Gaia’s Memory

Details: Mokolé are an interesting group that have two forms which seem to work along the normal Shifter rules, but their Archid form can be something out of the past or even something that seems to not be native to the world. Some Archid forms have been from memories of dragons while others might be of dinosaurs that were present on land or sea. They can be very frightening but they also can be very reserved or calm. They are protecting the world’s memories, so they are built tough to endure.

Breeds: Mokolé have two breeds; homid and suchid. Homid Mokolé might come from Africa, Asia, Australia, or any other land that boasts large reptiles. They begin with Gnosis 2. Suchid Mokolé are born as one of a number of different species of reptile. A Mokolé’s reptile form is called its varna, and this varna determines Rage (see Traits, below). A suchid Mokolé begins with Gnosis 4.

Auspices: Mokolé are tied to the sun rather than the moon, and recognize seven solar auspices.

  • Rising Sun (Striking) are soldiers, hunters and explorers (beginning Willpower 3).
  • Noonday Sun (Unshading) are enforcers of the law, judges or sentinels (beginning Willpower 5).
  • Setting Sun (Warding) are guards, nurses, healers and caretakers (beginning Willpower 3).
  • Shrouded Sun (Concealing) Mokolé are mystics, seekers and shamans (beginning Willpower 4).
  • Midnight Sun (Shining) are poets, artists, jokers and masters of puzzles (beginning Willpower 4).
  • Decorated Sun (Gathering) are matchmakers, coordinators and organizers (beginning Willpower 5).
  • Eclipsed Sun (Crowning) are the rarest of all Mokolé and are the ruler-priests of the breed (beginning Willpower 5).

• Mokolé regenerate in the same way as Garou.
• Mokolé suffer the same effects from gold and silver that werewolves suffer from silver.
• Mokolé cannot step sideways without special Gifts.
• Mokolé use Rage and Gnosis in the same ways that Garou do.

Mokolé assume three forms. Homid form is that of a normal human. The other two forms are a bit more complex than many of the other Fera.
The following characteristics are appropriate for
a Mokolé’s Archid form:
• Armor: +2 Soak.
• Bladed Tail: Gains a tail lash maneuver (Str +2 aggravated damage, difficulty 7).
• Color Change: +1 difficulty to spot a Mokolé in hiding.
• Constricting Coils: +3 dice to attempts to immobilize target.
• Fins: Double swimming speed.
• Gills: Fully amphibious.
• Grasping Hands: Normal manual dexterity in Archid form.
• Horn: Gains a gore maneuver (Str +2 aggravated damage, difficulty 7).
• Behemoth: Stamina +1, +2 damage to Body Slam or Overbear attempts.
• Tall: Stamina +1, +2 to perception when storyteller deems it appropriate, due to height.
• Wings: Can fly at 20mph for 1 hour per point of stamina, then must rest for 8 hours. Can be combined with hollow bones for longer flight.
• Hollow Bones: +2 to dex for movement when applied to speed, may soar for hours with wings characteristic. -1 to Stamina.
• Fire Breath: May breathe a gout of fire once per day for each time the trait is taken by cost of a Gnosis point. Soak diff 7, damage per turn 2, extends (Rage declared) yards in front of character. Each time it is used, it lasts for one Turn but flammable objects may stay on fire.
• Long Teeth: Bite damage is increased to Strength +3.
• Poison Sacs: May inject poison once per day on a successful bite attack; the victim must soak four additional dice of poison damage.
• Royal Crest: +2 to Social rolls involving Nagah or Mokolé.
• Terrible Claws: Claw damage increases to Strength +3.
• Upright Walking: Frees up forelimbs when walking.
• Webbed Feet: May swim at 150% speed and walk without trouble on soft mud. Other Dexterity rolls on dry land are at +1 difficulty due to webbing.
Archid: The Mokolé “war form” is unique to each character. In the nightmares leading to the First Change, the Mokolé dreams his Archid form from the memories of the ancient past. The player chooses a number of Archid form traits equal to the character’s Gnosis (after spending any desired freebie points on Gnosis). These traits are listed in the sidebar. The modifiers for this form are the “base” modifiers, before any of these traits are applied. This form incites full Delirium and can make bite and claw attacks for aggravated damage. Modifiers: Str +4, Dex –1, Sta +4, Man –3, App 0
Suchid: A Mokolé character’s suchid form varies based on the varna (the reptile species). American alligator/American crocodile: Str +2, Dex –1, Sta +3, Man –2, Rage 4 Note: Running speed is halved; swimming speed equals Homid form’s land speed.
Monitor lizard: Str +0, Dex +0, Sta +2, Man –4, Rage 5
Note: Running speed same as Homid form; sprints are possible; limited swimming.
Gila Monster: Str –1, Dex +0, Sta +1, Man –3, Rage 5
Note: Half human running speed, cannot swim. Bite inflicts Strength –1 damage.
Saltwater/Nile Crocodile: Str +3, Dex –2, Sta +3, Man –4, Rage 2
Gavial/Caiman: Str +1, Dex –1, Sta +3, Man –4, Rage 4 Mugger Crocodile: Str +1, Dex +0, Sta +2, Man –3, Rage 3

Sample Gifts:
Mokolé Gifts deal with sunlight, sight, memory, and making best use of their reptilian forms. Auspice Gifts can be drawn from the following lists: Rising Sun — Ahroun, Get of Fenris; Noonday Sun — Children of Gaia, Philodox; Setting Sun — Ahroun, Shadow Lords; Midnight Sun — Ragabash, Galliard; Shrouded Sun — Theurge, metis; Decorated Sun — homid, Silent Strider; Eclipsed Sun — Silver Fang, Galliard.