Telepathy is the power of one mind to connect to another.  It is generally subtle, acting as gut instincts and reactionary abilities.

Price of Failure:  Either nothing happens or it goes arwy like Suggestion might never work on a subject you botched on again.

*OOOO = Danger Sense ::  Detect pre-meditated harm incoming.

**OOO = Aura Perception ::  See the auras of others.

***OO = Suggestion ::  Implant a simple suggestion in a subject.

****O = Ignore ::  Cause people to ignore your presence.

***** = Project Emotion ::  Force an emotion onto a subject, or a whole room.

{Danger Sense}
Cost:  None
Roll:  Perception + Intuition
Diff:  7+ (more subtle threats at a higher diff)
Does:  The STs make this roll secretly and inform the Player only if they sense Danger and from where.  There is a possibility that even a surprise attack can be countered this way as the Telepath senses it coming before it gets there.

{Aura Perception}
Cost:  None
Roll:  Perception + Intuition
Diff:  8
Does:  This works the same as Auspex, etc.  It just uses Intuition instead of Empathy.

Cost:  None
Roll:  Manipulation + Subterfuge
Diff:  Target’s Current Willpower
Does:  This power is similar to Dominate, and it allows you to implant a suggestion in the target’s mind that can activate immediately or later.  It can be resisted with a point of Willpower if it goes against the Target’s Nature but can easily be masked in conversation.  (“Don’t you really have to go to the bathroom?”)  Targets with Dominate or the Mind Sphere and similar powers are immune to this ability as they are used to exerting their will over others.

Cost:  1 Willpower
Roll:  Wits + Stealth
Diff:  7
Does:  This power functions much like Obfuscate, allowing the Telepath to effectively cause people to ignore their presence as if they weren’t even there.  They must be careful, physical contact will reveal them suddenly, but if they are unobtrusive they can walk right through a room or sit on a bench in a train station and no one would even look their way.

{Project Emotion}
Cost:  1 Willpower
Roll:  Charisma + Expression
Diff:  6 (single target) / 8 (whole room)
Does:  This power makes the target feel whatever emotion the Telepath desires.  From inciting a riot, to forcing a person to flee from the room, to making them think they are falling in love.  In order for the emotion to fully set in for the scene, the Telepath must get as many successes as 1/2 the target’s Max Willpower (rounded up).