Animal Psi is the ability to communicate with animals. The more intelligent or trained the animal is, the easier it is to give commands. The psychic needs a clear line of sight to the animal in question and must make noises corresponding to the animal (i.e barking at a dog).

Price of Failure:  Misunderstandings are common among human to human communications. Trying with animals is even more difficult. A misunderstanding with a bear or a lion could get very nasty indeed. Or the bird you thought to command to watch someone for you warns them you are watching instead.

*OOOO = The psychic can read the basic intents and wants of the animal before them. The powers affect higher mammals.

**OOO = The psychic can give the animal an easy command for it to fulfill. The animal is under no obligation to do so. The psychic also gains an understanding of the mental state of the animal. The powers affect lower mammals.

***OO = The psychic gains an instinctive understanding of what the animal wants. They can communicate with several animals at once and or give a single animal a more complex command. The powers affect birds.

****O = The psychic can connect their mind with an animal, seeing through their eyes and using its senses as their won. They can see through their memories to witness past events and anticipate their instinctive reactions. Powers affect reptiles.

***** = The psychic can gains total control over an animal, allowing their mind to follow them while it does the task given to it. Powers affect all animals, with difficulties remaining in regards to fish and insects.

Cost:  None
Roll:  Perception + AnimalKen
Diff:  Level + 4
Need:  Line of Sight to Animal.
Does:  This power only allows for communication, but needs to be established for Commanding.

Cost:  1 Willpower
Roll:  Charisma + AnimalKen
Diff:  Level + 4
Need:  Communication Established with Animal
Does:  This powers allows the user to issue commands to the animal.