The Amenti

Amenti, or ‘Mummies’ as they are commonly referred to, are a combination of two beings. One is the remaining shard of a soul of an ancient being that used to be resurrected repeatedly to serve Osiris and helped fight down corruption in the world. This is known as the Tem-akh. The other is the remaining best part of a modern soul that belonged to a person that died too soon before he or she could blossom fully. This merger of souls is weighed to be just by Ma’at and then the being is freed after a ritual of life awakens them. The only time these ‘mummies’ are seen in bandages is for the ritual itself, which dutiful servants of Isis and Osiris perform.

Mummies live an existence between the Shadowlands and the very living world and their senses are very keen and aware. Returning to life is an experience for the being that is thousands of years old, having had their senses dulled from the other side. It’s also an inspiration for the modern day half of the Amenti because she has been given a second chance to return and it was her choice to do so. Tastes, sounds, touches, etc are so vibrant and even one’s feelings are often amplified by this Rebirth. This sensitivity also helps an Amenti to sense out and be aware of other Supernatural beings and wrongs in the world, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to spruce up regular life experiences either.

All in all, Mummies tend to be decent beings, striving to do the work of Osiris (along with Ra, Horus, Anubis etc), in stopping Apophis, which represents and embodies the force of Destruction, as well as Corruption. They are immortals, thanks to a life ritual performed upon them to join a tem-akh with a new soul that was somehow incomplete in its accomplishments. They are not above corruption, most certainly, as humans have faults, even if they are thousands of years old or motivated to make positive changes in the world, but it is pretty darn hard to do so. When Mummies fall to corruption, they become Banes, and unfortunately, they will return to life over and over again, just as a Mummy will, but to do the opposite works, for their lords Apophis and Set.

How do Amenti fit in the modern world?
Amenti are still half modern and so they will understand things as they have, unless horrible things have gone wrong to make them forget such things, or the joining of the spirits was a rather difficult one, such as with the Udja-sen. In most situations, the mummy will recall their understanding of the modern world, even if they are revisiting it now with freshened and wide awake senses. Mummies are also aware of specific enemies, consisting of Banes and Setites particularly, but also they are sensitive to what is going on in the Shadowlands; especially if they have taken Necromancy as a Hekau. Their Necromancy is not to be confused with that of the Giovanni or other vampires either. It has a balance to it that Ma’at accepts, which the way the Kindred tend to use it definitely doesn’t. Amenti often can assume jobs and blend in with humanity easily enough, though they may stand out because of their new found awareness and how they do like to savor it.

How do Amenti deal with the Shadowlands?
Mummies still have that portion of them that also has been in the Shadowlands. Neter Khertet is their outer realm of Duat and within layers are the Halls of Ma’at and in the lowest realm is Apophis, who waits to eat the sun. Amenti have an understanding of the Shadowlands and the great storms and can do considerable things within. They are partially spirits themselves that have dwelt repeatedly in the Shadowlands and been reborn.

Amenti and Corruption
Mummies are around to fight against corruption. To them, Apophis is the ultimate corruption and defiler of anything good. He is responsible for bane mummies and so much more. He corrupted Set and Set slew Osiris and had done many other evil objectives. Setites are also connected to this foul being and his servant, Set. Amenti have defenses to go against these vampires that try to corrupt other Kindred and mortals galore and they aren’t afraid to use them. Apophis is also known as “The Great Serpent”.

Mummies and Vampires
Blood Bonds – Mummies can be bound by the Vitae as any mortal can, and gain Disciplines as any Ghoul would. Follow the rules regarding that. However, the Mummy can attempt to resist blood bonds’ demands, loyalties etc when being told to follow commands that go against Ma’at. Furthermore, success on the Balance breaks a Blood Bond and prevents the Mummy from being bonded by that particular vampire ever again.
If a Mummy is drained by a Vampire, the Mummy automatically dies as long as she has 1 in Balance. Mummies cannot be Embraced.

The Blood of Mummies to Vampires
* Mummy blood is very potent to Vampires, equaling 2 BP for the Vampire to collect for every 1 BP of the Mummy drained.
* Every blood point a Mummy loses also takes away 1 Sekhem from the Mummy as her vital force dissipates.
* For every 1 BP that the Vampire gains of Mummy blood, the Vampire gains +1 temporary Humanity. Even if the Vampire is on another Path, the character will gain a temporary Humanity Path level for each BP ingested. This brief taste of Humanity can really take a toll on a Vampire as she has to confront her sins.
* The Temporary Humanity lasts until the Vampire spends all of the BP gained from the Mummy and must make checks against Humanity per rules in VtM at the level they possess until that blood is spent.
* A vampire on an alternate Path will have issues as this newly acquired Humanity struggles against their Inhuman Path. The Vampire must make an ‘Instinct’ roll against a difficulty equal to the temporary Humanity to take actions that fall under the Hierarchy of Sins. If the character fails, the character cannot commit the act, and if this is considered a sin on the Path they are on regularly, they will lose a point for it from their Path.
* Some vampires believe the potent blood of Mummies can grant them higher Humanity permanently eventually and potentially turn them back to humans, but this has never been proven.

This means “Power” or “Life Force”. It is the amount of power in a place or thing or person even. The Mummy’s reborn spirit contains Sekhem, though only so much at any given time. In game terms, Sekhem is the same thing as Quintessence or Gnosis and Amenti are able to tap into Nodes, as well as Caerns to draw Sekhem power. A Mummy’s starting Sekhem is equal to his Balance rating. Some areas in the game will have stronger resonances of Sekhem a Mummy can draw than others but a Mummy will gain 1 Sekhem per day from her connection to Ra each day. A Mummy cannot have more Sekhem than his Balance rating, though this may be overcome by possessing a Vessel to hold Sekhem in. There is a background called “Vessel” which enables a Mummy to store Sekhem in it, depending on the number of dots placed into it. This is the only way to have Sekhem that is over the rating of Balance.

Balance: What it is and How to Increase it Over Time
Balance is very important to Mummies as it is at its basic level function to Humanity and Arete, but it means so much more. It is about their balance with the universe, death, life, Ma’’s really important. Character Sheet-wise, a Mummy cannot have any Hekau above their Balance rating, nor can they hold more Sekhem than it’s value. More similar to Arete in function, a Mummy will have some life change or great lesson learned to improve Balance through game play. In terms of game play, while the character is being judged for an increase in Balance, the character’s body is comatose as the spirit goes to face more judges of Ma’at each time. The character is not dead but until this judgment is over, the spirit is absent from the body. This will be role-played out in most cases.

The Amenti – Types of Mummies

Kher-minu – (Tomb Watchers) – ka – The Defender Self

Khri-habi – (Scroll Bearer) – ba – The Bird Self

Mesektet – (Night Sun) – sahu – The Eternal Self

Sakhmu – (Spirit Scepter) – khu – The Shining Self

Sefekhi – (Unbandaged One) – khaibit – The Shadow Self

Udja-sen – (Judged One)

Hekau Paths
Hekau are similar to Vampire Disciplines/Shifter Gifts, etc, in that these divide up a Mummy’s ‘powers’. Each Hekau Path has special functions and also specific spells and rituals that fall under them. What a character will know upon entering the game is based off what the tem-akh once knew, having acquired at some point in her service to Osiris so long ago.

Amulets – The creation of amulets and talismans.

Alchemy – The creation of potions and elixirs.

Celestial – The powers of the stars and sky.

Effigy – The creation of servants.

Necromancy – The powers of the dead and the spirit world.

Nomenclature – The power of true names.