Experience Points

Here we’ll be discussing Experience Points. How they are awarded and how to spend them to reflect the growth of your characters in power and knowledge.

The easiest way to gain XP is just to go into one of the IC channels and RP with someone with an approved character. The system tracks what you write, and awards you XP for general RP.  The more descriptive you are, the more you gain.

XP is tracked by both Character & Player.  Player (or “Bonus”) XP can be applied to any character, while Character XP is specific only to that Character.  The system will notify you upon joining if you have any XP unspent, and you can check it yourself at any time using “!xp” and “!xp <character>” as well.

XP is gained more slowly by more powerful characters.  (Using the Karma to buy additional freebies doesn’t trigger this).  For every 50 past the first (spent + gained), it slows down the rate at which you gain XP from posts.  So a character with 250 XP gains XP much more slowly than a character with 0-50 XP.

The Storytellers also have a command for handing out XP manually. “!award <player> <xp>” is used to give or dock XP from a player as a punishment.  Players can assign XP from themselves to a specific Character with “!give-xp <character> <amount>“.

Most things can be learned via Watcher’s “!raise <character> <section> <item>” command.  Anything that can’t be learned with that or that has a special cost for some reason for that particular character you may use “!request <message>” to request an ST manually handle the spend.

Adjusted Experience Point Chart

NOTE:  Some of this is off at the moment, or being worked on.  You can use “!cost2raise” via Watcher to see his actual current list.

CR = Current Rating
NR = New Rating

  • Attributes = CR x4
  • Abilities = CR x2
  • New Primary Ability = 3
  • Clan Disciplines = CR x5
  • Other Disciplines = CR x7
  • Secondary Paths of Thaumaturgy = CR x6
  • New Discipline = 10
  • New Path of Thaumaturgy = 7
  • Backgrounds = NR x3
  • Secondary Abilities = NR x1
  • Virtues = CR x2
  • Path Rating = CR x1
  • Willpower, Rage, Gnosis, Glamour = CR x2
  • Sorcery Path (Hedge Magic) = NR x5
  • Arete = CR x10
  • New Sphere = 10
  • Sphere (Affinity) = CR x7
  • Other Spheres = CR x8
  • *New Discipline (Ghoul/Revenant) = 20
  • *Family/Clan Discipline (Ghoul/Revenant) = CR x10
  • *Other Discipline (Ghoul/Revenant) = CR x15
  • Edges (Within Creed) = Level x3*
  • Edges (Within Primary Grace) = Level x4*
  • Edges (All Others) = Level x5*
  • Gifts (B/A/T) = Level x3
  • Other Gifts = Level x5
  • ALL Rituals (Sorcery, Thaumaturgy, Necromancy) = Level x2

*Ghouls & Revenants have to use ” !request <message> ” to raise Disciplines.

*Caitiff/Pander get all Disciplines at x6

*Combo Disciplines each have an individual cost that will be listed in the description.

*Edge maximum level is determined by your overall Grace score for whatever the related Grace is. Level 1 = Grace of 1, Level 2 = Grace of 3, Level 3 = Grace of 6, Level 4 = Grace of 10, Level 5 = (Special**)  Grace is gained like Renown for Shifters, not bought with XP.