Romani Elements

While only some Romani practice Sorcery, all Romani in our setting get access to an Elemental Affinity.  The abilities of each are detailed below.

Air (Jhanaki):  These Rom glide through Gaje cities with ease.  They are often thieves, gamblers, or con-artists, relying on their wits and pure luck to reap what others have sown.  They may spend a point of Willpower to negate any one successful roll by an opponent (living or mechanical).  This power reflects the Rom’s ability to escape even the worst scrapes intact.

Earth (Dhartime):  Romani touched by this element are usually the backbone of the family.  These characters are especially skilled at manipulating devices and working at physical tasks.  In addition, such characters are adept at recognizing and manipulating patterns of all kinds.  At any time, they may spend a point of Willpower to heal or fix one level of damage.  This healing skill applies to both the living and machines, and reflects the Rom’s heightened ability to manipulate physical patterns.  It requires an entire turn.

Fire (Kuyan):  These Rom are always gifted warriors.  Throughout time those Rom marked by fire have fought to keep the ways of their people alive.  Spending a Willpower point allows them to ignore wound penalties, to include being Incapacitated.  They may continue to spend Willpower even after death to push themselves into getting one last strike before going down, though at the end of their action they are truly dead.

Water (Jastima):  These Rom are known for their mastery of both words and body.  Performers by nature, the cleverest tale spinners and most graceful acrobats often are those claimed by this element.  They can spend a Willpower point to either lower the effective Willpower of all Non-Romani listening to or watching them, or to tell a lie that seems like the truth even under careful scrutiny.

Spirit (Satarma):  Such Rom are the rarest of all claimed, known for their long memories and affinity for magic.  Many of these become the wise ones in their families.  By spending a Willpower point, they may increase their own magical powers by 1 for a scene to the maximum of 5.  This can be used multiple times to gain different magical powers.