Group Backgrounds

Note:  This is a background which can be pooled by several people and is far more effective that way.

  • Caern  =  Shifters
  • Chantry  =  Mages, Tremere, possibly Nephilim or Arcanum
  • Haunt  =  Wraiths
  • Haven  =  Vampires
  • Freehold  =  Changelings

This background has several additional parts, each one bought into separately.  For example:  You might have OHM-Chantry(Arcane) 2, and OHM-Chantry(Security) 3.  Each as it’s own background on your sheet.  Each part of the background has it’s own purpose.

  • Arcane  =  Hidden Location.
  • Arsenal  =  Mundane weaponry.
  • Artifacts  =  Access to ‘magical’ items.
  • Library  =  Access to knowledge.  Doesn’t have to be books, but usually.
  • Retainers  =  Servants.  (Represents Kinfolk on site for Shifters.)
  • Security  =  Mundane defenses.
  • Source  =  Power in the form of a Node or similar.
  • Warding  =  Magical defenses.  (Represents Totem guardian for Shifters.)