#Aeons_Outdoors 10

Izzy, following cassian’s advice found a rather cheap motel near the less trafficked area of the city. Less people around to bother with. Blue trotted at her heels as Izzy became aware that she was getting hungry. With all that had gone on the past few days she had forgotten to eat.

After a bad tasting rat, Izzy finds a couple of stray dogs. Blue whines but Izzy needs food and people are too much to deal with. She leaves the dogs resting in an alley and heads into the downtown area.

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#Aeons_BR-Downtown 3

<Sissy> is working an outdoor event this evening, currently taking down equipment that some politician was using to give a speech.

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° had walked through the area and though he couldn’t really care about some boring politician giving speeches, he knew he hd to at least listen in case it would have anything that could be a situation that would change the vampires’ ways around here. Even so, he could only catch the tail end as it was late, but others now moved well off the scene

and he’d lurk, lighting a cigarette because that was just his new addiction since diablerie. He smoked it and watched the scene around neutrally.

<Sissy> glancs over at Talwar a couple of times, noticing him despite his natural tendancy not to be by others. She gives him plenty of space as she takes things down and wraps up cords to put into the van. Every once in a while, something else seems to grab her attention, like she just looks creeped out, though she quickly shakes it off and continues with her work.

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#Aeons_Trill 23

<Zane Calbeni> sits in his usual horseshoe shaped booth near the back door, quietly reading a book with the occasional glance up and around at the bar.

■► Cassian ◄■ opened the door and walked into the trill. He’d glance around a moment, taking account of who was where and who was what and then he’d make his way over to Zane’s booth and gesture to the opposite side of it. “Mind if I sit and we talk some?”

<Zane Calbeni> leans back in his seat, and nods to Cassian. “Erik told me you were looking for me. Go ahead and sit.”

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#Aeons_Trill 22

Natasha makes her way into the Trill and she looks around briefly before heading off to the bar. She orders a beer and just watches the other people coming and going from the bar.

<CoraAnn> sighs as she walks into the Trill, giving just a look over the room before also heading to the bar and taking up the seat by Natasha. “You… you seen Cass?”

Natasha looks over at Cora, then around the bar. “Nope, why, was he looking for me?”

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#Aeons_NO-Downtown 24

After Izzy’s overnight stay in the forest, she and Blue made it into the city proper. Izzy looks around at all the buildings. Some of them seem familiar but others are new. “well Blue, let’s find Boss”

<CoraAnn> makes her way about the streets, pausing once to roll her shoulders as she comes out of the French Quarter and starts to head off toward the Trill, hands in her pockets.

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#Aeons_Trill 21

::Maryska meanders into the club looking around, her hands in her pockets her boots clicking against the ground as she settles into a seat:: “Beer” she calls out to the waitstaffer.

::Maryska takes the bottle from the server and takes a sip nodding to them, paying for the drink up front, her eyes looking around and making sure she wasn’t in any direct trouble, her sunglasses still covering her eyes as she looked.::

<Ashe> made his way into the Trill with an easy smile on his face. His long black hair was tied back tonight with a small metal clasp. He’s wearing faded jeans and a chocolate brown t-shirt tonight. His face lights up when he spots Maryska and he heads over to join her at the bar, “Hey, what’s a pretty girl like you doing in a place like this?” It was such a bad pickup line.

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#Aeons_Forest 6

After Izzy’s car ran out of gas, she was forced to hoof it to the city. Though she did not know the surroundings very well she decided to go through the forest as opposed to following the open road. Boss’ last words to her echoed in her mind as she wound her way through the trees.

‘if I don’t return in three days, meet me in New Orleans. I’ll be In the hotel we used last time we went. You remember the place’s Izzy had nodded. Boss was always right and he never failed to come back… Except this time. Izzy wasn’t worried. She knew he could handle himself. So could she, boss had taught her how after all. She looked down to her canine companion, Blue. A Shepard mix. A mutt, much like herself. A stray

needing a friend, someone to look after him. He was a good dog, if a bit scruffy on the edges.

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#Aeons_NO-Downtown 23

Kefira is settling at a downtown plaza, next to a fountain, watching the kine around her. It was saturday still for them, and rejoicing and partying hung heavily in the air. Innocent fools … but she would give her own life to maintain that innocence. She allowed herself, briefly, to just let their emotions reverberate inside her, to feel their joy at being alive, off work and

school. She felt no regret that this life was not hers, however. It never had been.

Natasha makes her way along side the people enjoying their Saturday out. She watches here and there but also is absorbed in her own thoughts, something about the night keeping her attention and holding it fast.

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