Gaia’s Messengers

Breeds: Unlike most Fera, Corax aren’t born as a matter of spirit genetics and chance. When a Corax wishes to have a child, he or she finds a likely mate and then performs a ritual called the Rite of the Spirit Egg. This creates a spirit egg in the Umbra, tied to the child’s soul, which hatches during the First Change. Corax can be born either raven or human (corvid or homid breed, respectively). Corvids undergo the First Change at around 8–10 months of age, but then live a normal human lifespan. They suffer the same limitations on Abilities as lupus Garou. Homid Corax are normal humans, though they tend to be skinny and birdlike in feature. They cannot take the Flight Ability (see below) at character Creation, except by spending freebie points.
Auspices: Corax do not have auspices.
• All Corax begin with Rage 1, Gnosis 6 and Willpower 3.
• All Corax begin with a free dot in Subterfuge, Enigmas and Athletics.
• Corax use Rage in the same manner as Garou and are capable of frenzy.
• Corax bones are hollow, which makes them nimble, but fragile. They enjoy a –1 to Athletics difficulties, but a +2 to soak difficulties.
• Corax are immune to silver, but suffer the same effects from gold that werewolves do from silver (they are tied to the sun, rather than the moon).
• A Corax can drink the eye of a dead being and see either the good (right eye) or the evil (left eye) associated with their death. This requires a Perception + Empathy (difficulty 7) roll.

Forms: Corax can assume three different forms. Homid form is a normal human being. The other two are as follows:
Crinos: The Crinos form of a wereraven is a strange bird, indeed. It is bipedal, but has wings, feathers, a beak, and wicked claws. It can fly, but walks awkwardly, and it is used primarily for combat. In this form, the Corax can make a claw attack that inflicts aggravated damage. Modifiers: Str +1, Dex +1, Sta +1, App 0, Man –2, Per +3
Corvid: The animal form of a Corax is a large raven whose wingspan is generally around four feet. Corax use this form to spy and to escape, but are capable of some limited attacks (usually going for the eyes). Modifiers: Str –1, Dex +1, Man –3, Per +3
Sample Gifts: Corax Gifts are focused on flight, information secrecy, and mobility. Ragabash and Silent Strider Gifts are good sources to emulate.