Flaws (S)

Short  –  ( Any )  –  [ 1 ]  –  You are well below average height, standing 4’6 (1.5 meters) or less.  You have difficulty reaching or manipulating objects designed for a typical-sized adult and your running speed is one-half that of an average-sized human.

Slow Healing  –  ( Vampire )  –  [ 3 ]  –  You have difficulty healing wounds.  It requires 2 blood points to heal one health level of bashing or lethal damage, and you heal one health level of aggravated damage every 5 days (plus the usual 5 blood points and Willpower expenditure).

Smell of the Grave  –  ( Vampire, Risen )  –  [ 1 ]  –  You exude an odor of dampness and newly turned earth, which no amount of scents or perfumes will cover.  Mortals in your immediate presence become uncomfortable, so the difficulties of all Social rolls to affect mortals increase by 1.