■► Cassian ◄■ meanders to the university to go to the library for some investigative books and medicine books.

<Erin Summers> is sitting in the library with a few different books about her, most of them on architecture and history. Despite sitting off in a corner to herself she somehow still manages to catch the eye and draw attention.

■► Cassian ◄■ gathers up the forensics and medical books and then notes Erin, who just can’t seem to be incognito ever anymore. It must be slightly annoying to her. He walks over to her and sets down on the opposite side of the table from her, settling into a chair. “Hello, Erin.”

<Erin Summers> glances up and smiles at Cassian warmly. “Hello, Doc. Doing some studying?”

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Robert follows Lynn back out to the jeep quietly, but looks curious. He waits till they are driving before asking, “So… Where are we going now?”

Lynn smirks and lights up a clove on the way to the French Quarter in her jeep. “To check something out. Grab that case under your seat, would you?”

Robert nods and digs around under the seat till he finds the case and pulls it out to sit in his lap. “So, what’s in the box?”

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Lynn takes Robert with her to the museum, which despite being closed to the public still has a few cars out in the back parking lot. Night shift. She heads inside with him, a key on her keychain opening it right up. “Come on. And be nice.”

Robert nods, having learned that annoying older vampires was a terrible idea. And these wouldn’t be used to his… Abrasive personality.

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We are a roleplaying group which plays via IRC.  You can check the archives for actual scenes played out by our group and read the story so far.  You can check out the links at the top of the page for rules and learn how to submit a character if you’d like to join us.

The Chronicle is a mixed oWoD game, with custom lore and history for each of the available venues.  It is set in two seperate cities:  New Orleans and Baton Rouge.

<Martin(Spirit)> scouts out the area he heard the men might have been, not wanting to spook them by showing up in the flesh… yet. Not till he was ready. But he had to be sure first.

<Amy (Spirit)> makes her way downtown, coming back from what is left of Charity Hospital. She pauses when she spies Martin, watching him for a moment or two.

<Storyteller> Martin follows a lead and heads off to an address where persons of interest were supposed to be. Currently it’s daytime out and lots of activity with an upcoming holiday. The house is run-down, looks barely lived in and has plastic shades pulled down over the front two windows. The front door looks like its barely hanging onto the hinges.

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<CoraAnn> makes her way to the Mages’ home and taps on the door as she occasionally looks over her shoulder.

Katie has wandered out of her garage and hears the door, she walks over and peeks out before opening it up. “Oh hey, Cora.”

<CoraAnn> smiles and steps inside, reaching up to ruffle Katie’s messy hair. “Hey, Katie. Was checking to see who was around to talk about going back to Hicksville.”

Katie tilts her head and looks about the room, then sighs. “I haven’t seen much of anyone. I’ve been in the garage as usual.”

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<<Vaclava>> heads down to the trillm looking for familiar faces.

Katie heads into the Trill, almost bumping into Vaclava and then laughing a bit. “Uhm, hey. How’s it going?”

<<Vaclava>> beams as she sees katie “Good efvening, Katie! I am vwell, and you?”

<<Vaclava>> chuckles as they collide a bit in the doorway

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<Erin Summers> comes down the stairs, holding a rather large leather-bround book under one arm and she sets it on the table before heading toward the kitchen’s industrial coffee maker.

Sparks: *comes down into the stairs from her room the…well she doesn’t even know what she is really no spoilers here.*

<Erin Summers> gets herself a cup of cofee and looks over at Sparks curiously for a moment. “Hello. I am guessing you are new around here? I’m Erin. Would you like some coffee or tea?”

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Jacob walks into the Trill and grabs a seat looking around for Katie so that he may speak to her. He is wearing nice clothes, semi-formal. A nice dark red button up shirt with no tie, dark slacks with a belt and dress shoes. He sits down in the back and waits.

*Katarina* saunters in, wearing — minus the hair and the guitar.

*Katarina* takes a look around before her gaze settles on Jacob. “Well, well, well. Who do we have here?”

>Yusuf Yamanu< heads into the Trill and would head up to the bartender and order a bottle of something random that sounded different but tasty and a glass to go along side it.

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Jesse, who is at this point obviously pregnant, is wearing a colorful full length dress and gathering up her purse and keys.

~*Ramirez*~ would happily go with Jesse to go see the aquarium show, though he’d be mindful of touching anything that wasn’t food. “So what made you decide to go do this? What’s cool at the aquarium?”

Jesse practically bounces. “They have a mermaid! I know not a real one but I love mermaids. That’s even how my Avatar shows itself. I want to go see and Aaron is adamant about taking someone with me. Though it’s public and in broad daylight.”

~*Ramirez*~ “Oh, I didn’t know your avatar did that. Mine looks more like some ferryman apparently, which lets me get away with quite a bit in the shadowlands. I don’t mind going with you though. It’s been a while since I just roamed somewhere for no reason other than to go see a mermaid.”

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