• Trivial: This is any really trivial task that would not really harm the other person to give up or accomplish such as loaning someone around $500 bucks or to put in a good word to an employer to get someone in the door of a business, or to get someone an invitation to an exclusive club. It can also be used for such things as acquiring information in a field of expertise or asking info on the streets that isn’t risking life and limb to do. It’s usually something that can be accomplished in short time, such as a day or two.
  • Minor: A minor task is something that can cause some inconvenience to the person that is being asked to pay it. A person with resources 2 or 1 may have trouble getting $1000 – $2000 bucks on hand to bail someone out. Maybe you have a job where you can refuse someone a loan, or cause someone to lose their property due to damages, or you break in somewhere that’s not too well guarded to get something. Maybe if you are wealthy, it would equate to someone borrowing your yacht, plane or house in the Bahamas for a week. Maybe the person wants to use your street influence or business acumen for some task that can take at least a week to accomplish or you have to hit up one of your Associates to work with the person for a while. These Minor boons should only last about a week at most and would not get a person in too much danger.
  • Major: A major task is one that will potentially harm Status or property such as asking for $10,000 or so in cash or co-signing a loan for someone. You might get you in some light scuffle or confrontations, cause you to lose an Associate or some Influence. Someone may want you to use your status to get someone into an elite party where you know the person is up to something that could risk your reputation. It could affect your vote on a specific thing at the next Primogen meeting. This also can be used for training someone in a common Discipline or forcing someone to kill one of their ghouls. These are tasks that usually cannot last more than a month’s time.
  • Blood: This is a major task that can cause you harm but it will not kill you, as far as the person telling you to do it knows. Your life should not be at risk but you can get stuck in some serious situations if things go bad. A loan up to $100,000 or higher in any currency, teaching of an exclusive Discipline that you know, your favored votes in Court as a Primogen for the next 6 months, embracing a Childe for someone else you owe, utilizing your vitae for some ritual, or to wake someone from Torpor or to prevent frenzy. Maybe you give up some actual property valued in the thousands to someone else or you are missioned to protect someone or bring someone to someone else covertly. This can range but there is usually some significant danger but not something that could kill you.
  • Life: A life task is one that basically means someone has you by the kahunas and can ask you to do just about anything within your power that equals up to sacrificing your life for the person you owe. You could be teaching a forbidden Discipline to someone else that is likely to be known as you having taught it, which puts you in danger once that other person uses it anywhere it can be noticed. You could have a one-way suicide mission of some sort, or you are stuck holding an opposing group of Kindred off to let the other person get away alive.. Basically, you are probably fucked here unless you are really lucky.