#Aeons_NO-Downtown 32

<Cade> thanks the delivery guy and makes sure to give him a good tip before taking his Chinese food from him. He blushes a bit when the desk clerk smiles at him, and even more so when he hears her giggle as he gets into the elevator. A text scrawl pops up in his view feed. ‘The desk clerk showed signs of sexual interest, and your heart rate and body temperature rose when she smiled

at you, indicating reciprocation. Why did you not initiate courting?’ Cade blushes even harder. “Because! I can’t just walk up to her and be like ‘Hi, my AI says you think I’m hot, wanna go out?’ First of all, I can’t tell Sleepers about you, secondly, that would be the weirdest pick up line ever, and thirdly shut up!” Another text scrawl trickles down his feed, this one a sarcastic

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#Aeons_Asylum-Courtyard 6

<Fiona> comes out into the courtyard, her single eye focusing on a book she’s reading.

<Cian> lounges in one of his favorite trees, right next to the fence that encloses the Asylum grounds. He looks quite pleased with himself for some reason, humming softly as he reads one of the books Antol let him borrow. This one is about the other bloodlines of Caine, their powers, curses, and other information the author had gathered over his centuries. Most of it had an

obvious bias, but there was still some good information, and as luck had it, the book was written in Irish Gaelic, so Cian didn’t have to settle for a translation.

<Fiona> actually reads, surprise.

<Deveraux> wanders on the other side of the wall a bit and stops once he comes to the fence part and can clearly see through to the courtyard. He stands that calmly, resting his hands on top of his black walking stick in front of him and barely moves another muscle except for his eyes behind his glasses.

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#Aeons_Elysium 5

<Isabo> is at the museum, walking around on the first floor and in general just making contact with others doing the same.

<Conrad> has checks his tie in the rearview mirror of his car one last time before heading inside. It is his first time at the Elysium since introducing himself to the Prince, and he really would like to avoid angering the other Tremere by making a bad impression. He nods to the doorman and makes his way into the museum. Though he exchanges pleasantries and makes introductions as

necessary, he mostly keeps to himself, as politely as possible, and admires the exhibits.

<Isabo> spies Conrad and smiles faintly, approaching him at one of the exhibits. “It is good to see I am not the only one that gets out and about some place besides the bar.”

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#Aeons_NO-Downtown 31

<Cora> concentrates on making her rounds to ensure that certain items are left undisturbed and ready in case the shit really hits the fan in the future. She double checks marks in stone and brick as well, freshening them up as needed so they can be located when the time comes.

<Deveraux> steps over as Cora is freshening up one of the marks and idly comments, “Good evening. That is a rather interesting scrawling you are doing there. What does it mean?”

<Cora> whips around and looks the man over, the one hand behind her back now. “Huh? Oh, uhm, I don’t know. Just kinda found it here and thought it looked weird. Like a little crop circle or something.”

<Deveraux> “I see.” He looks at her studiously a moment before blinking and forcing, what is for him, a signature emotionless smile. He then pronounces what she wrote with the inflection of a question.

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#Aeons_Trill 38

<Cecilia> makes her way into the Trill, settling at a table and ordering a top-shelf scotch.

<Cade> stands outside the bar for a moment and reaches up to tap a button on the AR display. “Hecatrix are you sure this is the place?” The AI responds with an thumbs up sign on his display, apparently not in the mood for an actual conversation at the moment. “Ok if you say so.” Cade takes a deep breath and pulls the hood of his jacket up to conceal the visor, it was expensive and this

seemed like the kind of place where being small framed and having expensive things was a bad combination. Still, Hecatrix had done a thorough web search and all signs pointed to this being somewhat of a haven for the supernatural, so if he was going to find any other Mages, it would likely be here. Cade steels himself and walks in, keeping his head down and quickly finding a table where

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#Aeons_Campus 4

<Zane Calbeni> and Isabo are both out sitting at a gazebo in one of the small park-like areas on campus full of benches for students to meet or study.

<Zane Calbeni> reaches out and pats Isabo on the shoulder before going back to leaning against the railing, looking over the side at the roses below. “I wouldn’t worry about it too much. Maybe if you ignore it, they’ll get bored and quit.”

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#Aeons_Asylum 3

<Cian> sits perched upon the roof of the Asylum, his face contorted in a mixture of confusion and concentration. Something feels different, has felt different since the night in the sewers. He felt…connected. Any building, any structure really, sewers included, that he came in contact with seemed to call to him. It was faint, a pull in his gut, like some sort of instinct, but he

couldn’t ignore it. It tugs at his mind, a need to know, to see. He had tried calling to his Blood, pushing it towards where that gnawing sensation was centered, but it hadn’t accomplished anything other than making him a little woozy. He had also tried asking Sara and Eliza, thinking perhaps he was developing the same psychic abilities they had, but the both of them had seemed confused.

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#Aeons_Forest 8

<Deveraux> casually strolls through the forest and unless he encounters someone or something to stop him will continue straight to the front door. He’ll pause a moment to make sure his suit is as impeccable as a gentlemans should be before knocking 3 times. He’ll then step back two small paces so as not to seem invasive when the door is opened.

<Zaluut> rises, as Kitt is off tending to things at the Communal. He walks to the door, his senses extending beyond it before it even opens. He takes in the visitor curiously for just a moment before speaking. “Good evening.”, he says calmly, covering his surprise that someone would show up out here.

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#Aeons_Sabbat 3

<Storyteller> The group comes back to the bar after closing, all ready for a little B&E and to see what they can find about where these people got dragged off to and what is doing the dragging exactly.

<Fiona> is her usually scowly self.

<Cian> is still licking his lips, a grin on his face. His first real hunt, that is one not on the grounds of the Asylum, was a success, and the young Cainite is quite pleased with himself. He circles the bar, examining the building for a nice quiet entrance that won’t trigger alarms or rouse suspicion.

<Fiona> is restraining herself from just kicking the door down. She may be successful.

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#Dark_Aeons 10

*Katarina* is going to the marina to surrender to the police.

<Storyteller> The police pick Katarina up, handcuff her, and put her in the back of the car.

*Katarina* doesn’t resist, going with them.

<Storyteller> She is taken to the police station, and walked back toward one of the back rooms. One of the men fills out some paperwork as they get her into the room and seated.

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