Dancers and Judges

Details: Nagah originated in India and some surrounding Asian territories such as Laos and Vietnam. They have spread though to many places around the world. Corruption has been particularly unkind to them at points in time, but the Nagah bounce back and work hard to not just go softly into the night. Nagah here can be played as PCs and do not wander with 2 others of their kind. They are Shifters that have lost some of their former purpose and a lot of their order and they move around to survive as other Shifters do. Some Nagahs even work as mercenaries or assassins underground and occasionally, one might be on the trail of a corrupted Fera to put it out of its misery.

Breeds: Nagah have two breeds: balaram (homid) and vasuki (serpent). Unlike many Fera, a female Nagah knows at the moment of conception whether the pregnancy will result in a new wereserpent. She can also choose to give birth to a human child or a clutch of snakes, regardless of the species of the father. All Nagah must be taken to the world outside of the Umbra every 30 days when they are young or they risk turning into a spirit or even just turning up missing. This is a curse of some kind that the Nagahs have yet to ascertain so they can try to put a stop to it.
They begin with Gnosis 3. Balaram Nagah begin with Gnosis 1, vasuki with Gnosis 5.

Auspices: Nagah auspices are based upon the season in which they are born. Kamakshi (spring) Nagah are healers, motivators and leaders (Rage 3). Kartikeya (summer) are warriors — these Nagah are zealous and bloodthirsty (Rage 5). Kamsa (autumn) Nagah are logical and introspective, relishing the mental challenge of plotting an assassination or solving a problem (Rage
3). Kali (winter) Nagah are ruthless and driven in all they do. They are direct and coldly efficient, eschewing complex schemes for a quick bite in the dark (Rage 4).
• A Nagah’s Rage depends on his auspice, while his Gnosis depends on his breed. A Nagah regains one Rage for each hour spent underwater or partially submerged. However, their coldblooded natures prevent them from developing the Garou’s extremes of anger. When increasing a Nagah’s Rage Trait, the freebie point cost (2 per point) and experience point cost (current
rating x 2) is double what it is for Garou.
• Nagah are partly amphibious, able to hold their breath twice as long as werewolves normally can. In their Kali Dahaka form (see below), they can breathe water as easily as they can breathe air.
• Nagah do not have easy access to the Umbra. A Nagah can only step sideways in the immediate presence of the Ananta (Umbral Den) to which it is dedicated. If a Nagah carries the Ananta “within himself,” however, he can attempt to step sideways anywhere, leading his other nest mates across the Gauntlet with him.
• In all forms, a Nagah has decent eyesight and color vision. As it shifts from Balaram to Vasuki form, the creature’s sense of taste and smell become more acute. For each form removed from Balaram, it gains a cumulative –1 difficulty to Perception rolls involving taste and smell (to a minimum difficulty of 3). In Kali Dahaka form, the shape-shifter gains the benefits of the lupus Gift: Scent of Sight. Unfortunately, the species also has poor hearing in certain forms. In Kali Dahaka form, the creature gains a +3 difficulty to all hearing-based Perception rolls. In Vasuki form, the Nagah is deaf to all airborne sounds, since it is dependent on vibrations passing through solid objects it’s touching to actually “hear” anything.
• In any form other than Balaram, a Nagah can inject a chosen victim with a supernaturally potent venom. She has enough “doses” for three venomous attacks; after the last one is used, she must wait 24 hours before regaining all three doses. The Nagah can only transfer this poison after she has inflicted at least one health level of damage with her bite (after the victim’s soak roll). Poisoned victims suffer seven health levels of lethal damage; this damage is soaked separately. This venom cannot affect spirits (even materialized spirits) or other Nagah. In Azhi Dahaka form, the Nagah can attempt to spit this venom into a target’s face, blinding him. (A Nagah with the 2-point Merit: Spitting Cobra can also do this in Vasuki or Kali Dahaka form.) This special attack uses up the equivalent of two doses of venom. Roll Dexterity + Athletics, difficulty 7 (difficulty 9 when targeting the eyes). If the attack hits, the venom still inflicts seven (soakable) health levels of damage, but the damage is delayed for one round. If the venom is washed off before then, the venom has no effect. If the attack hits the eyes, the victim is immediately blinded for a number of rounds equal to (10 minus his Stamina; minimum 3 rounds).
• All Nagah begin with Willpower 4.

Forms: Nagah can assume five different forms. Their Balaram form is that of a normal human being. Many are of Indian or Asian descent, but the breed is widespread enough that all races are represented.
Silkaram: Only slightly heavier than the Balaram form, this “snake-man” form becomes hairless and slightly slouched, with slit eyes and webbed toes. The fingers boast small claws that can be used to attack (Strength, lethal damage). Modifiers: Str +2, Sta +2, App –2, Man –2
Azhi Dahaka: The battle form of the Nagah, this horror is a massive serpent with two strong arms, complete with wicked clawed hands (Strength +1, aggravated damage). In this form, the Nagah’s head is serpentine and boasts the cobra hood, and the tail is bulky enough to support the creature’s body with 20 feet of tail left over. Modifiers: Str +3, Dex +2, Sta +3, App 0, Man –3
Kali Dahaka: This form is an immense snake, nearly 30 feet long, resembling the breed of serpent that the Nagah takes on in Vasuki form. Modifiers: Str +2, Dex +2, Sta +2, App 0, Man –3
Vasuki: A normal, if large, example of the character’s particular species of snake. While the Nagah descend from cobras, they have spread throughout the world and bred with the serpents of every continent. As such, they might be rattlesnakes, mambas, cottonmouths, cobras, or vipers. Modifiers: Str –1, Dex +2, Sta +1, Man 0

Sample Gifts:
Nagah Gifts focus on stealth, assassination, the elements, and making best use of their serpent forms. Breed Gifts are more or less analogous to Garou breed Gifts. Kamakshi Gifts can be drawn from Theurge or Children of Gaia lists; Kartikeya from Philodox or Ragabash; Kamsa from Shadow Lord or Glass Walker; and Kali from any Gift list that includes combat
or weakness-detecting (or -exploiting) Gifts.