is still in their favor, no one goes on mass media proclaiming vampires exist and whatnot, an individual or group exposure is seen as a chance to foster allies rather than slaughter those involved.  Blatant stupidity or malice goes unrewarded however, and often the Cainite involved is more severely punished than the mortal involved.  If it is deemed a mortal can’t handle this knowledge, they will be dealt with as the situation arises.

While there is no Tradition of presenting oneself, the Council of New Orleans has made sure that both Camarilla and Sabbat are represented and so those coming in from outside may feel it prudent to seek out their representative.

There is a monthly meeting held on the last Tuesday of each month where business is brought up and people may introduce themselves if they are new and wish to locate others of like minds.

Embracing another is a personal responsibility, and not granted or forbidden by the Council.  However, the Sire will be considered fully responsible for all actions taken by the Childe for a minimum of one year.

Elders are respected for their acquired knowledge and the young for their fresh insight.  Members of the Council are not there because of Status, but because of responsibility to their people.