{Amenti}: Immortal beings concerned with balance and justice.

{Changelings}: Arcadia has reopened and the Fae have returned. These are Immortal beings of immense power in the home world, taking on the guise of humans to live among them.

{Mages}: Awakened humans with the spark of creation inside of them.

{Mortals}: From those that walk the edges of the shadows to those that are simply prey for the darkness. These include: Gypsies, Kinfolk, Ghouls, Possessed, and Sorcerers/Psychics.

{Nephilim}: Half-angel and half-human, but not quite belonging to either, they seek ascension to complete themselves.

{Shifters}: A dying breed of half-physical / half-spirit creatures capable of changing their forms.

{Camarilla} , {Sabbat} , {Promethean} , {Independent} Vampires: Forever walking the line between Humanity and the Beast, they come in different Sects with different ideologies and goals.

{Wraiths} , {Orpheus}: From ghosts to walking corpses, the dead have business left to attend to. Also includes Orpheus, which are living people that can walk among the dead.