Hunting & Feeding

Here we will cover the finer points of Feeding, Hunting, and the effects of PC to PC nibbling.

Unless completely full on blood, vampires are always at least a little hungry. The Beast reminds them of this feeling constantly, though those with higher path ratings tend to drown it out a little better.

Hunting for food depends on the vampire’s preferred method. Each method uses a different set of stats, and some draw more attention than others from repeated use. To hunt in this manner simply use “!hunt (character) (method)” and it will make the roll for you. Herd applies as a bonus to all hunting rolls. If you are interested in exploring a different Method, let me know and I will see about adding some more.

  • Ambush (Wits + Stealth + Obfuscate)
  • Animals (Wits + Survival + Animalism)
  • Commanding (Manipulation + Intimidation + Dominate)
  • Flock (Herd Only)
  • Seduction (Appearance + Subterfuge + Presence)
  • Overpower (Strength + Brawl + Potence)
  • Performance (Charisma + Performance + Fame)

Attention is not the vampire’s friend. Every time you feed you gain a little bit of attention based on the method you use and your flaws. Feeding too many times in quick succession may get you noticed. The exact consequences to this are up to the ST and based on where you were feeding when you drew the attention.

Feeding on other PCs / NPCs has its own set merits and perils. Feeding on other vampires makes you bonded to them somewhat. Being fed on is no less risky. The person-to-person feed command is: “!feed (your character) (other person) (amount)“.

So say Cora feeds on Katie, who is a Mage. Cora’s command would look like this: “!feed Cora Katie 2“, meaning that Cora takes 2 blood from Katie during roleplay, and she is the only one that needs to use the command because Katie doesn’t feed in return obviously. On Katie’s end she takes 2 Bashing damage from the feeding. For vampires, it auto adds a bond to that person on your sheet and steals their vitae directly instead of causing damage.

Being fed on has some risk involved as well. For other vampires, being in a vulnerable position with another predator is only slightly less dangerous than if you were still mortal. Though vampires do get the option to resist the Kiss via Self-Control. Mages can resist if they have their Mind Sphere active, but normal humans/ghouls can only attempt to resist if their MaxWillpower is 8 or higher.

A mortal of any type loses Bashing health levels for each blood point drawn by the vampire. Ghouls/Revenants can heal this with their Vitae if needed, but Mages and Humans need rest. If a Mortal falls below Wounded (Mauled, Crippled, or Incapacitated) from being fed on (this applies even if they were already wounded) they begin to die from blood loss. Bashing levels convert to Lethal at 1/round unless immediate medical attention is received.

Vampires typically feed slowly in order to get as much of the feeling of ecstasy as they can, but if pressed for time or in Frenzy they may take as many bps per round as they can spend for their generation.

If taking blood by force, the would-be feeder must first succeed in grappling the victim. Vampires can bite pretty much anywhere on the body and get blood.