True Faith

While not a Numina per se, it is often a tool for many Hunters and Angelic Followers. Therefore, some expanded rules for this have been added here.

Faith now has both a permanent rating, which may be rolled, and a temporary pool that can be used to perform ‘miracles’. Temporary Faith is regained VERY slowly, taking more than a week to regain a single point. It is meant to be used sparingly. Abuse of the Faith, or not following the Dogma of that Faith, can result in a loss of Temporary or even Permanent points of Faith.

True Faith for all Supernaturals is a 7-point Merit and starts them off with but a single level. Raising levels is both difficult (requires passing a true test of Faith) and costly in XP (x10). Mortals may purchase it as a Numina, but are only allowed to begin with 1 point as well. The rest must be earned during Story.

Price of Failure:  Faith gets tested all of the time, and Faith cannot truly botch. Though it may not be answered, and that failure may inspire the character to attempt to seek an understanding of why.

*OOOOOOOOO = Faithful
**OOOOOOOO = Ardent
***OOOOOOO = Religious
****OOOOOO = Pious
*****OOOOO = Holy
******OOOO = Devoted
*******OOO = Enduring
********OO = Incorruptible
*********O = Angelic
********** = Godly

{Restore Strength}
Cost:  1 Faith
Roll:  Charisma + Meditation
Diff:  8
Does:  Can restore 1 temporary willpower point per success. This can work on a group, though the successes must be divided up amongst all targets and cannot exceed maximum willpower.

{Lay on Hands}
Cost:  1 Faith
Roll:  Manipulation + Medicine
Diff:  8
Need:  To touch target
Does:  1 health level per success can be restored, starting from the worst wounds. If the damage is Agg, a Willpower point must be spent for each level as well.

{Shield of Faith}
Cost:  1 Faith
Roll:  Stamina + Meditation
Diff:  8
Does:  Temporary immunity from a source of damage. This shields yourself and anyone in contact with you, using your successes to cancel the incoming damage on a 1 for 1 basis (even over multiple turns) until your successes run out.

{Ward Off Evil}
Cost:  1 Faith
Roll:  Charisma + Occult
Diff:  7
Need:  Symbol of Faith
Does:  With a powerful command: “Begone!” or “The Power of Christ Compels You!” you seek to drive off a specific or group of targets. If your successes > their current willpower, they have no choice but to flee and get out of your line of sight. Those who match you or are stronger willed, may back off but do not have to flee and can still act, albeit at a -2 penalty to all actions in your presence. This power will effect those in the Umbra and Shadowlands as well, even if they cannot be seen directly.