Humanity & Enlightenment

Vampires have one universal truth:  the Beast.  But they have a lot of different philosophies on being a vampire.

Many cling to what they knew before, and try to stave off this Beast by being as human as possible, or sometimes more human than human.

Still others have different ideologies that allow them to reach heights of Enlightenment and altered states of being such as Golconda.  Though for many this is not the goal, but simply the best way they know how to exist.

In modern nights, all Camarilla (a few -very- old ones may not be) and most Independent even are on Humanity.  The Sabbat, through ritae and teaching, shed this every quickly however and prefer a wide range of Paths.

Paths have different effects if you are on the Low or High ends of the Path.  Low is 3-4, High is 9-10.  You cannot play anything below a 3, ever.  On the High end, most paths grant the effects of a Merit related to that Path’s dogma.

You will notice that in the descriptions of the Paths, there is no “Hierarchy of Sins”, no black and white listing of 1-10 these are the things that would make you roll or what you can get away with.  Having it set to numbers detracts from the RP aspects, you are either practicing the dogma of the Path or you aren’t.  There is always going to be some gray area, and that is ultimately always an ST call.