Addict:  You are hooked on something or someone.

Architect:  You build a better future.

Autocrat:  You need control.

Avant-Garde:  You crave the new and exciting.

Barbarian:  Civilization is the crutch of the weak.

Bon Vivant:  Existence is for pleasure.

Bravo:  Strength is all that matters.

Bumpkin:  Common sense and practical wisdom are best.

Bureaucrat:  Rules keep the world from collasping into chaos.

Caregiver:  You are a wellspring of compassion.

Celebrant:  You exist for your own passion.

Child:  You need others to take care of you.

Competitor:  You strive to be the best.

Conformist:  You follow and assist.

Conniver:  Brains over brawn.

Critic:  Pointing out flaws makes it possible to correct them.

Curmudgeon:  Nothing is worthwhile.

Dabbler:  Easily distracted by new ideas and rarely finishing any one thing.

Defender:  You stand guard over that for which you care.

Deviant:  You exist for no one’s pleasure but your own.

Director:  You oversee what must be done.

Dreamer:  You aspire to lofty heights.

Explorer:  Life is a never-ending adventure.

Fanatic:  The cause is all that matters.

Follower:  You look for someone else to take charge.

Gambler:  You play the odds in all things.

Gallant:  You seek to be the center of attention.

Grotesque:  You delight in disgusting others.

Judge:  Balance, truth, and justice are your quests.

Leader:  When you speak, you expect others to listen.

Loner:  You go your own way.

Martyr:  You suffer for a greater good.

Masochist:  You test your limits every day.

Mediator:  You always try to reach an agreement.

Mentor:  You try to teach others.

Monster:  You are damned, so you may as well act like it.

Pedagogue:  You save others through knowledge.

Penitent:  You seek to atone for past acts.

Perfectionist:  Nothing is ever good enough.

Rake:  Reveling in the public display of the illicit, the forbidden, or disgraceful.

Rebel:  You follow no one’s rules but your own.

Riddler:  The truth is best obscured.

Rogue:  Those who can, win; those who can’t, lose. You can.

Scientist:  Any problem can be solved with logic and deduction.

Socialite:  The social whirl is both a battlefield and a workshop.

Survivor:  You withstand anything the universe throws at you.

Thrillseeker:  Life is not worth living unless it’s on the edge.

Traditionalist:  Tried and true is the best way.

Trickster:  Laughter eases the pain.

Visionary:  You see the world for what it could be, rather than what it is.

Wretch:  You are worthless.