#Aeons_Daylight 2

Seiko took a deep breath of air from the City park, listening to the murmur of the water as it flowed underneath the bridge, stopping in the arch of the bridge, Seiko released the breath that they didn’t realize that they had been holding. The stress of the move, or maybe more accurately the transition from one culture to another, was in fact, harder than anyone could have thought. Seiko knew that it wasn’t going to be

easy, but then again, Seiko didn’t think this would be this hard. Listening to the sounds of nature, lull Seiko to relax, to let go of their defenses…something that had not happened for a while with the noise of the city, as it was almost suffocating and now it was all at peace in this small haven.

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#Aeons_Forest 11

<Jonas> parks his bike and unstraps the large, heavy-duty duffel bag from the side car. He sets it down before opening the side care and pulling out two very large and heavy steel ammo cans and sets them next to the duffel. After locking up the sidecar and throws the duffel on his back and grabs one can in each hand and starts trudging into the forest. He’s looking to go deep into the heart of the forest and as far away from people as he can

get, preferably to find a sizable mound of dirt to use as a backstop for what needs to test.

Elena heads out toward the deepest part of the forest, taking the streams until forced to walk away from the water in an effort to find a secluded place to reconnect and return her spiritual energy.

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#Aeons_Trill 45

Robert makes his way into the Trill and looks around at those inside before moving toward the back and taking over a booth, setting up his laptop in front of him. He mumbles a little bit to himself and sighs, just avoiding eye contact with those present.

ͼConradͽ heads to one of the back booths and resumes reading his book.

<Alison Spektor> walks in and looks around before homing in on Robert and sitting down across from him. “Hello, Robert. How are you?”

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#Aeons_Outdoors 17

Zane leaves the Elysium, slightly disgrunted and goes hunting. That making him feel at least a little bit better. Then he goes for a walk to clear his head, walking around the outskirts of town near the docks.

ͼConradͽ sighs as he leaves the dazed man sitting in his car. He really needed to practice the powers of mental domination more. His was not an assertive nature, and so he found the ability to force his will onto others not only difficult, but a bit uncomfortable as well. Though still hungry, he decides to give up for the night, not willing to risk drawing unwanted attention

to himself. Now he walks around with one hand in his pocket, the other holding open a book.

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#Aeons_Chantry 13

φCadeφ groans and thuds his forehead on the table. He’s been trying to research Necromancy for the past two and a half days but mostly turning up empty. None of the books his Aunt Lucinda had left him covered the subject. He understood why of course, the quote unquote ‘dark arts’, while not inherently evil despite common wisdom, were risky at best. Death is one of the most

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#Aeons_NO-Downtown 36

ͼConradͽ sits on a bench reading a book, occasionally looking up when he hears mildly interesting conversation tidbits. Though the book he is reading is one on the occult, a special ritual prevents anyone without supernatural senses from seeing it as anything other than a mundane textbook. Normally, Conrad would spend his nights studying at the Chantry, but recent failures

had left him frustrated and feeling the need for a change of scenery. Worse, there wasn’t anyone he could safely discuss the failure with. He sighs, and pinches his brow a few times. “Ah the webs we weave.”

<Nadira> is exploring the city, having arrived a few days ago, and was currently walking through the park.

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#Aeons_Asylum 11

::Hope comes into the Asylum, she’s wearing a business suit again, and again it’s white, completely different from the previous night in style, but she kept the colour the same, a nice long white business coat that drapes down to her knees over it all, a white purse in hand as she walks into the room, her hair draped down over her shoulders as she examines those about, finding that it seems a little empty. “Hm…”

⋠Cian⋡ drops his Obfuscate once the newcomer has passed the couch he is sitting on. “You look a bit lost.” His gravely voice echoes in the large hall from under the hood of his jacket. “Looking for one of the elders?”

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#Aeons_Asylum 10

<Deveraux> knocks on the wall near where the Orphans make their home within the Asylum and waits, observing proper etiquette and not walking into the private space of others without an invitation.

⋠Cian⋡ loses the game of rock-paper-scissors to see who has to answer the door. He gets up with an exaggerrated sigh and pulls the heavy door open. “Yeah what the fuck do you…oh…Deveraux. My bad. Thought it was a shovelhead coming to try and rile Sara up or some shit.” He looks behind him at the other Orphans then back to Deveraux. “You need something?”

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#Aeons_Sabbat 6

Abby is practicing her singing out near the gatehouse, her voice drifting across the courtyard in haunting melody.

Chrys is sitting not to far away from Abequa, in her female shape with some little winged kitten/monkey-like creature an her shoulder.

<Fiona> is sitting in a tree, reading a book.

Ghost walks along the perimeter fence toward the gatehouse, but pauses for a moment as he hears Abequa’s singing and just stands to listen for a moment.

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#Aeons_Campus 6

<Deveraux> has finally decided it’s time to explore the seat of higher learning in the area and decided there was no better place to start than it’s vault of tomes and scrolls, more commonly referred to in this era as the library.

Sissy sneaks into the campus library after her last job, holding a cup of coffee from the nearby cafe.

■► Cassian ◄■ wandered through the campus library shelves on scientific research and medicine, taking a few books of select choice from their places. It was time to look into a few things and upgrade on current knowledge again.

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