City_Park in New_Orleans and it is Night ( Old Oak Grove (Set by: sapph) )

<Henry> made his way quietly through the park as he took in the ambiance of the old oak grove at night. It was blissfully peaceful and he was in a fine mood, a delightful mood. Since his talk with Cassian he was infinitely more comfortable with himself. Hiding things about himself from his closest friend had taken more of a toll on the middle-aged man than he’d imagined. He supposed some of that was the blood bond…. just as he supposed that

Cassian’s acceptance weighed more in his mind that it normally would have.

<Henry> hadn’t really spent much time examining his relationship with his mentor in the past few month, but he knew that Cassian was the most important person in his life. He’d do anything for him, but Henry had never really felt that way for anyone before. He loved him, but not romantically. No… Cassian was placed to high for that. He ran a hand through his hair as he moved to sit down on a bench to look out into the trees of the grove.

<Henry> wondered if he’d still think of Cassian as highly if he wasn’t bound to him. The ghoul had read what the blood-bond did and he wasn’t sure. Not that he regretted it, no, he just didn’t know how to separate what he felt and what the bond induced. It all felt like him. Slave, pet, indentured servant? It didn’t -feel- like any of that. He -felt- like his choices were his own. He did look down at his phone as an alert took his attention and

smiled at the news article the popped up on his phone. A new sphynx had been discovered in Egypt? Delightful!

<Henry> closed the article on the newest sphynx discovery after giving it a brief read and bookmarking it as something to look into later. For now he was simply going to enjoy the park tonight and the relaxing evening. He’d have to make up the study time later, but this was a good opportunity to clear his mind before he delved into any more old pages of tomes or practice in the laboratory space under Cassian’s watchful eye.

<Henry> glances down at his phone and chuckles brightly before he taps out a reply

Regina-apt in NewOrleans and it is night ( catching up (Set by: Carolina) )

<Devon> arrives at Regina’s apt, and parks. Then he walks to her door and knocks, holding a bag in one hand, and a six pack of coke in the other.

<Regina> goes over and unlocks the door after peering through the keyhole, letting Devon in.

<Devon> enters nad smiles to her. “I brought the stuff ya said you needed for pasta, and more drinks.” He sets everything down on the counter, and looks to her. “Just so ya know, this will be an interesting talk, to fill ya in on stuff.”

<Regina> locks the door and nods, going to take the stuff off his hands. “Thanks. I’ll get started on the pasta, and if you want to help, feel free.”

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NewOrleans in Ashes-field and it is night ( lets hear the song of the Shortbus Shadowlord Family (Set by: Kenzie) )

<Brian> sits in the field, looking up at the night sky, and apparently having a conversation with John about black holes.

::Maryska came into the field and had set out a blanket in the field earlier, she was taking some personal time since the event that happened the days before, she needed somewhere that she knew she could be relatively free to just scream, and in all honesty, this field was pretty good for that, she was laying down on it, there was a duffle bag that had some food in it that she was eating from as she got hungry, she had gone to the house

to get something else to drink and of course relieve herself when she came back to see Brian sitting there.:: “Hey Brian.” ::she settled down next to him.::

<Brian> smiles and waves to her. “HEy MAryska, you been doing ok?”

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Bar in Trill and it is Night ( a good drink in good company (Set by: sapph) )

<Ashe> headed into the Trill and smiled as he headed towards Erik and the bar to order a glass of water before he made his way to a booth to sit down. He was wearing a black turtleneck tonight with black jeans and a long black coat that concealed the katana he wore most nights. His long black hair was tied back in a loose tail at the base of his neck and tonight the young man appeared to be in good humour as he relaxed.

Nolan made his way within the Trill once more wearing his traditioanl Gray suit and such. In his hand he had a cane that atop it was a ravens head. He smiled as he moved over to his old friend. He grinned at him and removed his fedora from atop his head and set it upon the table. “Greetings old friend. A pleasure it is to see you again.”

<Ashe> slipped from the booth to offer Nolan a hand and gave the man a once over, “It’s good to see you, my friend… damn you haven’t aged a day.” He chuckled and would give Nolan a firm handshake with his calloused and burn scared hand before sitting back down, “I’m glad you were able to come, though. Can I buy you a drink?”

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Brownstone in NOLA and it is Night ( Behind locked doors >.> (Set by: arrna) )

<Phillip> arrived at the brownstone building on his motorcycle and wearing his motorcycle leathers a few hours after sunset. Afterall, he needed to grab a quick bite before arriving at Durmah’s. With his usual confidence he pulled off his helmet, tucked it under his arm, and headed for the front door

<Phillip> stumbles in his step as he reaches the door and has to quickly place his hand on the doorframe to steady himself as he sucks in a sharp breath, “Oh, fuck…”

<durmah> would be waiting with Altaryn at the main level, and seeing Phillip stumble has her raising her brows. She glances to Altaryn, and then steps forwards to open the door.

<Phillip> smiled cheerfully when he saw Durmah and shrugged, “Apparently I have a bad feeling about this.” He stepped into the shop, however, and swept Durmah into a small dip to place a gentle kiss on her lips, “But I still came.” He winked at Altaryn as he set her back on her feet, “It’s good to see you too… wants a kiss as well?”

<Durmah> let herself be swept around and even returns the light kiss, even though she’s frowning in concern still.

<Phillip> tilts his head with concern of his own at Durmah’s expression, “Is everything ok?” He looked from her to Altaryn questioningly

<Altaryn> only shook his head no at Phillip, at least to the question of a kiss. He seemed to watch over the pair as they greeted each other, and when Phillip asked he took a step back inside. “Please come in.” He would wait to close the door and lock it, allowing Durmah to lead Phillip upstairs.

<Durmah> Sounds amused, though her expression remains serious, “You walk in and stagger about and want to know if things are okay on -my- end?” She’ll shake her head at him, and lead Phillip towards the elevator upstairs.

<Phillip> chuckles as he’s lead off upstairs, “No, just had this really odd feeling that everything was crumbling around me. It’s wasn’t pleasant, but it’s gone now.” He shrugged to Altaryn and Durmah both, “Happen’s now and then.”

<Altaryn> “Yes. It has been an unfortunate side effect of….well roll the roulette wheel of our current threats and pick one. I can’t be sure anymore,” he admitted with a sigh. “Anyway, welcome. Durmah can tell you more about our plans for the building. For now though, we have a place on the middle floor which should be protected from David. You remember the statue,” he asked curiously. “We have tested it, and I feel confident to

extend my hospitality to you, should you wish to spend the day in town or to be closer to Durmah. There is just one little detail I believe we should be clear on, if your interest in my vassal is to continue.”

<Phillip> pauses, his expression turning uncharacteristically grim, “Thank you, Altaryn. I don’t take the invitation of hospitality lightly. From you or Durmah. And I am glad there is a safe place for her now.” He lets out a breath, continuing to sober, “And I understand, Altaryn. She is yours and I have been fortunate that you have allowed this to continue as long as it has. I’m not interested in challenging you for her.”

<Durmah> doesn’t correct that the safe room is on the upper floor, but hey. She did relax (weirdly enough) at hearing why he stumbled. After all, she was fairly used to that, and she knew well that it could make one dizzy… especially when trying to open a door to a three story building that was mostly above you. She looks between the pair of men, expression serious and sober now. She hadn’t

heard the requirements, yet, either.

<Altaryn> indeed led them to the third floor despite what he told Phillip, and didn’t seem to notice anything was odd about it. He does glance back to Phillp though, once they reach the door and he holds it open for them both. “That is good to hear. I like you Phillip. And I trust you enough that I’m comfortable sharing this small refuge with you. Comfortable enough that I trust you with my vassal. However. Now that you are kindred,

Phillip, we need to be clear. You will not feed from my vassal without my advance permission. Nor will you feed her your blood, unless it is the only way to save her life. Lastly, you will never force her to do something she is uncomfortable with.”

<Phillip> took in a slow breath as he heard the terms. Phillip wouldn’t be able to deny that he wanted to feed from Durmah. He followed the path of Cathari. He looked from Durmah to Altaryn and after a moment he nodded slowly and with resolve, because it would take resolve not to indulge and break his word, “I understand, Altaryn. I won’t feed on her without your permission and I will not try to feed her my blood or force her.” He glanced to Durmah,

“You have my word, for what it is worth.”

<Durmah> smiles wrily, “I appreciate that bit added about ‘unless it is the only way to save her life.'” A serious note but in a joking tone. She looks to Phillip, her eyebrows arched a little, “I can still bite -him- though, right? As long as I dont make him bleed without your permission?” She wasn’t worried about the last, given she’d already had him promise that herself.

<Durmah> addresses the question to Altaryn, of course. She knows how Phillip will respond, she’s fairly certain.

<Altaryn> “It is worth a lot to me,” he said….at least until Phillip showed him otherwise. He did, however, imply that with his permissionw as okay. He turned curiously to Durmah at her question and grins. “Of course, though I expect you do have his consent as well.” That would be a two way street. He cared for Phillip, though he was fairly certain the vampire could take care of himself….as long as he could restrain his darker

natures. He turned back to Phillip and explained. “My sire fed from me three times in two years. Once when I was accepted into his service as his ghoul and vassal. Of course the moment he embraced me as his childe. The only other time he was severly injured, low on blood, and barely keeping the beast at bay. He never asked it of me, but I offered. I once asked him why, given how I watched other kindred treat their ghouls. His words made

a lot of sense.” He turned to Durmah then wih a soft smile. “If I were in need where hunting would be a danger, I would of course accept. But Iwill not diminish her ability to serve by taking from here what I am fully capable of getting elsewhere. Nor will I put her at risk by leaving her weak, especially with enemies surrounding us on all sides.”

<Phillip> nodded his head grimly, but he did have a small smirk of delight at the potential of Durmah biting his flesh. He did enjoy pain afterall, “It makes sense. I’ve been fed from often, but not since I came to America… except for that one time when I was killed.” He considers the statement and resolves not feed from Durmah until the threat was passed, “You had an interesting sire, Altaryn. Is that common among the Camarilla?”

<durmah> nods quickly at the reminder to get Phillip’s consent as well at the time they have fun. As for the explination, she’d never heard it either, so she tilts her head curiously as she listens. And though she’s -surprised- she does nod at the wisdom of it. She slides into Altaryn’s side to hug him, and will stand up to kiss his cheek gently. …. And then grins, “Second-hand kiss from

Phillip, too.” Another light kiss and she’ll grin and hop away (if he lets her), to offer Phillip a keyring with the door and appartment keys, and the elevator key card.

<Altaryn> “No. It wasn’t common from the others I had seen. Most other kindred were shocked to find out I wasn’t the typical breakfast.” He was caught a little off guard when Durmah snuck in to give him a hug, and steal the light kisses. But he smiled softly at the pair of them. “I will see if Emily is ready. Should I text you when I park the car?”

<Durmah> nods to him, still smiling, “I’ll come down and help move the supplies up here.”

<Phillip> grins, “I’ll take the second hand kiss. It’s one step closer.” He winks at Altaryn and crosses his arms as he leans back against the wall to admire the view that the pair of the made. “Emily? She’s coming here or we are going somewhere else?”

<Altaryn> “I need to pick up one of my haori and see if she can make adjustments to it before tomorrow night,” he explains. “I was going to ask her to spend the day here, unless she is more comfortable with the mages. She is also my vassal, you will remember.”

<durmah> scoffs a bit, “This floor is not fit to be -seen- really, and I’ve yet to decide how many bedrooms to allocate up here. But for now I was more concerned with the safe room being finished.” She leads him towards the unappealing concrete and steel unit, and pushes open the door. The inside isn’t richly appointed, not with the extra pair of beds in the front room, but she did have the

finish work upgraded to more sturdy materials, but the internet and utilities are connected, with food in place for her and emily. She pauses at the explination to Phillip and nods, looking to Altaryn, “I sent her the basic details. For now if she can just do her best, even if the embroidery isn’t elaborate, I can have the corrected design done for a new formal suit later.”

<durmah> grins, “For that matter, I’m sure there are a few good artists in the square that can be coaxed to draw up the new design in detail. A good thing of a city like New Orleans.”

<Phillip> cants his head to the side, “What is happening tomorrow night?”

<durmah> widens her eyes a little and looks to Altaryn, then back to Phillip. but before she can answer, she takes a startled jump back into the saferoom. She’s peering at the floor though, so likely not a ghost. Just.. you know, creepy shadows.

Durmah speaks in French: “Damn creepy shadows.”

<Altaryn> “The date isn’t certain, but….it is the earliest he could happen,” he explained…or rather didn’t. To Durmah he nodded. “Perhaps hold a contest. We can offer an art grant or scholorship to the winner? What do you-” he stops what hes saying as Durmah starts speaking in tongues. “I’m sorry, what did you say?”

<Phillip> shrugs and let’s Altaryn and Durmah keep their secret, be was satisfied with the outcome of the night already

<durmah> flushes, “Sorry. Just… swearing at the floor shadows.” She straightens, clearing her throat, “A scholarship for a student or grant for an adult sounds good… I can contact the company lawyer and find the logistics.” She glances to Phillip, and then back to Altaryn, brows arched a little. “May I explain to him?”

<Altaryn> nodded to Durmah, letting the matter of her other language to herself. “Yes. Please see to it. As to Phillip, he will learn soon enough. But yes, fill him in as you like.” With that he pulled out his phone and sent of a message.

<Phillip> accepted the keys and card before shrugging, “You two don’t need to tell me. I’m not going to horn in on your secrets.”