Player Run Plots

With the addition of the NPC rolling system, I am going to reintroduce this concept to our game.

There are some guidelines.

1. No putting characters in Limbo. You should at least be able to finish out a scene to the point that characters are free to join other scenes. We are fairly in tune with everyones schedules by now. That being said, no “out of timeframe” scenes either, unless it is approved beforehand.

2. These are not “follow my character’s epic story as plot devices or support”. These are for everyone. Also, if there is to be some sort of possible reward (bonus xp, talisman, etc) it needs to be approved beforehand.

3. Be at least a little familiar with the bot commands. There is an NPC / ST command that will allow you to post via the Bot to channel as a Storyteller. Use this so that it doesn’t grant you XP for actions not done by your own characters. The NPC Tiered Dice will be helpful as well, if combat does arise you do not need stats for every goon and critter.

4. You do not need access to other peoples sheets. If you suspect someone is cheating, send a !request to the bot for us to look at it.

5. STs may play in your scene! They have PCs as well, and won’t use NPCs during that time except as backdrop if need be.