Ajaba – Werehyenas
Cullers of the Weak

Details: Ajaba, when in packs, are a female-led society. They tend to hide among hyena packs or sometimes in remote villages. They can travel great distances though. They have had falling outs with Simba (werelions) in the past. Most won’t trust a Simba as far as they could throw one, but they aren’t usually overly hostile toward them, even if they occasionally have some skirmishes here or there in the modern times. Thanks to the humans encroaching on the territories and hunting down quite a lot of lions, which unfortunately caught any number of Simba in those kills, the Ajaba just keep their distance. Some may or may not even be on some preserves now.

Breeds: Homid, and hyaena. Metis Ajaba are corrupted and not initial player characters. There is a larger than normal population of intersex Ajaba among the homid and hyaena and they are recognized as quite valuable. They tend to occupy an odd role between warrior and mystic in the werehyenas’ society. Otherwise, females of either breed are the warriors and leaders while men are the mystics and advisers.

Breed determines Gnosis. Homid females have Gnosis 1, while hyaena females have Gnosis 3. Homid males have Gnosis 3 while hyaena males have Gnosis 5.

Aspects: Ajaba recognize two aspects, again colored by the Ajaba’s sex. Females of the Dawn aspect are warriors through and through, filled with Rage and prepared to lay their enemies low. Male Dawns resemble Galliards; they are tale-tellers and teachers.
Dusk Ajaba are more introspective and circumspect. For females, this means they are assassins and stalkers, while males are mystics and poets.
Aspect determines Rage. Dawns have Rage 5 (female), 3 (male) and 4 (intersex). Dusk Ajaba have Rage 3 (female)1, or (male), or 2 (intersex).


• Ajaba all begin with Willpower 3.
• Ajaba use Rage and Gnosis in the same ways Garou do.
• Ajaba step sideways in the same manner as werewolves.
• Ajaba regenerate using the same rules as werewolves.

Ajaba assume the same five forms that Garou do, although they use different names for them and are slightly smaller across the board. The forms are:
Homid: A normal human being, generally stocky and with thick, stiff hair.
Anthros: More muscle, bristling body hair, thick, muscular limbs. Modifiers: Str +2, Dex +1, Sta +1, Man –1, App –3
Crinos: Much like the Garou Crinos form, the Ajaba’s war form boasts crushing jaws and vicious talons. This form incites full Delirium. Modifiers: Str +3, Dex +2, Sta +4, Man –2, App 0
Crocas: The primordial war-form of the Ajaba, the Crocas is an immense hyena the size of a small bear. Modifiers: Str +3, Dex +2, Sta +3, Man –2, App 0
Hyaenid: The form of a normal hyena, best suited for hunting in a pack. Modifiers: Str +1, Dex +2, Sta +2, Man –2
Sample Gifts: Ajaba Gifts focus on hunting down and culling the weak. Female Dawn Gifts can be drawn from Ahroun or Get of Fenris Gifts, while male Dawn Gifts might come from Galliard or Fianna lists. Female Dusk Gifts can come from Ragabash or Shadow Lord lists, while male Dusk Gifts can come from Silent Strider or Theurge lists.
All Ajaba can draw from Bone Gnawer or Red Talon lists.