Gaia’s Cunning

Details: Kitsune in this game derive from various places; not just Japan. There are countless Native American and European legends as well about crafty foxes that can talk, with good reason. The werefoxes have moved around to many countries and involved themselves in various societies, only to be chased out but their legends are at least as strong in Native American tales as they are in Japan. In the Americas, they are known as Meskwaki, which was also the name of the famous Fox Tribe that caused King Louie XV such a hassle that he ordered every Fox Tribe person to be eliminated. They were mighty and many werefoxes claim they were descended from some members of that Tribe in particular.

Breeds: Kitsune, like Garou, have two breeds: Kojin (homid) and Roko (fox). They call metis ‘Shinju’. A peculiar curse seems to happen if two Kitsunes mate, in which 1 out of 10 such pairings leads to them producing a Kitsune but also one of the parents will have a 50/50 chance of perishing.
Kojin Kitsune have Gnosis 3
Roko have Gnosis 5
Paths: Kitsune follow one of four paths corresponding to a blending of two elements. Those paths are Kataribe (clay, combining earth and water); Gukutsushi (fog, combining air and water); Doshi (lightning, combining fire and air); and Eji (lava, combining earth and fire).
Kataribe are builders and crafters, as well as lore-collectors and poets. They begin with Rage 2.
Gukutsushi are called dreamweavers, and they are illusionists and healers. They begin with Rage 2.
Doshi are sorcerers and shamans who enslave Banes to use for their own ends; they begin with Rage 3.
Eji are the warriors of the Kitsune, but they must act carefully and surgically if they are to survive. They begin with Rage 4.

• Kitsune use Rage and Gnosis the same way Garou do, save that they cannot enter berserk frenzy. Appropriately, they are only susceptible to fox frenzy.
• All Kitsune begin with Willpower 5.
• Kitsune do not regenerate. They can soak aggravated damage in all forms, however.
• Kitsune can soak silver and suffer lethal damage from silver weapons.
• Every time a Kitsune gains a rank, she gains another tail and her lifespan doubles.
• Kitsune can learn the Gifts of any of the Fera. They are highly magically diverse.
• Kitsune gain a free dot of Dexterity during character creation, and they cannot botch dodge rolls (though they can fail them).

Kitsune assume five forms, similar in aspect to the Garou but very different in function. In all forms but human, the difficulty of hearing-related Perception rolls is reduced by two.
Hitogata: A normal human being, always of Asian extraction and usually lithe and mischievous. Sambuhenge: Very similar to human form, this Glabro-analogue is no taller than the Hitogata form and only slightly heavier. It boasts whiskers, a tail and fox-like features. Modifiers: Dex +1, Sta +1, Man –1
Koto: Only inches taller than Hitogata form, the Kitsune’s “Crinos” form is comparatively ill-suited to combat. The teeth of a Koto inflict aggravated damage, but the Kitsune tend to use this form for courtly affairs. The Koto does not inflict Delirium. Modifiers: Str +1, Dex +2, Sta +2, Man –1, Per +1
Juko: This form is that of a wolf-sized fox. It is capable of walking on hind legs and its mouth is dexterous enough to wield weapons. Modifiers: Dex +3, Sta +3, Man –2, Per +1
Kyubi: An ordinary red (or, very rarely, gray) fox. Dex +4, Sta +2, Man –1, Per +2

Sample Gifts:
Kitsune, as mentioned, can learn the Gifts of any of the Changing Breeds. In addition, they have their own magical tricks, which run the gamut from speaking with ghosts to jumping prodigious distances to calling down lightning.