Unless otherwise specified, all Invocations require the character spend 1 point of Halo to activate.

The element of air is both swift and cold.

Weakness: The more attuned to air an angel becomes, the more they prefer wide open spaces to enclosed ones, to the point of becoming phobic of constricting spaces. At level 3, the angel gains Phobia: Enclosed Spaces (1). At level 5, this raises to 2 points. For each point in the flaw, the character receives a dice penalty equal to that amount while trying to act in any space in which they cannot freely extend their arms or wings without touching anything.

Roll: No Roll
Duration: Combat Round
Description: This power grants the user an extra action for every point of air the character has. These actions can be used to attack or defend, but cannot be used to activate any other invocations.

Roll: Charisma + Air [diff 6 in storms, 7 clear skies, 8 indoors]
Duration: Instant
Description: This power causes lightning to strike the victim, even indoors or out of the blue. The potential damage caused by this effect is the # of successes times the character’s points in air. So a character with 3 in Air and 4 successes gets to roll 12 damage. This is typically Lethal, but considered Agg damage to Demons.

Roll: Dexterity + Air [diff 7]
Duration: *As rituals/spheres
Description: Upon activating this power, an angel becomes protected from harm by the air itself, which assists in deflecting and lessening blows coming at the Angel. For every point in air the angel has, they gain an automatic success to dodge. They still must make the attempt, spending an action or defense point to do so.

Numbing Cold
Roll: Stamina + Air [diff 7]
Duration: *debuff lasts approx 1 scene
Description: This bitterly cold wind saps the victim’s physical attributes from them, leaving them weakened or even helpless. This only works on living creatures/hosts and will not effect Vampires, Spirits, or Risen. Each success drains 1 physical attribute from the victim in the order of: Strength, Dexterity, Stamina. So 5 successes would drain 2 Strength, 2 Dexterity, and 1 Stamina from the target.