Virtues:  Conscience & Self-Control

Low:  … die.

High:  The epitome of honor and valor.  A modern white knight.  Gains Code of Honor.

Those who choose to follow the Path of Chivalry have taken the medieval codes of chivalry to heart in order to quiet their Beast, following rules of honor, truth, and valor. Although Cainites on this Path still feel superior to mortals, they also feel that with the power they have gained is a responsibility to guide and protect the weak.

A follower of the Path of Chivalry must always keep honor foremost in his mind. A Knight cannot act rashly or in haste; he must always be aware of the nature and consequences of his actions. The devout student of this Path must hold onto courage and discipline at all times while he seeks to dispense justice and fairness. The true Knight fights and dies, for his cause.

  • Always keep your word and honor your agreements.
  • Never show cowardice. Overcome your fears.
  • Duty comes before personal matters.
  • Always repay your debts.
  • Support your comrades-at-arms in all things, except where they counsel treachery.
  • Do not neglect your duty for any reason.
  • Do not engage in dishonorable acts such as ambush or deceit.
  • Treat everyone with respect, even your enemies as long as they remain honorable.
  • Do not fail to come to the aid of those in need.
  • Always treat superiors with respect.