Character Creation

All character creation is to be done via commands sent to Watcher, who tracks points and spends and handles submission for approval.

  1. Register a Nickname:  If this is your first character, please register your nickname on IRC. You will need a solid nick so that the bot can give you XP (experience points).  To register your nick, be in the nick you wish and then type into your status window: /nickserv register password email. Example: /nickserv register fluffykitty42
  2. Give us Some History: A short bio can be included, from about a paragraph to a page (but don’t over-do it).  Just as long as it makes sense.  Be careful using a lot of canon history from Revised or V20, because we are using our own timeline, events, and some NPCs and so it may not mesh.  What happens in channel is far more important.  We have active STs, let them ST.
  3. DO NOT BRING IN A CHARACTER YOU PLAY IN ANOTHER CHANNEL.  It just causes waaaay too many issues because our lore and our rules even do not entirely mesh with other channels.  Be original.  Please.

Email for Bios:
The Character Bios can include history, pictures, and music choices for the character and they should be emailed to ( ).

You CAN make characters alongside friends and come in together as a group!  Mix your backgrounds up and have them already know each other.  That is perfectly acceptable.

For each character submitted after the first, a 10 Karma (per active character currently) charge will be applied.  So if you have 4 characters, it will cost 40 Karma to submit a 5th.  Adopted characters cost no karma, but will count as active for you.