Brewing / Herbalism

Herbalism and Brewing is the good old fashioned art of potion making. Such concoctions are typically somewhat volatile and as such cannot be stored in ready form for very long. However, some ready-to-go versions requiring only a simple infusion could be ready quickly for the prepared herbalist. Side effects are common, but it’s all natural, right?

Price of Failure:  There is a fine line in some cases between a cure and poison… one should be careful they don’t accidentally cross said line.

*OOOO = Brewing 1
**OOO = Brewing 2
***OO = Brewing 3
****O = Brewing 4
***** = Brewing 5

*Side-Effects: Generally, side-effects are half as bad as whatever gains you apply. So if you increase your Strength by 2, you might also decrease your Appearance by 1 for the freaky looking bulging veins. As an alternative, a cost might be applied instead such as taking an unsoakable Bashing or spending a Willpower point.

{Ability Enhancement}
Roll:  Intelligence + Brewing
Diff:  7
Does:  Simply put you can temporarily buff abilities. Your successes can be distributed to any number of abilities but only to a maximum of your Brewing Rating. Successes can be distributed or used to mitigate side-effects or costs.

{Attribute Enhancement}
Roll:  Manipulation + Brewing
Diff:  8
Does:  Allows you to buff Attributes in the same category (Physical, Social, or Mental), distributing successes to a maximum of your Brewing Rating. Successes can be used to increase or to mitigate side effects and costs.

{Regeneration / Healing}
Roll:  Medicine + Brewing
Diff:  7
Does:  The concoction, when applied to wounds will either heal 1 additional Bashing (per 2 successes), or convert 1 Lethal to Bashing (per 2 successes) over the course of a day.