“Friends don’t let friends eat friends.” – Azeala, Clan Ventrue

These are the rules we’ll be using for Diablerie:

Diablerist Step 1: Drain all the blood. Easy enough, but you might have to fight for it.

Victim Step 1: You get a Self-Control diff 6 to attempt to avoid succumbing to the Kiss (unless your attacker cannot inflict this for some reason) once you fail or botch this roll (which is made every round of feeding), you don’t get another. You’ve given in. If you are staked or otherwise incapacitated you are pretty screwed anyway.

Victim Step 1.5: At 3 or less Vitae in your system, your Beast will go berserk in a last ditch effort to save itself. Roll Stamina + Survival at difficulty 8: 1-2 successes means you can attempt to fight back for just 1 single action if not staked, and 3+ successes means you get 1 single action in which to attempt to save yourself even if staked. More than one diablerist has met an unfortunate end at the hands of their would-be victim at the last minute.

Diablerist Step 2: Draining the Soul. Not as easy. Roll Strength (+ Potence Auto) for damage as the grapple is maintained. The victim must be brought all the way to death in this manner without the process being interrupted.

Victim Step 2: The victim can attempt to make it more difficult for the diablerist by spending a Permanent Willpower point and rolling current Willpower as a soak roll. This can be done every round as long as the victim has more than 1 Willpower remaining.

Diablerist Step 3: If it succeeds, the victim turns to dust on the spot and if the victim was of lower generation, then the diablerist’s generation lowers by 1, no matter how much of a difference there was. The ST rolls 1 die (diff 6) for every dot in Disciplines that the victim had but the diablerist does not possess. Successes provide a temporary gain or boost of that Discipline for 1 month and can be made permanent with the spending of xp at half cost with no mentor. Anything not bought in the manner fades after that time has elapsed.

Victim Step 3: If it failed, the victim is still locked helpless in Torpor but no attempts can be made to diablerize said victim again as their soul is so shredded as to be rendered useless to anyone. Chances are, they are just going to be killed at this point but on the off chance they are rescued, they are forever broken and receive a permanent derangement from the ordeal.

If it succeeded, roll 2 dice (diff 6, +1 for every diablerie already performed by that person in the last year). The diablerist cannot spend wp to gain an automatic success but can instead, lower the difficulty of the roll by up to 3 for 1/1 spend.

  • 2 Successes = No ill effects (this time)
  • 1 Success = Some minor flaw, perhaps a habit that the victim had passes on.  (+1 point in Flaws)
  • 0 successes = A more serious flaw, budding clan flaws are not uncommon (+2-3 points in Flaws)
  • Botch = The diablerist loses a permanent willpower point, and picks up between 3-5 points in Flaws.