Health & Healing

Different types of characters get hurt and heal in different ways, but we are going to try and cover as much as we can here, along with explaining how tracking your character’s Health in the system works.

Everyone has the same system for setting their Health Stats. “!health-set (character) (number) (health trait)” will put this information into the bot’s system for your character. Example: !health-set ImaTest 12 Uninjured all the way to !health-set ImaTest 0 Dust/Ash Note: The numbers are done in descending order and work as a call for the bot’s code so they are important. What your Health Traits are exactly is determined by a number of factors including venue, and merits/flaws.

Here are some cheat codes for setting your health up quickly. If you have standard supernatural stats: “!health-standard (character)” will work. If you have the Huge Size Merit: “!health-hugesize (character)” will add in your extra bruised level. If you have Pain Tolerance: “!health-painmerit (character)” will adjust your wound penalties. And if you have the Low Pain Threshold Flaw: “!health-painflaw (character)” will adjust for that as well. If you have anything other than these, or a combination of these… you will have to set your Health manually.  Orpheus/Risen/Wraith can use !health-corpus (character) to set theirs up.

  • A standard character’s health traits in the code would look like the following (adjust as needed to fit your specifics):
  • 12 Uninjured
  • 11 Bruised
  • 10 Hurt
  • 9 Injured
  • 8 Wounded
  • 7 Mauled
  • 6 Crippled
  • 5 Incapacitated
  • 4 Broken / Scorched
  • 3 Crushed / Burned
  • 2 Dismembered / Incinerated
  • 1 Pulverized / Cremated
  • 0 Dust / Ash

Applying/Removing Damage: Some specifics on damage will be covered more in the Help Section for Combat. But applying damage is easy. “!bashing (character) (amount)“, “!lethal (character) (amount)“, and “!agg (character) (amount)” adjust the appropriate stats and apply your penalties automatically.

Healing Bashing: Mortals, Mages, and Ghouls naturally heal at the rate of 1/day without any kind of assistance. Ghouls may spend Vitae to heal, and Mages may use the Life Sphere (2+) without it being vulgar to hasten this process. Vampires heal with Vitae on a 1/1 basis, but have no Generation limit on how much of it they can heal in a round. Risen and Wraiths may spend Pathos to heal at a rate of 1/1.

Healing Lethal: Mortals, Mages, and Ghouls naturally heal at the rate of 1/week without assistance, though if terribly injured they are likely hospital bound for a while. Ghouls can spend Vitae to heal, and Mages can mend with vulgar magic using the Life Sphere (3+). Vampires can heal with Vitae at the rate of 1/1, but are limited on how much they can heal at one time by their Generation. Risen/Wraiths can spend Pathos to heal at a rate of 1/1.

Healing Aggravated: Mortals and Ghouls are generally screwed. There are some ways around this, but typically a true aggravated wound is permanent. Mages can attempt vulgar magic to restore that type of damage, but require Life 5 & Prime 2 to even make the attempt. Vampires can heal this more easily than most but it costs 5 Vitae and 1 Willpower per health level restored. Risen have to spend 1 Willpower, and 1 Pathos, as well as gain 1 Angst per level and must Slumber between healings.

Healing with Medicine: This method only works for living creatures. Only one attempt can be made on a person per incident. The one attempting to heal in this manner rolls Intelligence + Medicine + First Aid [diff 8] and this allows them to convert one Lethal to one Bashing for every two successes scored. OR it allows them to immediately treat the same number of Bashing levels to heal in hours instead of days, but they cannot apply both effects at once.

Healing with Life Sphere: This method only works on living creatures. Only one attempt can be made on a person per incident. This can be applied after a medicine attempt has already been made, allowing magic to do what could not be healed normally.

Healing with Matter: This method only works on non-living things. It works in the same manner as Life, except it will mend the patterns of corpses of all types. To heal aggravated wounds it requires only Matter 3 + Prime 2 but like the other methods it can only be attempted once per incident. Healing Risen can also be done with Matter, but also requires Spirit 2.

Healing with Vicissitude: Can be used on anything with a body, living or dead. This can be used to treat Aggravated wounds. It is dangerous, more so to humans than vampires or risen, but it is possible. The one doing the healing needs to have at least the third level of this discipline, regardless of what is being healed. If the being is not alive: Dexterity + Crafts + Fleshcrafting [diff 8] with one wound being healed for every two successes. However, each 1 on the roll (successful or not) inflicts a non-soakable level of Lethal during the process and may kill the target if the fleshcrafter is not careful. It is worse for living creatures: As above, but the would-be healer must also make an Intelligence + Medicine + Biology or Anatomy [diff 8] to have everything hooked up right or else the target will suffer one level of unsoakable lethal damage per day until they either are recrafted, or they die.

*per incident: Typically means that unless the subject is injured again, another attempt of this type cannot be made. The STs will determine what qualifies as a new incident of damage.