Virtues:  Conscience & Instinct

Low:  Extremely feral.  May even cease to speak actual words at these levels and just growl a lot, taking on an animal-like mindset.

High:  Very balanced.  Very in-tune with nature.  Gains “Inoffensive to Animals”.

The Harmonists do not believe that anything that exists is “unnatural”. Simply “being” means that an individual or force has a place. This includes vampires. Yes, the vampire’s role in the natural order is somewhat unpleasant, but then the rabbit would likely feel the same way about the fox. Harmonists have great respect for the natural order and their place in it.

Of course, “natural order” is somewhat subjective. If vampires are meant to be a predator to humans, are they meant to keep the mortal population in check? If so, they are not keeping up with the times. Older Harmonists realize that the natural order is in a constant state of flux, and so trying to “preserve” it is an artificial notion. It cannot be preserved, it can only be observed and realized. The earliest precepts of the Path of Harmony teach the Cainite to protect the world from undue disruption, which some interpret as attention to ecological concerns. As the Harmonist progresses on the Path, however, he learns that obeying the natural order is really a matter of walking the fine line between knowing when to act and when to leave well enough alone.

Harmonists also realize that they are predators in the unique position of being able to identify with and understand their prey. However, they also realize that this understanding, if taken too far, can push them toward the Beast – exactly what happens when vampires attempt to retain Humanity as their moral code. Therefore, the Harmonists hold mortals in fairly high regard – but not as high as themselves.

  • “Evil” and “Good” are mortal attempts to codify events. They have no practical meaning, and do not apply to your unlife.
  • Human beings may be fascinating to watch and even play with – the need to stave off boredom is an important one. However, you are not mortal any longer, so do not be fooled into believing that you are.
  • The world is constantly in a state of change; we are not. Adapt to the world’s changes. It is our only means of survival.
  • Do not sully your haven. This means that the neighborhood in which you reside should be clean and, if necessary, defended against rival predators and decay.
  • We are the highest form of predator, as we have both human instincts and superhuman hunting skills. Hone both, but let neither overdevelop.
  • Harmony is achieved by each aspect of existence. As a Cainite, your role is that of a hunter.
  • The world does not need your improvement. Don’t try to play God.
  • Don’t engage in politics.  Both human and Cainite societies are unnecessary for us.
  • Hunger makes harmony impossible because it is a distraction.  Don’t let yourself go hungry.
  • Predators do not seek danger.  If in the territory of another, respect that territory.
  • All things disrupt the world, simply by interacting with it. However, doing so deliberately is an attack on all things within the world.  In the long term, survival depends on the world still being here to live in.
  • Acting too human makes it harder to kill when necessary, acting too bestial makes it too easy.  Balancing your nature is key to adapting and survival.
  • All lives end; better they end to feed you than in some random or pointless way.  Do not kill needlessly, but do not regret when it happens.