Gaia’s Endurance and Rulers of the Seas

Details: Rokea do not like land dwelling Shifters quite often. As other animals are being hunted down mercilessly, Rokea and sharks in general have been too, for such things as ‘shark fin soup’ and though the ocean is a big place, it’s becoming smaller. Rokea tend to be bitter against any land dwellers and all that stops most of them from taking out a lot of revenge is that they are smart enough to realize it will just bring more humans out into their waters to hunt them down. Rokea do not like homid-born Rokea and historically have gone through efforts to get rid of kinfolk that could have them, but times are changing and the power the Rokea once boasted has been rescinded and they cannot do much about it. Rokea are -extremely- rare on land.

Breeds: Rokea have two breeds: Squamus and homid. The vast majority of them are squamus, born as one of a variety of breeds of shark. Such a wereshark is the result of a mating between a shark and a wereshark. If a Rokea mates with a human being, the result is a Rokea Kinfolk, called a kadugo. If this kadugo goes on to mate with a Rokea, the child is a homid wereshark. Since the majority of the Rokea species hunts down and kills kadugo and any wereshark that sires them, it’s no wonder that homid Rokea are virtually unknown.
Breed determines starting Gnosis. Squamus Rokea begin with 5, homid with 1.
Auspices: Rokea belong to one of three auspices, determined by their time of birth.
Brightwater Rokea, those born during the bright day or the full moon, are the fiercest warriors among the weresharks.
Dimwater weresharks, born when the sky is clouded over or at night when the moon is visible, but not full, are the balancers and judges of the Rokea. They tend to be the policymakers and leaders, and they are the most common auspice.
Finally, the Darkwaters, born under eclipses or the new moon, are the mystics, shamans, seers, and explorers of the weresharks.
Auspice determines a wereshark’s starting Rage. Brightwaters start with 5, Dimwaters with 4, and Darkwaters with 3.


• All Rokea are constantly compelled to move. On land, Rokea pace unless the player succeeds in a Willpower roll (difficulty 6) each scene. If restrained, the Rokea must check for frenzy.
• Rokea use Rage and Gnosis in much the same way that Garou do.
• Rokea frenzy with only two successes on a Rage roll. Four or more successes indicate that the wereshark enters a state called Kunmind, similar to the Thrall of the Wyrm. In such a state, the Rokea attacks and eats any being within reach. Rokea do not enter fox frenzy.
• Weresharks regenerate as Garou do, except that Squamus Rokea can regenerate in breed form, provided they are immersed in salt water. Like werewolves, Rokea cannot soak silver damage except in breed form.
• Rokea cannot step sideways without using a Gift or the Rite of Passing the Net. They can perceive and communicate with pelagic spirits without the use of a Gift, however.
• Rokea do not die naturally. Once they reach adulthood, they simply stop aging.
• Rokea begin with 4 dots in Willpower.

Rokea are capable of assuming five different forms, though most only have access to four. Their Glabro-like form, called “Round Back” or Glabrus, is only accessible to Rokea who have spent some time on land and learned to use it. Their Homid (“Long Fins”) form is that of a normal, if somewhat squat and ugly, human, while the Squamus (“Swimming Jaws”) form is that of a shark, usually one of the larger species (white, tiger, bull, oceanic whitetip). The other three forms are listed below (modifiers in parentheses apply in water):
Glabrus (“Round Back”): Similar to the Glabro form: ugly, dense with muscle, and hunched. Modifiers: Str +2, Dex +0 (+1), Sta +2, Man –2, App –2
Gladius (“Standing Jaws”): Ten feet tall, covered in sharp scales, and possessed of a shark-like maw capable of biting an adult human in half, Standing Jaws form is the stuff of nightmares. This form incites weak Delirium (treat Willpower as though it were two points higher). Modifiers: Str +3, Dex –1 (+2), Sta +2, Man –4, App 0
Chasmus (“Fighting Jaws”): The preferred combat form for Rokea, Fighting Jaws is an immense shark. The Rokea gains half-again its length (meaning a 20-foot white shark becomes a 30-foot Chasmus), and incites full Delirium in onlookers. Modifiers: Str +4, Dex N/A (+1), Sta +3, Man –4, +1 bite damage
Swimming Jaws: The natural form for most Rokea, this form is indistinguishable from a normal (if large) shark of the character’s species. Modifiers: Str +2, Dex N/A (+3), Sta +2, Man –4

Sample Gifts: Rokea gifts focus on hunting, killing, eating, and moving ever forward. Ahroun, Get of Fenris, and Red Talon Gifs are good inspirations. In addition, Darkwater have access to a Gift allowing them to step (or swim) sideways at rank 2.