Currently the scene is: livingroom at lost-boys-house in BR and it is night ( Why is nothing ever on tv? )

<Phillip> slipped in the home after a night of moderately successful hunting and flopped down onto the couch with a sigh. He was still hungry, but he’d likely live.

Patrick txts Phillip: Be right down .

<Phillip> put his feet up on the table to start flicking through the channels, “man, I really should have grabbed something else to eat. I’m still starving.” He groaned and flopped his head back

Patrick comes down the east wing affectionately known as their pack house and jumps over the couch landing on the end “Then go hunt, Call dee go hunt..”

<Phillip> lifted his head and eyed Patrick, “Already hunted on the way here. It just be asking for trouble if I go back out.”

Patrick nods a little”Naw go back out in a hour or two its like swimming wait a hour after eating..So you see anything out there or just more the same dumb shit. “He sighs Patting for a cigarette and giving up..”You know if your cover is blown just flee and loose em,No need to try and grunt bang it..You got a pistol you have a knife..good deal. Now you got your your gonna need, Later this week I can teach you to hide in the

mind of your enemies.

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Currently the scene is: Apartment at 5517-N-Rampart in New-Orleans and it is Night ( God, I need a drink. )

<Altaryn> snuck inside the building as someone else was leaving, so when he knocked on the door to apartment it might have surprised Natasha unless she had been watching. He was wearing one of his suits as usual, but also carried a 6 pack and a bottle in a paper bag.

Natasha opens up the door and lets him inside after having eyed him through the camera mounted on the peephole so that it watches the hallway at all times. “Hey.”

<Altaryn> “As promised,” he said with a charismatic smile as he lifted the beer. “And 18 year old Macallan.” Maybe she was one of those odd kindred who actually enjoyed this sort of thing, but for him it was all for show if any had seen their txt conversation. He put both on the nearest table and turned to face her. “You remember the night we found Katarina lazing around?”

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Currently the scene is: krotz at bar in evening and it is enjoying ( the ac while waiting )

<< Jet >> she would get out of the car and looking again to the birds and speaks to them as if they might understand her “i am going to town, if anyone comes looking” after getting into the car she also sends a txt to rye letting him know as well. then she pulls back out and around and heads to town. the ac calling her name.

<< Jet >> she would of course, pop the trunk, pulling out a drawing pad and some pencils she kept in the back. made it so much easier to draw stuff when she was stuck somewhere

<< Jet >> would be polite, buying a drink when she got inside. a coke of course, all bars had coke, how can you have arum and coke with out the coke, then taking her pad and drink and moves off out of the way and takes a seat at a table. starting to draw once she was settled in

<< Jet >> she would shift about to look outside, watching the rain

<< Jet >> would frown seeing the effect of the rain on the windows, and leaving the pad inside she would step out, seeing if it was the nasty icky stuff she had been finding in nola, and shiver as it wasnt the warm rain she was so use to getting. stepping back inside quickly

<< Jet >> she would frown in thought, then not really wanting to bug him she sends him a txt anyway

<< Jet >> would stand at the window, watching the sky, watching the clouds no real skill or training in weather or anything that might effect it but she did watch

<< Jet >> she would watch then return to her drawings while she waits. drawing the birds that rye had told her was the uglys early warning though, she ads abit of her own outlook on the ongoings to it, drwaing the pretty little birds wearing sweaters rain coats to stay warm in the cold rain

Currently the scene is: bar at trill in New_Orleans and it is Night ( Another night, with hopes to meet the caretakers. )

Kim txts Lottie: it’s a cool, but tragic legend, where’d you hear about it?

Kim txts Lottie: they really need to put that in a new comers guise

{Lottie} Slipped into the trill, making her way over to the bar and sitting down on a stool, where she then ordered herself a drink, looking about with some level of amusement.

Kim txts Lottie: I’ve become more superstitious since moving to New Orleans. I’ll make a playlist and put it on a timer

!lottie had a few drinks as she listened to some music for a little while, enjoying the difference from the typical Jazz that seemed to have picked up all over the city.”

{Lottie} had a few drinks as she listened to some music for a little while, enjoying the difference from the typical Jazz that seemed to have picked up all over the city.”

{Lottie} will finish her drink and then slip out for the night.

Currently the scene is: Heart at Downtown in Montreal and it is Night ( Balancing Act )

<Sascha> makes arrangements to use the mirror and heads into Montreal. She had plans for a few stops this evening, depending on how things went… and at first she debated where to go but after a little internal arguing she heads for the Heart.

<Sascha> is dressed in jeans and a light, breezy type blouse this evening, more like her working clothes. A small crusifix hanging around her neck, and her long red hair put up in a ponytail.

Beatrice shakes her head”SPirutal uber driver for tonight it would seem, I do take tips and please take all your trash out the back seat. “She stops and turns as the break the surface out and up into the temple. “Valez has issued two Palla Grande Rites for the week and I cant recall the other some sort of Mass creation will be happening later as well..

<Sascha> looks back at Beatrice. “Wow… is this having to do with the page?”

She moves her hand back stone watered and ripples with groan as it pushs washed aside”three Pages..She wants it hosted

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