Gaia’s Soldiers

Breeds: Garou have two breeds: homid and lupus. Metis Garou do not happen by two Garou mating -but- they do happen if Garou are corrupted and decide to mate. The child of said union has a half/chance of being born Metis and will be corrupted in some manner.

Auspices: Garou have five Auspices: Ragabash (New Moon), Theurge (Crescent Moon), Philodox (Half-Moon), Galliard (Gibbous Moon), Ahroun (Full Moon). Garou are born under one of these Auspices and have them for life, unless a ritual is used to change it.

Tribes:The Garou have various Tribes that they belong to.

Black Furies – Initial Willpower: 3. Beginning Gifts: Breath of the Wyld, Man’s Skin, Heightened Senses, Sense Wyrm, Wyld Resurgence. Tribe Totem: Pegasus. (Greece)

Bone Gnawers – Initial Willpower: 4. Beginning Gifts: Cooking, Desperate Strength, Resist Toxin, Scent of Sweet Honey, Trash is Treasure. Tribal Totem: Rat.

Children of Gaia – Initial Willpower: 4. Beginning Gifts: Brother’s Scent, Jam Weapon, Mercy, Mother’s Touch, Resist Pain. Tribal Totem: Unicorn.

Fianna – Initial Willpower: 3. Beginning Gifts: Faerie Light, Hare’s Leap, Persuasion, Resist Toxin, Two Tongues. Tribal Totem: Stag

Get of Fenris – Initial Willpower: 3. Beginning Gifts: Lightning Reflexes, Master of Fire, Razor Claws, Resist Pain, Visage of Fenris. Tribal Totem: Fenris the Great Wolf. (Norse)

Glass Walkers – Initial Willpower: 3. Beginning Gifts: Control Simple Machine, Diagnostics, Persuasion, Plug and Play, Trick Shot. Totem: Cockroach. (Anywhere, cities)

Red Talons – Initial Willpower: 3. Beginning Gifts: Beast Speech, Eye of the Hunter, Hidden Killer, Scent of Running Water, Wolf at the Door. No Homids. Tribal Totem: Griffin.

Shadow Lords – Initial Willpower: 3. Beginning Gifts: Aura of Confidence, Fatal Flaw, Seizing the Edge, Shadow Weaving, Whisper Catching. Tribal Totem: Grandfather Thunder. (Mid-European)

Silent Striders – Initial Willpower: 3. Beginning Gifts: Heaven’s Guidance, Sense Wyrm, Silence, Speed of Thought, Visions of Duat. Tribal Totem: Owl (Egyptian)

Silver Fangs – Initial Willpower: 3. Beginning Gifts: Eye of the Falcon, Falcon’s Grasp, Inspiration, Lambent Flame, Sense Wyrm. Tribal Totem: Falcon. (Russia)

Star Gazers – Initial Willpower: 4. Beginning Gifts: Balance, Channeling, Falling Touch, Iron Resolve, Sense Wyrm. Tribal Totem: Chimera (India and other Asian areas).

Uktena – Initial Willpower: 3. Beginning Gifts: Sense Magic, Sense Wyrm, Shroud, Spirit of the Lizard, Spirit Speech. Tribal Totem: Uktena (Native American) .

Wendigo – Initial Willpower: 4. Beginning Gifts: Beat of the Heart-Drum, Call the Breeze, Camouflage, Ice Echo, Resist Pain. Tribal Totem: Wendigo (Northern Native American).


  • Garou may spend a point in Rage to auto-shift into any Form. Otherwise they roll difficulties to Shift. This also applies to the majority of Shifters unless otherwise specified.
  • Lupus – Heightened Senses are -3 Difficulty and +2 dice for Lupus in Lupus form. Homid are -2 Difficulty in Lupus Form.
  • Lupus cannot take the following Skills on character creation – Crafts, Drive, Etiquette, Firearms, Larceny
  • Lupus cannot take the following Knowledges on character creation – Academics, Computer, Law, Science, Technology
  • Ragabash initial Rage is 1
  • Theurge initial Rage is 2
  • Philodox initial Rage is 3
  • Galliard initial Rage is 4
  • Ahroun initial Rage is 5
  • Gnosis: Homid characters start with 1 Gnosis. Lupus start with 5. This shows the connection to nature and spirit energy, which Lupus are closer to than humans, who are often taught such things don’t exist.

Bonuses for Garou Forms

  • Homid – No form bonuses. Difficulty to Shift 6.
  • Glabro – A larger more hulking version of a human being. It will still pass for human but give off more Rage. Strength +2, Stamina +2, Manipulation -2, Appearance -1, Difficulty to Shift 7.
  • Crinos – The War Form of the Garou. This is what most people think of when they imagine up werewolves. This gives Delirium. Strength +4, Dexterity +1, Stamina +3, Manipulation -3, Appearance 0, Difficulty to Shift 6.
  • Hispo – A giant dire wolf-like form. Strength +3, Dexterity +2, Stamina +3, Manipulation -3, +1D to bite damage, Difficulty to Shift 7.
  • Lupus – A normal sized wolf. Strength +1, Dexterity +2, Stamina +2, Manipulation -3, -2 Perception Difficulty, Difficulty to Shift 6