House Rules

Here we will be listing the rules specific to our setting and which override anything from the books.  A lot of things had to be altered or tweaked to fit into the setting and to balance certain aspects of crossover.

This will be updated as needed as well, but we will try to leave rules set as possible unless an unforeseen issue arises and not simply change them on the fly.

The Aeons Team!

  • Storytellers are Nox, Death, Kaius & ???.
  • Coders are Nox, Kaius, and Daedalus
  • Website Admins/Editors are Nox & Death


There are a few things to read here so you can submit your character sheet and hop into things quicker. If you need any assistance with any of these directions, feel free to ask in the OOC channel #Aeons_OOC.

  1. Sheet Formats: Using !character will open up the character creation system, and allow you to make and submit a character for play.
  2. Venue Sections: Whatever Venue we have available has a category above for you to read through. Within each section, whether you may desire to play a Vampire, Mage, Were-being, Mummy or Wraith, there is info provided there to make your life easier and to give you a taste of the RP here. Down below this post, there are house rules that are provided for all venues.
  3. The Scary Bot: We have a bot in this game that does a lot of the work for us when it comes to figuring out all that math and stuff. We use it to store sheets and to give it commands to make combat easier, to read auras and it even keeps track of blood points. It may seem intimidating at first but it really does make our lives easier around here.

OOC should be kept to the OOC channel. Worst case, use /me when in an IC room so that Watcher does not log that part.

There may be Character on Character violence, racial slurs, bad language in general, and nasty things said about and done to whomever… in character. OOC we won’t tolerate people harassing others in channel or private chat. All of that being said, the content we deal with is of a mature nature and all Players should be adults.

Don’t argue hypothetical situations in OOC.  Try something IC, deal with the consequences.  We don’t need things blowing up around “Well my character would say this and do this…”  just fucking RP, you at least get the XP that way.

Some PVP is gonna happen via RP, but without any provocation you could find yourself docked XP and Karma (same as metagaming), or even have your scene nixed as invalid if STs were not available.

Character Considerations…

While we’re not banning certain types of characters that are super antagonistic above the call of duty, anything that makes you blatantly look like an Infernalist is a pretty bad idea about now, considering the current metaplots. You also may not want to write a character up that is totally socially inept so that it has no allies at all. If the character isolates itself, it’s either not going to get much action or it’s going to wind up in a bad place and have no one around who will care.


No Willpower above 7 is permitted at creation, regardless of what your character is.

Min-Max Characters

We will not accept characters that are min-maxed. By this, we mean no more than 2 things may be listed at 4 dots. This includes your Attributes, which if you are a non-mortal, you will have 1 dot here regardless. Nothing should be at a 5 without an epic concept that really gives a solid reason.