Gaia’s Tricksters and Pranksters

Details: Nuwisha have done well for themselves, all things considered, compared to other groups of Shifters. Coyote are in many places and so one might also expect to find a Nuwisha here or there. Unfortunately, they aren’t always so helpful because they tend to play pranks to others instead of caring so much of what is going on out there. It’s not that they don’t know the horrors exist. It’s likely they know too well and just wish to dodge these things for all their worth. Some Nuwisha do actually take a stand though when necessary and will aid other Fera or mystical beings. You just can never be sure though what kind of person you are dealing with when one turns up.

Breeds: The Nuwisha have two breeds, homid and latrani (coyote-born). Homids tend to grow up as the class clowns, or at least, the folks who get lots of attention. Latrani grow up as coyotes, though maybe a bit smarter than their fellows. Homids start with Gnosis 1, latrani with Gnosis 5.
Auspices: Nuwisha are all spiritually new moon regardless of birth, and therefore can learn Ragabash Gifts.
• Nuwisha regenerate and soak damage as werewolves, but suffer no special vulnerability to silver.
• Nuwisha do not use Rage, having no connection to Luna (beyond their promise to sing to her).
• All Nuwisha begin with 4 Willpower.
• All Nuwisha have a personal Totem.
All Nuwisha Totems are tricksters or spirits of wisdom; examples include Raven, Loki, Xochipilli, Ti Malice, and Ptah. When purchasing a totem, the player can use Background points and/or freebie points to buy the required Totem score for the desired spirit. Nuwisha use the name of their totem when speaking with other Nuwisha; for instance, a werecoyote named Steps-Lightly who follows Raven would simply be called Steps-Lightly among werewolves, but would be called Raven Steps-Lightly among her own kind.

Nuwisha have five forms, much like the Garou’s. Their homid forms are normal humans, and, as children of Coyote aren’t discriminatory about their mates, can come from any race or ethnicity.
Tsitsu: Similar to Glabro, the Tsitsu form is stronger than the Nuwisha’s Homid form but looks much more human than the Garou’s near-man. The Tsitsu grows several inches and gains between ten and twenty pounds of muscle, but does not gain as much hair as the Glabro form and suffers little difficulty speaking. Modifiers: Str +1, Dex +1, Sta +2, Man –1
Manabozho: As close to a “war form” as the Nuwisha get, the Manabozho form stands nearly eight feet tall and possesses roughly 250% of the Homid form’s mass. Nuwisha can speak human languages in Manabozho form, although the voice is deep and gravelly. This form inflicts limited Delirium; move any witnesses two levels “up” on the Delirium chart. Modifiers: Str +2, Dex +3, Sta +3, Man –2, App 0
Sendeh: The Sendeh form is a small cousin to the Hispo, and Nuwisha in this form are easily mistaken for red wolves. While in this form, Nuwisha cannot speak, but can mimic other sounds, including laughter, sobs, and screams. Modifiers: Str +2, Dex +3, Sta +3, Man –3
Latrani: The natural form of the breed of the same name, the Latrani form is indistinguishable from a normal coyote. Modifiers: Dex +3, Sta +3, Man –3 Sample Gifts: Nuwisha can learn Ragabash Gifts and Gifts appropriate to their breed. In addition, they learn Gifts allowing them to prank their targets — cutting off speech, changing a target’s face (or their own) and shedding their skin.