Venue:  Amenti, Changelings, Nephilim, (Some Others by Merit)

The time it takes you to reform your body and return to the physical world if destroyed. There may be secondary conditions, such as spends and rolls involved.

For Amenti this replaces Ba (or Samapa) in order to get everything under one single name in the system.  An Amenti gets one death ‘for free’ and then subsequent deaths in a year force a cost of either 1 Permanent Sekhem or 1 Permanent Willpower to even make the attempt to regenerate.  The roll to regenerate is the opposite of what was spent (either Willpower or Sekhem + Immortality) and each success heals a wound level of damage.  You only get back up if that heals you to above DEAD.  If you fail, you may attempt again in half the time, but the healed levels remain as long as your body is not re-damaged somehow.  During this time, the Amenti also faces Judgement and may not be allowed to return if they are deemed unworthy.

Changeling souls come from Arcadia, and inhabit an infant, allowing them to move around freely outside of the Umbra as they grow in human form.  Until the ‘natural’ death of their human body (thus freeing the human soul that connects them to the physical world from their own), they can attempt to regenerate rather than reincarnate.  To attempt to regenerate costs either 1 Permanent Glamour or 1 Permanent Willpower, and then the opposite is rolled along with Immortality to heal the damaged body to Incapacitated or above.  If this is not accomplished, the Changeling may make a more attempts (still spending Willpower or Glamour) in half the normal time.

Nephilim of various types are the crossbreeding result of Humans with their Angelic type.  In order to fulfill their Purpose, they may regenerate their forms after death.  Like Amenti, they are Judged upon death and so if found unworthy may not attempt to return.  If they do return, they must spend either 1 Permanent Willpower or 1 Permanent Halo, and then roll the other + Immortality to heal damage until they are at Incapacitated or better.  Additional rolls may be needed, and can be made in half the original time.

Immortality Merit can be purchased by Mages or Mortals for 5 points.  In the case of Mages they may use Arete or Willpower.  In the case of Mortals only Willpower is used to attempt resurrection.  The roll is made the same way as the others, adding this background to the dice pool and healing levels of damage beyond death until back at Incapacitated or above.  Embracing someone with this Merit does not allow it to carry over, and it is gone.

The time before you can make your first attempt at reforming are as follows:

  • 0 = 1 Year
  • 1 = 6 Months
  • 2 = 3 Months
  • 3 = 1 Month
  • 4 = 1 Week
  • 5 = 3 Days