NOTE:  Costs double for Caitiff.

NOTE:  This Trait cannot be raised with XP.

Venue:  Vampire

The potency of your blood.  Vampires of all sects begin at 13th generation, and each point taken reduces that by 1 point.  So 5 points in Generation = 8th to start.

Vampires of lower generation have more blood to spend and can spend it faster than those of higher generation.  They are also much harder to Dominate, or modify permanently with Vicissitude.

Downsides to lower generation are that if you fall into Torpor from blood loss or damage, you can only be forcibly awakened by drinking a point of blood a generation lower than your own.  Otherwise you must wait until your Path Rating would allow you to awaken naturally.

Lower Generation may be more important for Camarilla or certain Independent characters than for Sabbat, since the Sabbat do not have any laws prohibiting Diablerie, and in fact are known to seek it out to strengthen themselves.