Secondary Abilities

Anything not posted here but that the STs allow (usually anything from the 2nd Edition Players Guide qualifies as a specialization trait) defaults to the +1 die.  Thank you.  There are a lot of these I am allowing that I just have not added yet.  If you are curious, ask.

I am going to be allowing some Secondary Abilities into the game, each with different effects.  I will start gathering up a master list here along with how they are being handled in game.

These cost 1 freebie per point during creation, nothing over 2 to start.

I am likely going to replace Specializations with this system.  I feel like the specializations get abused quite often and these allow for much the same thing, but require some point expenditure beyond jacking up a trait, as well as having specific rules for each and how it applies.

Also, (IF) you have multiple traits that would overlap, use only the highest.  They do not stack.

[Fast Draw]
Adds directly to the Character’s Initiative, but only on the first round of combat.

[Lore:  Specific]
Vampire, Werewolf, Faerie, Umbral, Ghost, Etc

[Natural Weaponry]
You are skilled at using your claws/fangs/horns/etc in combat situations.

This only applies while using claws, fangs, etc. Not for tackles, or holds, punches, kicks, etc.

Knowing where to look and being able to quickly sort out the information needed from the piles not needed isn’t easy.  This ability assists those looking for knowledge of any sort.

You are an expert at locating food and shelter, and occasionally things of value in even the most inhospitable of places.

Put simply, tactics is giving yourself an advantage. Because it requires critical thinking, this trait can never be higher than your Int rating.

Each dot in this trait gives the character a free floating extra die for use anywhere the player sees fit. But once used for the day, it is gone until the character can rest for a full 8 hours (as per regaining willpower).

You are good at handling things that explode, from fireworks to bombs.

[Style Shooting]
Each dot in this adds to the dice for your split dice pool when performing trick shooting such as “fanning” and using two guns at the same time.

Sometimes, you just want to knock someone down or keep at least keep from killing them. This trait represents training in these types of moves.

Aids in Survival based rolls to track a target whether that is animal, human, or otherwise.

You are a master of Vicissitude (or perhaps Moliate for Wraiths).

You are a whiz at throwing things, from frisbees to daggers, you rarely miss your mark.

You can wield a bow or crossbow with efficiency and no penalty.

You can swim and dive fast or swim for a long time.


[Blind Fighting]
You can fight in the dark. You must be able to hear and feel sensations of touch to be able to do this. You can only use this for ‘Brawling’ or ‘Melee’ with nothing larger than a knife.

[Advanced Medicine]
This would apply to a specific area of knowledge in medicine that a character would have, such as Hematology, Pathology, Neurology, Endocrinology, Brain Surgery, Plastic Surgery, Dentistry, etc.
[Science Degrees]
Science encompasses many things and having a general understanding is great.  However, there are secondary skills to be had such as: Anthropology, Archaeology, Biology, Botany, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Physics and Nuclear Physics.
When you really are good at getting out of circumstances and escaping simply by being faster and having more endurance than those who pursue you.

Hearth Wisdom: Yours is the common wisdom, frequently overlooked in today’s high-tech world. Such knowledge involves tales and lore filled with forgotten insights, simple cures, and home-spun good sense.

Acrobatics: You are a trained tumbler and acrobat able
to perform feats of agility far beyond the
capabilities of an untrained character.

Animal Training: You are able to train animals to obey
commands and possibly perform tricks or other feats.

Area Knowledge: You are familiar with an area — it’s landscape, history, inhabitants, and politics.

Camouflage: You can change your appearence through a
mixture of clothing, makeup, and movement to render
you difficult to spot in a variety of different

Carousing: This is the ability to have a good time at
a party or other social occasion while making sure
others around you are having a good time as well.

Climbing: You can climb mountains and/or walls and
seldom have any fear of falling.

Computer Hacking: Hacking is used instead of the
Computer Knowledge when the user is breaking into
another computer system or trying to manipulate data
in real time.

Crafts (By Type): Each type of material you can work
must be bought seperately. [Cooking, Carpentry,
Blacksmithing, Leatherworking, Jewelry,
Brewing/Distillery, Glassworking, Stonemasonry]

Cryptography: You may skillfully compose and interpret
codes and ciphers.

Dancing: You are a proficient dancer, and may perform
socially of for the entertainment of others.

Diplomacy: You have the ability to handle

Disguise: You can change your appearance — and even
make yourself look like another specific person —
through the use of clothes and makeup.

Dreamcraft: You are the master of your own dreams and

Escapology: You are skilled in various techniques that
enable you to escape from bonds and restraints.

Fast-Talk: This skill allows you to convince someone
of something using a sincere expression and an
avalanche of words rather than reasoned debate and

First Aid: This skill allows a character to give basic
medical attention to another character.

Fortune Telling: You may or may not have the gift to
tell accurate fortunes, but you can make people
believe you do.

Gambling: You are adept at one or more games of
chance, and can play without too much risk of losing

Gunsmithing: You can repair firearms and produce
ammunition for a variety of different guns.

Heavy Weapons: You have the ability to operate heavy
weapons of all varieties — anything from an M60 heavy
machine gun to a Dragon anti-tank weapon.

Herbalism: You have a working knowledge of herbs and
their properties, medicinal and otherwise.

High Ritual: High Ritual involves consummate
showmanship, capturing the participants’ attention and
focusing their will, belief, and emotion on the
particular task at hand. (Weddings and Funerals are
examples of High Rituals).

History: You’ve studied the history of a specific area
or period, and you understand what happened, when,
why, and who was involved.

Hunting: You are skilled at finding and killing
animals for food or sport.

Hypnotism: You can place a subject into a trance and
use hypnotism to gather information or treat
psychiatric problems.

Instruction: You have a talent for passing on
information and skills to others.

Interrogation: You are able to extract information
from people by fair means or foul.

Intrigue: You know the finer points of plotting and
deal-making in the halls of power.

Lockpicking: You are able to open locks without the
correct key or the right combination.

Metaphysics (By Type): Each type of Metaphysics must
be purchased as a seperate listing. The sciences that
fall under this rubric represent fields of learning
related to the Western occult tradition. These
disciplines supposedly contain clues to the mysteries
of the universe. [Alchemy, Astrology, Gematria,
Numerology, Sacred Geometry]  As an alternative:  Metaphysics can replace Cosmology for Mages.

Mimicry: You have a versitile voice and can imitate
accents, people, and some other sounds.

Misdirection: Misdirection deals with distracting
people from what you are trying to do.

Mythology: You know the tales of heroes and gods, as
well as a great many fairy tales.

Pilot: You can operate a flying machine.

Poisons: You have a working knowledge of poisons,
their effects, and antidotes.

Psychoanalysis: You are skilled in diagnosing and
treating mental ailments without resorting to the use
of behavior-altering drugs.

Psychology: You have a formal education in the science
of human nature.

Research: You know where and how to dig up

Ride: You can climb onto a riding animal and stand a
good chance of getting where you want to go without
falling off, being thrown, or having anything else
unpleasent happen to you.

Scan: You are practiced at noticing small details and
changes in the environment when you purposely look at
or listen to whatever is going on around you.

Search: You know how best to go about looking for
someone or something in a small area where you can
concentrate your perceptions.

Seduction: You know how to lure, attract, and command
the attention of others in a sexual manner.

Sense Deception: Over the years, you have developed
the ability to know instinctively when people are not
telling you the truth or not telling you the whole

Singing: You can sing over a wide range and use a
variety of styles and techniques.

Speed Reading: Through practice, you have developed
the ability to read and absorb large quantities of
written material in a short time.

Style: You may not have been born good-looking, or
possessed of a natural charm, but you know how to
dress and make the most of your appearance.

Swimming: You can keep yourself afloat, at the very

Theology: Religion is a familiar aspect of human
endeavor for you, and you fully understand it’s place
in the world.

Torture: You know how to inflict pain.

Tracking: You can identify the trail of an animal or
person and follow it under most conditions.

Traps: You know how to set various types of traps
according to the type of game you want to catch.

Ventriloquism: You have the ability to throw your
voice, making it appear to come from somewhere else.