The complex path that consists of both summoning, warding against as well as the binding of creatures is among the most dangerous to practice.

With Summoning, the user calls the creature forth. With Warding, they defend themselves against it.  With Binding, they exort obedience from it in exchange for a price and at greater levels can even command it.  With Dismissal, they cause the creature to leave.

Each of these steps demands a different ritual to be used. While the first levels target mundane creatures, higher levels manage to compel even supernaturals.

Technomancers have developed a variant called Coiling which targets mechanical devices instead of creatures and binds them instead.

Price of Failure:  Either nothing appears, or the creatures summoned turn against the summoner.

*OOOO = Simple creatures, like birds, as well as basic technological devices can be summoned and commanded.

**OOO = Larger creatures, like wolves, as well as more complex technological devices like televisions can be summoned and commanded.

***OO = Humans, as well as computers, can be summoned and commanded.

****O = Minor supernaturals, like ghouls and kinain, as well as technological devices, can be summoned and commanded.

***** = Major supernaturals, like mages or werewolves, as well as large technological devices like airplanes, can be summoned and commanded.

Spec* = Celestial entities, like angels, gods or demons can be summoned and commanded.

Each ritual is learned seperately, so you must research Ward-Bear and Summon-Bear rather than just Bear.

Special Entities usually require massive rituals that no sorcerer can accomplish alone.

Cost:  1 Willpower
Roll:  Charisma + Occult + Rituals
Diff:  Level + 4
Need:  A piece of whatever is to be summoned.
Does:  The creature in question will go to the summoning circle as quickly as it’s normal mode of travel allows.

Cost:  1 Willpower (if Summoned first, this is not needed)
Roll:  Manipulation + Occult + Rituals
Diff:  Level + 4
Need:  Presence of Creature, Possible costs to bargain
Does:  The creature is bound to do some task for the Sorcerer that must be within it’s capability. Some creatures may require something to offer in order to secure their assistance.

Cost:  None
Roll:  None
Diff:  None
Need:  Creature must be Summoned or Bound
Does:  This releases a creature from being Summoned or Bound and forces it to leave the immediate area.

Cost:  1 Willpower
Roll:  Stamina + Occult + Rituals
Diff:  Level + 4
Need:  A piece of the creature to be warded against.
Does:  While not perfect in repelling creatures, it does impose a penalty to their actions and makes them highly uncomfortable in the vicinity of the Ward, usually keeping most creatures at bay outright and at least lessening the damage that could be caused by greater creatures. For each success, it imposes a -1 penalty to all rolls made by the creature in the warded area.