All Shifters begin the game with a free 3 points in any Renown they choose.  Renown is applied by the Spirits (STs) as you play.  Characters may even gain a Renown that they didn’t start with through the way they are played.

Total Permanent Renown is what determines Rank.  You get a Permanent Point of Renown when your Temporary Renown is at 10 and you gain another.  It will adjust your sheet automatically.

Renown in the World

Shifters in this game do not tend to have many beings they can turn to that are not Spirits to train them.  Spirits wouldn’t want to go helping the wrong sorts of beings though into getting Gifts and Rites, etc, so they will spread the word about who’s who in the Shifter world.  Provided below is the list of approved Renown paths for the game with explanations and what groups ‘usually’ prefer to follow them. You will notice changes from the book as a few options in Renown are not available here and that Nagah will be following Renown as others do. This keeps things more organized.

  • Honor: Valorous, dependable, generous, a protector of the weak and slayer of the corruption. Used most often by: Bastet, Corax, Garou, Gurahl, Kitsune, Mokolé, Nagah
  • Glory: Respectful, loyal, just, one who lives by his word and will accept righteous challenges. Used most often by: Corax, Garou, Kitsune, Mokolé, Nuwisha, Ratkin
  • Wisdom: Calm, peaceful, prudent, merciful, one who thinks before acting. Used most often by: Ananasi, Corax, Garou, Gurahl, Mokolé, Nagah
  • Ferocity: Savagery, brutality, wildness, one who is mighty and ferocious against her opponents. Used most often by: Ajaba, Bastet, Rokea
  • Succor: Support and assistance one provides during times of need. Used most often by: Ajaba, Gurahl, Nagah
  • Cunning: Having or showing skill in achieving one’s ends by deceit or evasion. Used most often by: Ajaba, Ananasi, Bastet, Kitsune, Nuwisha, Ratkin
  • Harmony: Helping form agreements, accords with that around her. Being balanced. Used most often by: Ananasi, Nuwisha, Rokea

Renown and Rank
Renown, in this game, works as what the Spirit world (Umbra), knows about your character and how well liked you are by them. The Spirits do chit chat occasionally (some more than others) and share information about which beings on the other side of the Umbra are doing. Other Shifters are going to potentially hear about a character that is making things happen in positive ways, or negative ways. The more popular a character becomes, the more they are respected and beloved but also they may potentially be putting themselves in danger since not everyone has their best interests at heart, whether it is a Umbral Spirit or someone that is communicating with them. Spirits and other Shifters may be more likely to assist a character with higher renown/Rank because simply they’ve heard of what they do out there.

This Renown is different from in the 20th rules to allow characters more of a way to gain Ranks in the game, or lose them if they anger the wrong Spirit, and to keep the system simple. We’re also letting you pick your own 3 renown to work on, based on what your character is actually like. Storytellers will keep track of points given to the character via the bot and they will also be on character sheets.

Losing Permanent Renown: There is only one way to lose Permanent Renown and that is through doing an act that is very corrupt. Not only can you lose Renown, but you may even end up with some kind of disfigurement, which will be taken from the Metis disfigurements list.

Permanent Renown Points Necessary to Rise in Rank

  • Cub/Pup to Cliath – 3
  • Cliath to Fostern – 7
  • Fostern to Adren – 12
  • Adren to Athro – 18
  • Athro to Elder – 27


Pup (or word equivalent) – The total newb at being a newb. You have little to no experience with what you are or what you can even do. You may not have even shifted yet.

Cliath – You have been trained some or figured out the ropes yourself and had a couple friendly spirits that taught you some Gifts/Rites. You are considered an adult.

Fostern – You are strong and get what it means to be a Shifter of your kind and are even learning of others and stronger methods to deal with things. You are considered experienced.

Adren – A teacher potentially to others, you have what it takes to survive this cold, dark world. You’re pretty scary too.

Athro – Building up even more of a legend, you are the stuff that Spirits try to show others younger how to be. You lead the way, through actions.

Elder – You are a common name among the Spirits, beloved and feared and even respected by most. You are revered and Spirits will try to protect you at perilous times if they can.

*Note: The Bastet have their own ‘ranks’ but they are the equivalent of what is listed above. Any others that deviate with their own terminology will follow what is placed above.