Magic Item Creation

Creating magical items is a daunting task, requiring a lot of work but the rewards are something that can potentially be passed down to future generations.

To begin, something that is to be infused with pure energy must be carefully crafted. To that end, only an item crafted at difficulty 8, with 25 successes per level of item to be infused. Speak with the Storytellers to determine the level of the item you wish to craft.

For the infusion, it depends on what the item does, but the base amount is 20 pure energy per level of item. So a level 4 item would require 80 points of energy to imbue.

Pure Energy Sources:

  • Quintessence (1/1)

  • Gnosis (1/1)

  • Willpower (1/1)

  • Human Bashing Levels (1/1)

  • Animal* Lethal Levels (1/1)

  • Human Lethal Levels (2/1)

  • Animal* Death (2/1)

  • Human Death (5/1)

  • Vitae (1/2)

  • Glamour (1/1)

  • Pathos (1/1)

  • Ask Storytellers about other possible sources.

  • *Some animals are worth more than others or not count at all…  mice vs a beloved dog or even a horse for example.


  • Deals Agg +20%

  • Only works in specific conditions -10 to 20%

  • Has to be recharged -10%

  • Has a cost to activate -10%

  • Each Sphere of a produced Effect +5%

  • Gift/Discipline/Etc Activation (per level) +5%