Currently the scene is: The_Trill in NewOrleans and it is Night ( A Bar is a bar, sorta. (Set by: Kenzie) )

::Obalu was having a day off, he’d enjoyed some of the fun things to do around the city, little markets and curio shops that lined many of the streets, some he’d purchased a little knick knack in one or two. He was on his way home when he’d seen a bar called The Devils Trill, it sounded interesting, and when he’d stepped in he found himself in a Biker bar, not exactly what he thought, or maybe he should have, but he just looked around

with some measure of curiosity while dressed in a plane tight grey long sleeve shirt with grey oblique accents that looked like gills as it were, and a pair of black pants, along with his black and white Nike sneakers, he made his way to a table and flagged down a waiter, and placed an order for a beer, he didn’t normally drink, but it was just one beer.::

<Brian> slowly enters the Trill, looking around and still amazed the guards at the door didnt stop him. He moves to the bar looking a bit trepadacious, and orders a coke. Once he has his drink, he moves to a table near the wall, and sits with his back to the wall, watching.

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Currently the scene is: Dance_Floor in Imaginarium and it is Day ( Excitement (Set by: FreakLegion) )

Katie heads straight away to the Imaginaurium after leaving a note at the Chantry so people know where she is and what is going on. She has an especially bouncy step today as she ducks inside to one of her favorite places.

<Storyteller> The two big trolls at the door spot her and let her avoid the line, to go in and see their Baron. “Welcome!”, they both say. There’s a young gaunt Victorian dressed goth girl with black eyes and stringy black hair who seems to be dancing around and admiring …<cont>

<Storyteller> a big red gem, and maybe she seems kind of conniving, or just future dreaming of what it will bring to her in the future. Hexion can be seen moving through people who just seem to know when he’s there and move out of the way of their own volition, whether they are paying attention to him directly or not.

<Storyteller> He would nod to her and then gesture her to follow him, as he made his way over to a booth.

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Currently the scene is: Commons in Overgrowth_Chantry and it is Day ( More excitement! (Set by: FreakLegion) )

Katie bounces back to the Chantry and practically throws open the door as she hands a dress picture to R2D2. “Go print this.”, she says before texting hexion back.

<Devon> sits in the common room, reading over another tome from the library. He looks up at the nosie, and smiles to KAtie. “How goes?”

Katie bounces over and hugs Devon before showing off her ring, which is made of gears with spider legs holding a diamond in place. “I’m getting married!”

<Devon> smiles and akwardly returns the hug cause of hte book and sitting. “Cool, congrats, already had ya girls night?”

{Zo} comes down the stairs chuckling to himself. “I can hear you all the way up there. That’s great news. Not sure how Father Thomas is going to take it, but great news.”

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Currently the scene is: Offices in New_Orleans and it is Night ( Late-Night Talking (Set by: FreakLegion) )

Katie makes the trip to town to chill at Kal’s office, some things definitely on her mind as she parks and takes a bit of a scan around before getting out of the car to head inside. Waving to the receptionist that knows her by now for sure, she just makes sure he’s not busy before heading that way.

<Kaladorne> is writing something at his desk as Katie opens the double doors to his office. He finishes signing something and looks up at her with a smile, “My favorite person in this hemisphere comes to pay me a visit? Business or pleasure?”

Katie chuckles a little and closes the doors behind her as she strides over and gives him a light kiss. “Both?”, she says before leaning against the desk. “I had a couple things on my mind before our next adventure.”

<Kaladorne> closes the folder of papers he’d just signed and looks up at her, “Well, I guess we should get the business out of the way first, yeah? What do you need?”

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Currently the scene is: North in Courtyard and it is Night ( guns? (Set by: sapph) )

<Salazar> was becoming a little more comfortable in this new world. He ventured out into the world on his own long enough to find a couple of men in the area that Sascha had shown him. He tried not to pay attention to the strange devices and building, focusing only on what he needed to survive so that he could accomplish the task of feeding without becoming overwhelmed. He’d managed fine, but he was more than happy to return to the relative peace of

the Fortress of Asylum. He headed to the North Courtyard with the intent to train, both for the practice and because his nerves felt shot after that experience of hunting. He hated feeling nervous, but even with his calm heart he was shaken. He ran a hand through his short black hair with a growl of frustration as he closed his eyes and leaned against a shed.

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