Currently the scene is: Bar in Trill and it is Night ( Angels don’t dream. (Set by: Nox_Aegis) )

<Devon> enters the Trill, and looks about to see who may be around as he walks to the bar to order his ususal.

{Zo} is playing pool with a few of the guys, but his expression is more curious than mirthful as he chats them up and watches them.

<Jackie> waltzed into the Trill with a smile on her lips. She was dressed to kill in a slinky red cocktail dress and a pair of killer heels that make her butt look really nice – at least in her estimation. She wiggles her fingers at Devon and Zo in greeting before heading to get a fruity little drink from Erik.

<Devon> smiles and waves to Zo, then smirks nad nods to Jackie as he sips his own drink. “Eveing Jackie, how goes?”

<Jackie> grinned and settled herself on a stool with her drink as she watches Zo, “mmm? Pretty damn good, actually. Having a bit of fun tonight and stopped at a club earlier for some dancing. How about you?”

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Currently the scene is: Dancefloor in Imaginarium and it is Night ( Changeling Shenanigans (Set by: Nox_Aegis) )

<Devon> enters the club, dressed in steampunk gear, and heads for the closest bar and orders a rum and coke. He pays and sips it as he looks around the crowed dance floor.

<Henry> entered the Imaginarium dressed for the occasion of Halloween and not the least bit shy about his costume. No, he might not have the perfect ethereal beauty of the Sidhe, and he was middle-aged, but that didn’t stop him from dressing as one would expect a Tolkien elf to dress. In fact he was dressed as Lord Elrond of Rivendell, not that there was much resemblance. He’d even gone so far as to wear contact lenses for the night since glasses

didn’t really fit with the ‘elvish’ motif. He smiled brightly at the room and headed towards the bar in order to purchase a glass of wine for the event. Once more, he wished he could see into the Umbra and see the finery of the fae, but he was still more than delighted by the mundane things he was able to see.

Katie heads to the club, eager to see the epic party that the faeries were bound to be having. She is wearing a set of contact lenses that make her irises look like little steampunk gateways around the pupil, and her usually full on steampunk gear complete with spider ring and smoking dragon.

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Currently the scene is: Temple in NoLa and it is Night ( chat after hours (Set by: arrna) )

<bai> is doing some evening clean up around the temple, most notably, he’s once again hanging from the rafters as he checks the new lanterns. He’s relieved actually that it’s getting cooler, and so he’s got his robe top on for once.

<Altaryn> sent a text ahead as he promised he would, but nothing more than a polite request to stay open a bit later than usual so he could stop by after work. When he arrived, he was wearing the finely tailored suit and a stoic demeanor. As he took off his shoes, washed his feet, and observed ritual, he took the whole thing quite seriously. It was as if he expected that he was alone, for he didn’t bother to look around for anyone else.

Not even when he entered.

<bai> looked down and around at the sound of the water, because he hadn’t been too concerned with the sound of the cars. He finishes resecuring a lantern, then drops himself lightly from the rafters. His focus is on Altaryn, and once he verifies who it is, he straightens and bows to the other man in silent greeting. He wasn’t sure if Altaryn wanted to talk or just go meditate for awhile, but

the meditation hall was indeed still open, the inside still warm from the day’s sun.

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Currently the scene is: Bar in Trill and it is Night ( Brrrraaaaaiiiinnnnzzzz! (Set by: Nox_Aegis) )

<Devon> enters the Trill, and after ordering his ususal, takes a seat at a table, and watches the goings on as he sips his drink.

<Jackie> slips out of the back office wearing her trade mark leather corset and mini with the stiletto heals. Tonight is was black and she had her long red hair tied back from her face. She had a deeply satisfied smile on her face as she almost bounced past Devon and made her best velociraptor noise followed by, “Smart girl!” Then giggled and spun herself onto a stool

<Devon> looks behind him at the rawr, and chuckles. “So, whats got you so happy Jackie?”

<Zane> comes out of the back, slipping on a shirt and grabbing his jacket up off the booth seat. He smirks slightly at Devon’s question and takes his usual spot.

<Devon> chuckles and waves to Zane. “So, anyting happeneing id like to know about?” HE looks to Jackie, “Your sex life is not on my want to know list.”

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Currently the scene is: IEM in NewOrleans and it is Night ( chatting (Set by: arrna) )

<Durmah> had gone about getting the second floor ready for the private club, even though there wasn’t necessarily a current plan to open it. In the past week or so, two of the walls had been lined with small privacy rooms… four of them were heavy-duty shelters like her panic room upstairs, if done on a much, much smaller scale. They really only had room for a comfortable bed and a small shower

area. She was currently walking the bare floor with a meter stick, a peice of chalk set to the end so she could mark the floor and consider the rest of the area.

<Phillip> arrived with a wobble to his step and fumbled at the door with his key before slipping inside the club to half stumble his way upstairs. He was dressed in one of his simple black suits tonight with the crisp white dress shirt and black tie. “Durmah?” He called with a slightly off voice as he poked his head above then landing and chuckled when he saw her, “hmmm, hello beautiful.”

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