Auspex can be added to all Awareness rolls. Those with this power are hard to pin down, often sensing danger long before it reaches them.  It can also be used to perceive spirits, if the person has at least the ability to view auras.  With 3 or more successes, the vampire can see clearly enough to use other mental disciplines on what they can see. Note that this may open them up to dangers posed by the spirits as well.

!lifesight <character> <room> will give feedback to the user on each person logged into that room.  It only gives the most basic of feelings but it is usually enough to tell if someone is alive or otherwise.  This can also be used to notice the presence of ghosts and the like.

!detect <character> will search for and respond about whether a person’s presence is detected in that room.  This allows for them to notice obfuscated individuals, and sometimes even those hiding at the edges of other realms such as the Shadowlands or Umbra.  Note:  If the defender’s powers are higher level than the user’s Auspex, they will not be revealed.