Mike tosses the plague doctor outfit off and moves over to the bars on the Main floor area’s Inspecting the stock and ice. Why he had no clue,I suppose some might try and drink or load a vessel up . I mean I guess Having been part of the Byobd Club a few times Getting your esscorts loaded was not above the Par-Course. Shifting his head to his shoulders half in and half out. He twists a Syringe out his back Pocket and looks at the small

amount He has left and moves to the Pool house Putting it away as he looks at the other servants cleaning up and Getting things ready for the next night.

Abequa stalks out carefully from Patrick’s room and into the main rooms, careful as she moves around to avoid any places where sunlight might be coming in. She grumpily eyes the kitchen and the window in that room with a frown, growling and moving the other way, startling a couple of servants not expecting one of them to be awake. “So noisy… so many people.”

Mike goes in the Pool house grabbing his Small bag out the Coat room in there Going back inside looking around for a small room to Hide off in He sits Down Starts going through his bag taking a fresh shirt out Placing the Compact 44 magnums down next to the old colt revolver. He keeps going through his bag looking over the Items taking some stuff out shower things and grabs his toothbrush finding a sink to go wash up his face and Brush

his teeth. Half exhausted sleep has not been on his agenda..”He leans Out the Door startled at the small Woman and takes the toothbrush out his mouth “Ya’ll shut the fuck and go on..get.Christ sake..”Keeping a eye on abequa slowly brushing his teeth in the hallway. Moving back a few steps to give her room.”You..Alright something wake you?..”

Abequa nods a little bit and watches him brushing his teeth, somewhat groggy, and looks at some of the others. “Noise. I wake up sometimes anyway, gift from Quetzacoatyl I suppose, though I still can’t go near the light.”, she yawns a bit with her little fangs showing. “I wanted a coffee but I can’t get in the kitchen cause of the sun.”

MiKe takes the toothbrush out his mouth “what you want in it? I’ll get it for you?”He puts his tooth brush up and rinses his mouth out.”Anything special Just coffee and cream ?” Still trying to figure out why the little Woman wants coffee but having had served her drinks before why not coffee. “You want me to just shut the steel shutters and take you in here I can Just bring it in too You it be easier for you.

Abequa blinks a little at him and looks in the direction of the kitchen. “Yes. That’s okay just bring me some here and I’ll take it back to the room. I don’t like being where someone might accidentally open a window. Cream and there is some vanilla syrup that makes it good.”, she says with a nod and moves to where she can watch him in the kitchen.

Mike walks down pulling his suspenders up and Fixes her a big Cup of coffee and putting her additives she asked for rather quick in there and grabs a metal krauft filling it up Grabbing the creamer and thing walking back over to her. “Here ya go..I got all the stuff you gonna need to make more those dumb asses can make more coffee. You want me to set this stuff by the door so you can take it back to your room?

Abequa nods to him and happily takes the cup and starts to move back toward Patrick’s room. “I need to remember to ask for a mini fridge and coffee pot.”, she grins at him. “Thank you, mister.”

Mike nods to her setting the things down by the door. “I’ll give the message on to someone to get that handled for you. “He leans up smiling “Your very welcome. Anything else? Or you set? I told them to shut the hell up while they are working .”

Abequa sips the coffee and shakes her head. “Nope. Thank you. I am gonna go drink this and go back to sleep for a while.”, and with that she takes everything into Patrick’s room and only gets about halfway though the cup before she curls up next to him and goes back to sleep.

Mike Blinks and goes into the bathroom..”Not weird at all..He stares in the mirror and scrubs his Face down and starts to Razor up fast , combing his hair . He collects his things and moves down into the living Room drinking a Redbull with vodka watching the sun slip away listening to a song off in his head slowly whispering as the sky starts to darken. Both hand guns going into his shoulder harness dropping his suspenders as he does such

speed loaders going into place alongside the two guns. Drink going up to his lips .”Here we go..”(( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W2apXO0RXYo))

Currently the scene is: Great-Room at Pennington-estate in Baton-Rouge and it is Dusk ( Walking with Saints. )

Abequa wakes back up before dark and takes that time to get a shower and clean up her mess a little bit. Singing to herself and letting her voice carry through the building on it’s own as if she were walking about it’s halls.

Mike tips His Head as he slams the last of the Drink down His hatch. “Fuck is that..”He looks over his shoulder..”He moves down the hallway stopping at that door.”Nope fuck that and add some salsa..Nope happening.”He steps back from the Door and shakes his head”straight up Nope nopity nope” He backs down the stairs looking for his shirt to go over his A style t shirt “Son of bitch you retards ..I am gonna murder a dick face..”He starts

looking around the room and leans over the bar..”God damn it ..

Abequa finishes up her shower and gets dressed in her punk rocker outfit Patrick helped pick out with ripped jeans and authentic bloodstains, and shirt with the little frill at the bottom so it’s just a hint of girly. She continues to sing as she brushes her hair and then cautiously makes her way back out into the house proper, sure now that the sunlight is gone and it is safe.

Mike Looks under the chairs and Leans into a Hall closet moving out the way as half drained zantosa hits the Floor His boot Kicking it once to move.”God damn it move..Hate th..what size shirt you were..Gross never mind that smells like Rum , Vomit and Good over powering shame..wait that’s axe..”He shoves them down the stairs “Guys some one stuffed Ben in the fucking closet ..Can we hunh? Guest here in a few..”He keeps looking for a shirt

as the other servants Drag Ben off.Shutting the closet door he sees abequa “ha I knew that was you..I saw you playing a few times.”He grins trying to make himself think of a way to get out of her range of attention ..Seriously considering Winging a Servant in the knees before trying to Loose her line of sight on him.”You good?”

Abequa wrinkles her nose and stops signing, though the other voice seems to carry on for a couple of moments longer before it cuts off as well. “He smells like gross.”, she says and looks around. “I am good. Not going to eat you, or anyone else. I don’t let you see me when I do that.”, she flashes him a fanged grin and then heads into the main area, just creeping around and exploring.

Mike Smiles to her”Good thank you..not that I mind..just umm,I am a little tipsy and well You know how that works. ” He doesn’t really want the mental picture of a small rock star pulling a Motley Crue feeding feast out of no where on him. So he steps back and lets sigh out the white t-shirt will have to do for tonight. Just have to Keep that shit in mind behind the bar .

Abequa bops her little head as she walks around, music playing in her head as she goes through what she wants to share with people tonight. There were so many new people.

Mike nods to the others Opening the ball room open. having had heard what was going on in there the other night..Not exactly sure he wants to tend bar in that room tonight.”Mistress,Abequa I think that Huge Black victorian stage is for you all tonight..”He points to the ballroom as give the hall a once more over. Looking at the closet and making a face opening it finding a Shirt just a white one tad bit tight he cheers. taking his

holsters off as he changes into it putting the weapons back into place. Drawing the suspenders up.

Abequa looks back to Mike, then to the stage and grins a bit, moving around to explore it. Admiring all the artwork as she walks around slowly, taking in everything. She calls out a couple of times, listening to the echo, and then calling out again as she tunes herself into the room.

Mike steps in and shifts his shoulders slipping behind the Observation platform nodding up to abequa as he goes up the stairs to the elevated lounge .”Once more so I can hear you up here..Sounds great down there.”He moves the things around the VIP area bar looking at the small fortune of vintages “Holy fuck..someone set their ass out to impress..”He nods back at the stage “Sing it too me! I am ready.

Abequa grins a bit at him and nods, climbing up onto the stage so that the sound will move properly without adding anything to it. Then she starts to sing, just testing out the way it sounds in the room.

Mike Gives her a thumbs up From the observation Stage Clapping a few times Slicing the lemons limes, and other additives to drinks For the night throwing the rest in the freezer for the night and slicing the last lime down Squeezing it into a shot of tequila Bouncing it back down his throat

Abequa wasn’t totally sure about the sound but she could amp herself up during anyway… maybe she should go poke someone that had that ability to make people pay more attention to her…

Mike Jumps over the bar and lands down on the floor “Hey You sound good..your gonna kill this.”

Abequa nos a little bit and goes back to looking at the artwork. “It is different when it is for us than when I just do it out there.”

Mike nods to her understanding the need to perform your best. “You want to rock the fuck out them so they talk about it for decades..I so get that..I know also that it helps smash it in peoples faces that you dislike, out showing them.

Abequa nods a little bit. “Uh-huh. They said I wouldn’t be as good at this if I was Assamite. But I am good at it.”

Mike looks to her”I know how that goes..bullshit stereotypes. But thats a advantage they dont expect it and then Boom your out gunning them because they think your gonna fall on your ass because you should fit their idea of who and what you are..exposed to a weakness ..well its not your weakness and never way its a strength then they are staring at you in terror cause thats not how it worked out in their little plan ..Your good.You got

this shit.

Abequa nods again and glances around the room. “Thank you for earlier today. I was sleepy but I remember.”

Mike Nods to her”I get hangovers like that some nights depending where I ve Been “He nods to her looks to the stage then back at her . “You are welcome,It should be quiet later this weekend maybe..Its loud with them all moving around

Abequa looks around and walks to the edge of the stage to sit down. “Yeah. It’s okay. I know they all go back… then later we are gonna go visit them too in the snow.”

Mike nods to her lighting a cigarette and chuckles “Man snow is fun if you get a chance get a snow mobile ride..or boost one..they work like motorcycles for snow and they take off like crazy they are fun as hell Like jet ski’s they shoot off around the water really fast..

Abequa blinks and looks back to him. “They make water motorcycles? And snow ones? Oooooh! I need to find Patrick!”, she bolts straight up and vanishes as she dives into the dark near the exit and goes looking for him.

Mike blinks”what t..oh shit…what did I just do..”

Abequa heads down the hall around people and toward where Patrick was still when she got up, peeking her head in his door. “Patrick!”

Patrick sits up and blinks “Ugh..yeeeeees”He looks around sitting up. “Whats up abby?

Abequa runs in and tackles him. “I just learned there are motorcycles for the water and the snow! We should do that!”

PAtrick falls back looking up to her Blinking”Jet skis..think the others are snow..hell yes we should..that be a fun game to do later with everyone Jet the river .”He laughs..”Play tag on them abby your smart as hell!! “He stretches his arms and makes a face . “I got to eat, Before everyone gets here. “He sits up putting his tee shirt nudging his head off her growling “I should have last night..

Abequa laughs and leans down to nuzzle his face before climbing off of him and nodding. “That’ll be great! Yes, go and eat… I am going to go back out and wait for people to get here or come out.”

Patrick wanders around holding his head”well that one lied..My face is numb..ugh”he rubs his head chuckling. “I think my feed work..sort of..what we doing ?jet skis? I keep thinking we were gonna get jet skis..or that later..damn that guy was toasty ..Hey hey if I drink someone who has had alot of coffee you think it fix me ?

patrick laughs a little loud”i doubt it ..ya know thats bullshit right? coffee doesnt sober you up makes you pee alot.

Abequa laughs a little bit and watches him. “I could bite you and drink some and then you bite someone else and maybe it would even out?”

<Sascha> walks in and almost immediately changes direction on that particular note.

Patrick shakes his head “I can handle my booze ..I am Irish..and i mean then you be drunk and you got a show remember what happened lasting you were drunk as hell..that was fun but ugh you wouldn’t sing as good..see I am sober enough..sort of maybe

<Sascha> chuckles a little and looks to him. “Pretty sure someone has a ritual for that that could hit you with.”

Patrick laughs “you know happen to the last assamite that said sure to that plan ” He starts cracking up .”Its not like I am a mean drunk.

<Sascha> smiles a little and growls to him, nodding before slowly having a look around. “True enough.”

Patrick laughs “Oh come on you two know me better then to be a asshole Drunk as fuck..granted I might say some stupid ass shit now and again but i mean fuck em if they cant take a joke

Abequa nods a little bit and laughs then goes back to the stage room. “Gavin is late… he better not be too late. I will eat him.”

Patrick laughs “Your gonna toreador drunk..that sucks more and more as the night goes on you all stupid stary eyed and bump into things

<Sascha> “I am sure he’ll be along… he is a bit of a mess when it comes to getting ready.”, she chuckles and then walks around a bit to look at the decorations.

Patrick Leans on the wall and slips a little catching himself stiffing a laugh “Maybe ..wow, either I am jack hammered you changed up your face..sorry took me a bit to realize..I am drunk as fuck

<Sascha> nods to Patrick and smiles a little. “Yeah, I changed for the party. And yes you are.”

Patrick laughs “I am drunk as Hell..” he smiles to her”I wont throw a dart in anyone’s forehead and start a bar brawl.

Abequa laughs. “but we are getting jet skis!”

Currently the scene is: Great-Room at Pennington in Baton-Rouge and it is Night ( Palla Grande )

<Sascha> chuckles a little bit, shaking her head. “Noted.”

Patrick looks outside and frowns”I can do magic shit I just dont have that one..wait we moved on from this subject..But yeah I am earthy type magic stuff Not ..THAT earthy dont glare at me sascha..But its like trees and plants and stuff..Abby we should get those tomorrow and go jet ski.

<Ghost> looks.. perplexed… at the group. He was dressed up again for the evening, and early this night. He walks into the room quietly and without fanfare, not with any magic but it’s easy enough to overlook him. He winds his way about the crouds; listening, but not commenting much. He at last sees Sascha and Patrick and walks toward the pair.

Abequa grins and goes to climb up ont he stage. “I am gonna go warm up while people get here.”

<Sascha> nods a little bit to Patrick. “It’s fine. I didn’t say anything…”, she says and then nods to Ghost as he walks up.

<Ghost> nods to Sascha then Patrick “Good eveing.” He then hears Abequa sing.

Patrick Laughs”Hi ghost..is this formal or not?

<Sascha> shrugs. “I don’t usually participate in these things so I have no clue. I just came as I am and what’re they gonna do, throw me out?”

Abequa sings, not intending to be loud but her voice does tend to carry in the supernatural sense, drawing people in.

<Ghost> shrugs “It seemed like it would be prudent. I’ve not been to many of these either.”

Patrick rolls off the wall and smiles heading into the ball room”have fun though ! whole point of this is that..” He smiles to ghost”you bud shake a leg.” He stumbles in the laughing and cheering at abequa . He goes to the upper Sitting area and slides in taking a spot.

<Ghost> stairs at Sascha a time, quiet but unnerved.

<Evelyn> makes her way into the room, bowing to Sascha and Patrick before looking over at Abequa.

<Sascha> raises an eyebrow at Ghost. “It was a joke?”, she nods to Patrick. “I am having fun. Sorta. Mostly. Kinda. Not really.”

Patrick smiles to Evelyn “oh Hello!..”He waves his hand as he goes up to the Platform and stops thundering back down smiling at evelyn “You look amazing sorry that was rude to go running up there..Hope you have a good time, maybe later we can dance or something,Have a great night.”he decides his best seat would be by the bar.

<Ghost> shakes his head “It’s a long story, though we should talk.”

<Sascha> nods to Ghost. “Alright then. Now or later?”

<Evelyn> gives him a polite smile in response. “I would look forward to that.” That being said, she moves to find a seat somewhere in the room.

Michael arrives and looks around briefly to see who the early birds were before finding a place by the bar to sit and watch.

Patrick speaks in Gaelic: not here not now god damn it..

Patrick looks at the bar eyes build in dark green color angling his head..

<Phillip> figured it was safe to be less fancy in his manner of dress tonight and wore black leather that made his albanism stand out all the more. At least it was easier to hunt in. Which is where he’d been before slipping into the great room and looking around before Moving to the sides of the room to skirt the edge as he looked to see who was here tonight and make note of who was absent.

<Ghost> “Later I think. I might know more… It’s… odd…” he shakes his head “Anyway, my appologies.”

[Unseen] Patrick gets up looking around avoiding people making his way out clutching his fists tight..making a fast break up a exit way just near by.

<Sascha> looks to Ghost and nods, remaining where she is and so she can see those entering, her senses heightened and appearance changed even from last night, the artwork on her body hidden showing only smooth pale skin under a lacy nearly bridal outfit.

Abequa is on stage singing and her voice seems to both be coming from her and moving about on it’s own, a second voice in harmony with herself moves to each person and whispers in their ears.

>|Altaryn|< wanders into the Great Room from the wing where some of the packs had rooms. His soft grey eyes were transfixed upon Abequa and her divine voice as he approached with distracted grace. Tonight he was wearing a black haori that shimmered silver and blue in places as he walked giving the impression of fog or clouds on a dark night. Under that he was wearing a black silk shirt with a large blue rose entwined with silver thorny


<Ghost> finds this… eary… eery… something…. As he sees Altaryn though, he nods respectfully to him.

<Phillip> seemed to be drawn to where Durmah was. Afterall, she was his anchor in many ways. He looked around at the cainites in their finery and smiled as he pictured strutting peacocks in display. Taking in the music he flopped into a chair to enjoy it near to Durmah and lifted his hand in a lazy wave to Sascha, ghost, and Altaryn…. and Michael was blown a little kiss and given a wink because danger was sexy.

gavin moves in Past the group and nods once Making his way up to the stage..The man was dressed to kill in a Smooth coal black Shark skin suit cut to fit like a he was born in it . Sleek sender lines flow with his ever step across the floor studying the stage with a cat that got the mouse look on his face guitar in hand.

<Phillip> pulled out an ornate little hand sized journal from the vest pocket of his black leather jacket and a hot pink fountain pen as he flipped it open to a page and began to lazily scrawl his poetry as he continued to look around the room. It wasn’t anywhere good enough to share, but it was still Phillips passion and there was a lot to be inspired by here.

<Sascha> waves back to Phillip and smiles softly, then nods to Gavin as he heads for the stage and she watches Altaryn quietly.

Abequa brings the song she was warming up with to an end, seeing Gavin setting up and grins at him. “Gavin!”, then she covers her ears and turns the microphone off. “Oops.”

>|Altaryn|< winced a little as Abequa yelled into the mic, but he could see more of her performance would follow and so he remained standing by the stage. At least he had a brief reprieve to glance about, and he nodded to Sascha, and Phillip in greeting. Then he smiled warmly and waved Ghost over to join him.

Abequa grins at Gavin as he starts in and just starts to cut loose, bouncing around on the stage and whipping her hair around her in a whirlwind of sound and energy.

gavin plugs in beside beside her smirking with a nod,taking the guitar out he caress the neck fingers striding a walk down it like he was moving them up someone spine with a slight spell binding smile ,Trap her in the woods see her hood flashing red through the pines ” gavins lips curl into a smile as his holds a deep gravel sound under the rolling bass Line and string trembles “Briars in her hair, bloody lip, where I’ll sip, lapping

red just like wine .Granny’s got a plan take my hand little girl, darling child “Let me keep you warm, wrap you up from the wet and the wild

<Phillip> kept half an eye on the stage and half on his writing, though he looked at it longingly. Of course he knew that the cainites performing tonight would be spectacular even before they began, but that didn’t mean that a part of him wasn’t envious for being on stage and holding others enraptured. He closed his notebook as the performance began since he wouldn’t be able to focus on anything but the performers. He ran his fingers over the

gilded books cover with absent longing. Songs were poetry, Afterall. What would it be like to hear people reciting his? It was a pipe dream and worthless in this existence, but the music took him there, if only for a moment or two.

<Ghost> heads over to Altaryn as he is aknowledged and joins him. The music was astounding, yet disorienting in a way too. Still, he joined his packmate.

Gavins hands ride down the strings shaking the walls in reverb bouncing off every where under the drag and pull of the songs peek he winks to abequa.

Abequa starts to sing, grinning at the slowly growing number of people down below. “My what big eyes you have! … My what big hands you have! … My what hot breath you have! … My what sharp teeth you have!”, bouncing about some more.

Zaluut arrives along with a small entourage. He makes his way to the back and listens to the … well… whatever they were calling this these days.

<Evelyn> looks over to where Abequa is, watching her sing and occasionally looking to see if her pack was going to show up.

Gavin hand bends the strings to snap back a resounding rattle with the slide off his hand snarling the recoiled sonic assault into a steady melody and snapping it back to sing back to abequa to summon her voice out again as he leans down shaking the wall and floor with the roar down his hands.

Abequa keeps going, grinning at Gavin, “Nana how you’ve changed I feel strange, pardon me I’m a mess ~ Can you give a hand helping me from the binds of this dress ~ Look at me I’m torn, all the rips, guess I slipped caught a fright in the woods ~ Nana you look funny, tell me dear, are you not feeling good…”

<Phillip’s> fingers shift to tighten on the spine of the thin little book as if it has suddenly offended him by its presence. With a smooth motion he stuffs it back into the inner pocket of his jacket with the pen. Vanishing it from sight soothes the angry bile from rising further and Phillip closes his eyes to instead relax bad like a languid cat. A picture of carefree sloth as he let the music seep into his ears. His fingers already drumming out

the minutes until he could flee.

gavins hand fires back a retort in a echo signaling back in a over drawn exact sharp cut sound like he carved it out with a razor out the air voice low dark and rolling like bourbon stinging Ice “Why dont you step closer to the Bed Red.” he voice bending darker more intoxicated on the word Red . as he smiles back to the stage driving a begging call for her to sing on.’

>|Altaryn|< wasn’t sure he liked the style of music but he was completely transfixed as his heightened senses picked up sounds and melodies most didn’t know existed. Without knowledge of the theory there was little he could comment on but the entire performance was breath taking anyway.

Abequa softens her voice, leaning toward Gavin as she sings, seeming to be enjoying herself. “My what big eyes you have … My what big hands you have … My what hot breath you have … My what sharp teeth you have!”

<Sascha> gives a faint nod to Zaluut as she sees him but aside from that seems to ignore his presence entirely.

Gavin leans up sly smile on his face as the gravel in his rolls down hill “Better to see you with dear” he responds hand drawing metal Bent cords As he responds to her again “better to squeeze you with.. He Growls the last cords out in his response to under his dragging rumbling husky voice in response “Better to please you with . Cords stinging out the last of the songs guitar Done as he dances around her facing each other down in a

slow spin of a circle he slowly lets A long howl out to her as the song ends.

<Phillip> cracks his eyes open and when he spots Zaluut he gives his former master another lazy wave of his hand from where he is languidly sprawled. After a moment he closes his eyes, Perhaps seeming to go to sleep as he just takes in the emotional turmoil the music produces. Maybe Alice would show him what he didn’t dare grasp for… such an unlikely thing.

Abequa grins, howling along with him as the song fades and she bounces excitedly but remembers to turn the microphone off this time.

Patrick appears next to Phillip leaning into the chair and staring at the stage.. Watching the performance blushing a bit.

<Evelyn> looks up, blinking at something before lowering her head and wiping at her hair, focusing on Abequa again.

Zaluut nods to Phillip and smiles faintly before moving next to him to sit. “How is undeath treating you?”

Michael remains by the bar, but does seem to smile if only briefly.

>|Altaryn|< stared a moment longer after the song ended, then turned to Ghost and gave him a friendly elbow. “Isn’t Abequa amazing? Her voice can make everything right in the world, even if she were singing words of gore and dismemberment. And Gavin…That is the first I’ve heard him perform. Absolutely incredible.”

<Phillip> isn’t apparently as flippant as to continue looking like an undead cat sprawled on a chaise and opens his eyes to sit up at least half properly so he can talk to people and not the cushions he was laying one. One finger prods Patrick’s side, “Ask her… or him.” That seemed to be his suggestion on the blush before Zaluut joined him and he turned his half-surprised eyes to the bishop, “Mmm, quietly and about the same as life did,

just less hours in the day… or night.” He shrugs a shoulder, “I’m still a terrible poet and as useful as tits on a bull, but someone did offer to teach me fencing… so… pointy tits on a bull? It’s kinky.”

Patrick Blinks and looks down “abby? oh god she is busy She incredible ..”He leans up patting phillips shoulder “He is learning quick Bishop very quick..”He smiles to phillip as he dips his head once and says “I think I might just ask her something but my god..call me bias ..”He chuckles stepping back away from the mans lounge space cause lets face it everyone needs room to kick back .

Abequa catches her breath a little bit, waving at Patrick and still bouncing a little from foot to foot. She looks over at Gavin, “We should do this all the time! This is awesome!”

Zaluut chuckles faintly. “You know… I did that once. Just to see if they would find a use for them… tits on a bull…”

gavin smiles to her” I like that actually , when I am not stuck working that would be great..”He puts the guitar in his lap and starts re tuning it a little . “Next song I might butcher solo so dont hold it against me,I haven’t sung this one before So you know it might get a mixed response but you know . I really think I need to let this one out and let them either enjoy it or hate my guts for it ..either way I am good ..”HE looks at the

large man making his way up the side of the stage and looks down re-tuning.

<Evelyn> would’ve bowed to Zaluut in respect when he came in. She’s still watching Abequa at the moment, though.

Abequa nods and bounces some more, still all pumped up and makes her way over to the side, seeing Patrick and just jumping off at him.

<Sascha> hangs back and watches, smiling a little as she focuses on Gavin, then nods to Altaryn. Her eyes then shifitn got the entry now and again.

<Phillip> smirks and nods in agreement, “Incredible enough it hurts.” Phillip raised an eyebrow at Patrick’s comment because he was not exactly sure what he was learning or what the lesson was, but learning and quick wasn’t usually in a complimentary order for him unless it was one particular master discussing vivisection with his students while Phillip lay open and he was sure that didn’t count. He might has asked, but Zaluut just up and

broke his brain. For once Phillip’s mouth hung wordlessly open as his eyes snapped to Zaluut in shock and surprise. Because… zaluut had a sense of humour. Phillip day their in utter shock for a few seconds before his lips spread in a smile and he began shaking in quiet laughter. Somehow, Phillips most genuine laugh was actually a quiet thing, like something not meant to be heard. Mirth that was secreted away so it couldn’t be stolen. He grasped

his sides and shook his head as he laughed silently and strained to keep his eyes on Zaluut instead of letting them slip shut. Quietly, as if afraid someone would hear his mirthful question he asked, “Seriously? The poor bull… or lucky bull… if I had learned enough to give myself tits when I was living I would have been stuck inside playing with them all day.”

Zaluut smirks a little. “It did make the other bulls very, very confused.”

Patrick grapples her “That was damn amazing ! was that what you been practicing ? ” He asks looking down at her “holy your voice keeps getting stronger . That was like super rock star hot there.” Valez and few others move to the Observation area taking a set as they look at the Stage.

Abequa nods and hugs Patrick tightly. “Yeah! I have been practicing. And Gavin is amazing too. And I can’t wait to do more! But it’s his turn now.”

++ Phillip ++ lifts a hand to wipe a red tear from his eye. It had slipped out from all the laughter and then he shook his head again, “Hopefully a little happy too. Afterall, nothing should be wasted.” He said that latter with dire serious to his voice that was lightened by the humour in his eyes, “You know… I always thought I’d end up Tzmisce if it happened. I regret not learning more vicissitude while I had the chance…

there were so many things I wanted to learn. I wasted a lot of time.”

Zaluut nearly scoffs. “You are young yet. What, a hundred? You have time, and your talent with others will show through more as a Keeper than it would have within my line.”

++ Phillip ++ laughed and shrugged, “Eighty actually. The white hair adds twenty years.” He ruffled his own hair. Yes, he could have altered his natural colouration himself, but he liked the shock and awe effect it had among mortals. “Talent with others… and Keeper? I never heard of Keepers before. Is that another name for lasombra?”

Gavin leans down String s Dance out in soft rainfall of sound ,soft melody of sirens heart breaking over steel cords as it rings out whispering a heart snarling whisper “Is it getting better Or do you feel the same?

Will it make it easier on you now? You got someone to blame You say one love, one life It’s one need in the night One love, get to share it Leaves you darling, if you don’t care for it Did I disappoint you? “His hand cause the guitar cry out like sunlight choking back under a dark cloud setting in . Vocals fall out in a angelic perfection sounding off the floor and showering out . Under a almost cynical smile “Or leave a bad taste in

your mouth? You act like you never had love And you want me to go without.”He smiles again as he leans down into the cords voice carrying out “Well it’s too late, tonight To drag the past out into the light We’re one, but we’re not the same We get to carry each other Carry each other One, one One, one One, one One, one”

Zaluut nods faintly. “I have a few other pet names for them but that is a common one among many. I shall not repeat the others given both Arch Bishops happen to be in the building and shadows hear all.”

<Sascha> finds herself even blinking and staring at Gavin, and her skin ripples faintly as if reacting to vibration.

Abequa blinks and turns to listen to Gavin even as she climbs into Patrick’s arms to be held.

Gavin leans his head down following his fingers working out the frustration of love being more then a word and all its weight crushing down on persons shoulders as hands scale back the notes in perfect pronounced flow . His voice Breaking in over the Ringing of cords in a loud plea god could feel with a cynical Stab of bitter sweet pain “Have you come here for forgiveness? Have you come to raise the dead?Have you come here to play

Jesus?To the lepers in your head Well, did I ask too much, more than a lot? You gave me nothing, now it’s all I got. “His hands lean down a testament of Emotion in a sound wave caught between voice and bent strings. ” We’re one, but we’re not the same See we hurt each other, then we do it again You say love is a temple, love is a higher law Love is a temple, love is a higher law You ask me of me to enter, but then you make me crawl And

I can’t keep holding on to what you got, ’cause all you got is hurt !! !”

++ Phillip ++ lifts an eyebrow at that and then looks to the shadows, “I am pretty sure my affinity with shadows is lacking. They do not listen to me will, but I don’t need them to talk to people… a reflection would really help though. Durmah tells me I look the same as I used to, but… I kind of forget.” He shrugs, “How have you been? Will you be setting up a new estate?”

<Evelyn> looks over at Gavin, watching his performance with some interest.

Patrick hugs abequa and looks at the stage tilting his head watching the performance butting his head off hers with a light grow .

Zaluut “I may, or just remain at the Asylum.”, he says quietly as he listens to Gavin but frowns slightly.

>|Altaryn|< sways a little to the music during Gavin’s performance. It was just as amazing to his untrained, highly attuned ears and he liked the music a bit better. He stood staring, enraptured, as if nothing else but Gavin’s performance existed in all the world right now. Oh…though he might have had his arm around Ghost’s shoulders. But he didn’t remember doing so and didn’t seem to notice.

++ Phillip ++ lets his eyes wander to the stage as he listens, “I can’t see it. A Tzmisce lord needs a holding like a fish needs to swim.” He tilts his head slightly, “So what’s up? Something is on your mind?”

Gavin Stumbles his hands hands down the cords moving them into a sway of emotional push its thick enough the vibration almost impacts into ones soul. voice carrying a drawing gravity resounding with a powerful finish .One love .One blood One life .”Guitar cry’s out one Last wailing plea of release ” You got to do what you should One life With each other Sisters and my brothers One life But we’re not the same We get to carry each

other, carry each other One, one One, one One One love, one life!

Zaluut “I have home…”, he watches Gavin and shakes his head softly. “You really don’t hear or feel that?”, he asks quietly.

<Sascha> was still standing perfectly still against the back wall staring, her finely tuned senses all transfixed.

<Evelyn> just watches, entranced by Gavin’s playing.

<Ghost> didn’t mind the hand on his shoulder. He appreciated it relly, and enjoyed Gavin’s performance.

++ Phillip ++ tilted his head to the side and let out a breath, “I feel something… Something I don’t really understand. It’s… confusing, if you have to know.”

Patrick looks down at abequa and then the stage and sits down “I am gonna with a damn..thats all I got.”He looks up ther hugs her and lets a small breath out as he speaks again “You doing more songs later tonight?” He asks .

gavin puts the guitar up locking the case closed and gets down off the stage propping the guitar on the bar as he fiddles around lighting a cigarette and sticking it in the ashtray Rolling his his head around his shoulder to read the Room and then takes anther pull off the cigarette.

Abequa blinks and then leans into Patrick, finally pulling her gaze off of Gavin. “Uhm.”, she blinks again and then looks at Patrick. “Yeah. I do have some more but promised not to make them all googly all night so will take a break. Why?”

Abequa makes a little bit of a face. “I think Gavin did the googly thing to -everybody-.”

<Sascha> just shakes her head, “Yeah, not following that, fuck you.”

>|Altaryn|< smiled wide, seeming a bit giddy after Gavin was finished on stage. “Incredible,” he tells Ghost. “I knew Abequa had a voice fit to sing to the gods themselves, but Gavin….Wow. Wish I had half their talent for music. But I guess you’d have to start appreciation early. I…didn’t. Who do you think will go up next?”

Zaluut glances to Phillip and then smiles. “I suppose that makes sense. You’ll learn one day.”

<Phillip> chuckled and shrugged, “It’s hard to express myself sometimes, it’s why I write poetry. But… when I figure out what I feel when I hear that, I’ll let you know. Right now it just… feels like an overload of everything.”

<Ghost> “Altaryn, early is reletive.”

Gavin Finishes the Cigarette and sits down next to sascha and the rest of his pack putting the Guitar there by his feet.”I think I am gonna not ..do that again , but yes I feel extremely better,Just hope I didn’t sound as bad as It did in my head, too much?” He asks her.

Patrick Smirks to abequa “I want a drink,I mean I am loaded but I cant taste it ,which is not fair..you said the blue drinks were fruity and the red ones were girly right? I really want a screwdriver..You want one or tequila sunrise ?”

<Sascha> blinks and looks at Gavin. “Glad you feel better…”, she says and she looks at him like she hopes he is kidding. “There was no bad. That was… nope, can’t even. Antol better be here cause I am not going next.”

gavin frowns” you want me to go rap..? im bad real real bad..” he draws finger on her cheek.”wast about you.. lord you didn’t think..oh damn nononono..”

<Sascha> shakes her head a little but looks at Gavin. “Nonono… it’s not that… I mean… everybody felt that. Everybody. Pretty sure that expression you get when you see something pretty was on everyone’s faces.”

<Durmah> comes downstairs, dressed in one of her more normal walking dresses, and she will find a spot to sit down and listen… because if Abequa’s still singing, Durmah sort of expects to end up on her ass.

Abeqau wasn’t singing but after Gavin was done she did eye the stage briefly before looking back to Patrick. “Uhm… I want that fizzy one you made.”

Abequa (grrr) wasn’t singing but after Gavin was done she did eye the stage briefly before looking back to Patrick. “Uhm… I want that fizzy one you made.”

++ Phillip ++ was still sitting next to Zaluut and chatting with him. He lifted and hand and smiled to Durmah in greeting.

<Durmah> beams to Phillip and waves.

Patrick goes over to the bar Mike steps straight the hell back and lets the large man go about making the drink and his screw driver stuffing some bloody money in the tip jar a he steps back to abequa ” there you go.” He sips on his drink and looks around “We might have to start dancing soon ..Or Issue the Jet ski challenge..I should see if we can use the docks near the estate.

<Sascha> makes a face. “And I was gonna go next but fuck that.”

<Evelyn> looks at Durmah, giving her a polite nod of greeting.

++ Phillip ++ turns his head to smile at Sascha, “How many people are performing tonight?”

<Durmah> smiles to Evelyn and returns the nod

gavin leans over and Smiles to her”Your hair looks amazing..I just wanted to be sure, I did not make you think I was ..err I am not sure who is next ,Why you have a amazing voice..?

<Altaryn> was standing at the stage with his arm around Ghost, but now that the stage was empty he sighed and looked around, perhaps a little shocked at how many had gathered while he wasn’t paying attention. Still feeling a bit giddy from the two performances, he lifted a hand to wave to Durmah now that she was out. For a second it looked like he was going to resist, but he turned to Ghost and said, “excuse me just a minute brother.” And ran

over to Durmah with boy-like excitement. “Oh my god, did you hear those two? It was unlike anything I’ve ever heard. I mean, I’ve heard Abequa sing before but that duet! Wasn’t really my type of music,” though Durmah knew he rarely listened to music in general, “but holy shit that was amazing.”

<Sascha> glances to Phillip and smiles a little, “Not sure, quite a few.”, she looks back to Gavin. “I am not so sure now. Singing in the shower is one thing… this is totally making an ass out of myself.”

<Durmah> is a bit amused at his excitement, but she’ll rise so he’s not looking down and she’ll chuckle, “No, I didn’t hear them. I’ve heard them practicing a bit seperately. There’s a video that will be going around later, i think. and I’ll listen to it then. You enjoyed it though? They’ve got great energy don’t they?”

<Ghost> “Think of it as working on building your courage, Sascha.”

++ Phillip ++ grinned at Sascha and smirked, “Don’t worry, Sascha. You can go after me. I’ll set the stage for you.” He winked and rolled off the comfortable chair to head towards the stage with a confident swagger like he owned the place and had nothing to prove to anyone.

::Keenan comes into the party with Celeste on arm, he stood tall with some measure of pride and happiness, he was wearing a deep blue short sleeve thick woven work style shirt with collar and black pressed cargo pants. Heavy steel toed boots on his feet, a digital watch the he wore on his left wrist and he appeared to be clean shaven tonight. Keenan smiled to Celeste as he walked in, she was maybe an inch or two taller than his six foot

frame.:: “So, Gavin playing tonight? His music’s awesome.”

Abequa grins and takes the drink and nods. “We can totally start dancing.”, she nods as she bounces her little head around, watching as Phillip heads up to the stage.

<Evelyn> watches Phillip make his way toward and onto the stage with a raised eyebrow.

Celeste leads Keenan in and sits down next to them “Might have missed him a lot of the group of friends have many talents and showcases. You look rather nice ..so yummy I could just eat right up. You like talent previews Pretty much what this is tonight people showing there skills and enjoying being with friends .

++ Phillip ++ didn’t actually have anything to prove. In fact he knew he was terrible, but it didn’t matter for his impromptu performance and Phillip had to qualms about making a fool of himself in front of others. If the room cringed and groaned it would be on par with everything else. He hopped up the steps to take to the center of the stage and tapped a finger on the microphone, “You are all in for the finest of treats, for you

have come here amongst the macabre display to meet. Rejoice and celebrate, in these times to which we can all relate. Hear my voice, since really don’t have much choice and revel in verse only to hope it is no curse.” He grinned and reached into his pocket to pull out his tiny and ornate handbook to flip through until he found the place he was looking for and cleared his throat as if holding the room in expectation.

<Durmah> …. might have an idea what’s about to happen, so she’ll snag Alt’s elbow and turn him so they can pay attention…. she might need to try and rescue Phillip after, after all.

++ Phillip ++ smiled benevolently to the audience, “Love is painful, an emotion immeasurable.It inflicts tortures deepest to the core. Yet a heart as delicate as a petal,

Can do nothing, just cherish, wish, and hope,

And carry on loving more and more…

<Sascha> looks toward Phillip to see what the heck he was doing, and closes her eyes.

++ Phillip ++ smiled benevolently to the audience, “Love is painful, an emotion immeasurable.It inflicts tortures deepest to the core. Yet a heart as delicate as a petal, Can do nothing, just cherish, wish, and hope, And carry on loving more and more….

<Evelyn> watches Phillip calmly, listening to his performance.

<Ghost> blinks at Phillip. He was… well… this was going to be interesting.

++ Phillip ++ “Why does the blood seep in so deep within? It is love, because of which it is crying, It bleeds so hurtful again and again, Its soaking, it never seems to be drying…” he paused, seeming to have lost his place and then grins, “Hmm… I don’t like the next bit so we will skip it.” He made a wishy washy motion with his hand before continuing, “Love touches everyone, creates more passion, Only this heart

so soft and tender, A part of life that is gods own creation, Sheds tears, a worthless pretender… This heart that is already shattered to pieces, Will keep on living in a dream so sweet, In hopes that time, as slow, just ceases, And lives the dreams of unfulfilled realities… Through concealed, painful, misted tears, The world outside is cruel and mean, Yet the heart does cry, sings along with fear, But under the skin, pray it remains

serene…” Phillip trailed off and gave a grand bow to the room.

<Durmah> hmms. And will pat Altaryn’s arm gently, moving as if to go to the stage to greet Phillip, but as soon as she touches Altaryn, she gives a little jump like she was shocked and she’ll pull her hand back. A flinch and her fingers curl inwards before she slowly sits back down… carefully.

<Sascha> smiles and waves to Phillip before leaning over and kissing Gavin’s cheek. “Well, fuck, guess that means I -have- to now.”

<Evelyn> politely applauds as Phillip’s performance winds down and he bows to his audience.

Abequa bops her head a little… “I could sing that.”

Keenan looked at Celeste and smirked, he at least smelled and looked clean, and as she mentioned it was a sort of talent show he just looked at her.:: “you’re not going to have me show case my carving are you? I kind of wanted to relax a little tonight.” ::he smirked as he looked around.:: “Okay, so…nah fuck it, don’t need beer tonight.” ::he shrugged and just hung with Celeste, arm in arm.::

Gavin claps after Phillip is done.

++ Phillip ++ might suck at poetry, hell he knew that he was horrible at it, but that didn’t mean that he didn’t love it. It was his passion, even without talent and right now he didn’t care that it was cringe worthy and that no one would really like it. He still bowed as if he’d performed at the globe theatre before hopping down off the stage and smirking to Sascha, “There. Anyone can follow my performance and look good. Knock them


Celeste Looks at him “I would not put you on the spot and most these people are a tough sale..Knives and sharp things in the room tend to make it a rather tense situation.

<Sascha> claps and then gets up, headed up to the stage in what looks loke a modified wedding dress with lace showing over most of her pale body peeking through. She makes a face at Phillip, “That doesn’t make me feel less sucky, thanks.”

<Altaryn> blinked as Phillip took stage and with Durmah’s suggestion, turned to give his friend his full attention. He smiled warmly and bowed his head with respect to Phillilp as he finished. Somehow, Phillip’s horrible poetry had grown on him and he actually enjoyed it even if it wasn’t so moving. He was about to say something when Durmah jumped ad he turned with concern to her. “urmah? What’s wrong?”

<Durmah> actually loved Phillip’s poetry, too, even if it was some times… well. The modern version of cheesy shakespeare. She will give Altaryn a small, pained smile, “Um. Nothing, I think. Just… touching hurts suddenly.”

<Evelyn> looks over at Durmah, watching her for a moment.

<Altaryn> had been about to wrap his arm around her shoulders as he started to sit beside her, but at the mention touch was hurting he pulled his arm back with a Toreador’s grace. “Has that happened before? I know Phillip’s poetry can be painful at times, but Irather like it.”

<Ghost> frowned at that. He looks at Alt, then Durmah.

++ Phillip ++ shrugged to Sascha, “Sorry? My poetry does tend to ruin the mood.” He sighed and let her go. He himself headed towards the door, simply leaving the room and heading elsewhere. His bravado on stage was his limit and he had no desire to hang around. A silent and empty room was where he was headed.

Gavin gets up and goes to the bar near the stage Lighting anther cigarette and watching sascha take the stage as he draws off the cigarette tapping it on the ashtray watching her carefully adjusting his vison to see her more clear as though she might be right in his face.

<Sascha> glances without even casting eyes upward and then starts into it, though she’s using recorded music behind her voice, her voice and presence comes off strongly right from the start. “You don’t know that I know, You watch me every night And I just can’t resist the urge To stand here in the light You’re greedy eyes upon me And then I come undone And I could close the curtains

But this too much fun…”, she sings and smiles, looking surpringly naughty in that outfit as her crystaline blue eyes scan those present, making contact. “I get off on you Getting off on me I give you what you want But nothing is for free It’s a give and take Kinda life we make When your line is crossed I get off I get off!”

<Evelyn> looks to Sascha, blinking once as a sign of shock.

Abequa sips her drink and watches Sascha curiously, and a little impressed and confused.

<Durmah> gives Altaryn a small, wry smile and nods her thanks. “Sorry, most of the time I’d be happy for a hug from you, but … yeah. Not at the moment. And yes, it has. About the same time the random orgasms started.” She sounds resigned, “Sascha said it’s probably a demon influence thing.” She trails off as Sascha starts to sing, gaze focusing on her as she listens.

gavin smiles taking the the cigarette out his lips Smile almost a gasp and grin with a soft chuckle of astonishment but more in line with a proud little moment his ears going past the vocal tone and into the lyrics . He puts the cigarette back in his mouth and watchs .

::Keenan listened to that amazing looking woman on the stage, she looked familiar but he couldn’t figure it out.:: “Damn is everyone here a model?” ::He looked around the room impressed.::

Patrick chokes on his drink and Widens his eyes a little and buries His face into abequa back softly “She has a good voice . She just doesnt use it anymore..”

<Sascha> moves in that dress surprisingly easily and fluid, starting to get into it a bit more as teased at the front of the dress a little as she sang, “So much left unspoken Between the two of us It’s so much more exciting To look when you can touch You could say I am different And maybe I’m a freak But I know how to twist ya To bring you to your knees…”, red curls swinging around

her pale body with each movement conjuring honeymoon visions,

“I get off on you Getting off on me I give you what you want But nothing is for free It’s a give and take Kinda life we make When your line is crossed I get off I get off…”

<Altaryn> was concerned for Durmah, but he couldn’t touch her and he had no words that would help make things better. The moment Sascha begins though, he feels the pull and turns to watch in awe of her performance.

Celeste looks to keenan “Some are yes..Others are tragic and beautiful people ,Or complete wastes of flesh and bone..She is actually pretty damn good,”

Gavin crooks his head watching her putting the cigarette out Semi still caught in her traffic stop of emotional racing for the last few days he just smiles wider the heaven .

<Ghost> was more concerned with Durmah’s pronouncement then Sascha’s performance. Still he tries to watch the performance as well. It also gave him some thought.

<Evelyn> just continues to watch, debating whether or not she should go up next, and what she would sing if she did.

Abequa blinks a little bit and leans back toward Patrick a little. “She does have a nice voice. Are you okay?”

::Keenan smirked.:: “She should have her own label that’s absolutely amazing, I’ve never heard anything like this or seen anything like this.” ::He listened intently and spoke quietly so as not to disturb the performance for anyone else around him.::

Patrick keeps his voice down “she use to sing in church , and in bars when she get drunk.”He sneaks his face around and kisses her cheek “I am golden ”

<Sascha> backs off a little bit, “But you don’t know But you can’t see It’s what you forgive Out here for me…”, she picks it right back up again, hitting the ending hard, “I get off on you Getting off on me I give you what you want Yeah I get off on you Getting off on me I give you what you want But nothing is for free It’s a give and take Kinda life we make When your line is crossed

I get off I get off Yea, I get off Yea, I get off I get off!”, she steps back and away, heaving a little, bright red lips in a smile before she steps down off the stage.

<Durmah> blinks as Sascha’s performance ends and she’ll applaud. But… she’ll reach over to tentatively touch Altaryn’s shoulder, jerking her hand back again with a bit of a pout.

<Evelyn> applauds when Sascha finishes, staying well away from anyone at the moment.

gavin smiles and gives a loud clap and smile to her

::Keenan clapped for Sascha, he didn’t hoot or holler, he kept it polite while he nodded in obvious appreciation for the performance given.:: “I’d kill to have half the talent these people do at singing, so far I think my only non offensive place to perform is in the shower, quietly.”

Patrick claps and woots over abequa should once but keeps claps on.

Abequa laughs a little bit and nudges Patrick lightly with a soft growling.

<Altaryn> didn’t clap, but the he hadn’t clapped for anyway. Instead he simply touched a hand to his cold dead heart and smiled at Sascha. The serious lasted mere seconds before he moved to touch Durmah’s shoulder. Luckily she tried touching him first and he stopped short and frowned with concern.

<Sascha> looks more embarassed than anything else as she politely nods to people in passing as she edges back toward her seat in the back.

<Durmah> gives him a small smile and a shrug, trying not to be upset. It was a bit annoying when one of the guys you like wants to give you a hug but intense searing pain happens. And… she probably wouldn’t be able to cook anything here. She might grab one of the guards and make them take her to asylum so she can anxiety cook.

<Ghost> also looked worried “Durmah, how long will this last?”

<Durmah> “… anywhere from just a few minutes to about an hour? I think. I … tend to go cook something, or just retreat to my room. It only hurts when someone touches me, or I touch soemone else. Inanimate objects seem fine.”

<Altaryn> “You can come back with me tonight if you wish some place quiet,” he suggested. “Honestly I’m not sure I’ll make it back tonight if I don’t take advantage of this intermission,” he suggested, though he did give a longing glance to the stage wondering who might be next.

<Durmah> gives him a broad smile, “Thank you. I’ll be fine. I wouldn’t want to impose on your pack. And I’d rather not overdo your generousity now that you’re back to allowing me to touch you.” She nods to Patrick and Abequa, “They’ll look after me if I get especially crazy. But… the main event is happening soon. As you know that takes a bit, so yeah, you might want to slip out.”

<Ghost> “I can drive you back.” he offers or adds, possibly to them both.

<Sascha> listens quietly, though no blush darkens her perfectly pale cheeks she still hardly looks up at the moment.

<Durmah> snarls a bit suddenly and reaches up to cup the back of her neck, slapping softly a few times. She was starting to get used to it, though, and once she can control her expression again, she’ll reach over to touch Altaryn again. This time she doesn’t draw back, but instead leans closer to kiss his cheek. … there are probably fangs out though, her beast not too happy at the moment.

<Altaryn> doesn’t move, allowing Durmah to set the pace and withdraw if necessary. He does remain still for the kiss, and isn’t bothered by fangs even from Durmah. “If you’ll be alright….” he says hesitantly and will smile if she does indeed kiss him. “Maybe I should stay though. Appearances, you know.”

<Ghost> nods and goes a distance to give the two some space. He does not go far though.

::Keenan continues to watch the performances, some amazing singing that happens and he just shakes his head in wonder.:: “How do these people not have their own record contracts?” ::he’d clap to the ones that perform, standing in awe of all of the stuff going on, he then looks at Celeste.:: “So, this is why you brought me to this little shin dig, get me to join your artistic community, what is this some kind of family that supports each

other kind of deal?”

<Durmah> sounds terribly amused, “Patrick will probably keep me from eating anyone. He’ll join it, but he can stop at least.” She did kiss his cheek because she could and it would actually calm her down a little. Because Altaryn was one of the people who could help calm her down.

<Evelyn> frowns at something internal, looking around at the others. She will stick around for a little while, though, and possibly dances with Patrick when/if he’s interested or up to actually doing so.

<Altaryn> wasn’t actively trying to calm her down as he might have in the past. But sometimes such feelings were based more on an emotional connection than a conscious effort. “How about I stay until you are ready to call it a night,” he suggested to Durmah with a warm smile. Though he was still hesitant to touch her, it was because he wasn’t sure how the pain of madness liked to flare up.

Gavin Leans Over moving in Next to sascha “that was good. You feel better don’t you?”He sits down slowly hooking a arm around shoulder in a squeeze. “I Have to give you some amazing news..You rocked the hell out that . ”

<Durmah> nods to Ghost in thanks, and then will lean against Altaryn with a small sigh.

Patrick Smiles over at Abequa “I should find more half drunk people and go scream some Sex Pistols songs, they have not heard friggin in the riggin till My drunk ass has down it..Well I would but.. I am getting the feeling I should sit here, as to avoid the Whole room spin and stop effect I had going ,But I think Its mostly dont with for now..I am still drunk..ish..”He chuckles nudging her head with his.

<Sascha> looks over at him and laughs a little. “Yeah… I do feel a bit better. I didn’t even really look to see who was going to see that.”

Abequa smiles and nuzzles her cheek to Patrick’s. “Yeah. I can see that. And you are still so warm.”, she smiles at him.

Celeste Chuckles to Keenan “Silly man ,We of course support each other in a degree artistic or other wise, But this ..family Does have its moments and like many if not all family groups require its own special needs. Sometime a Little after things wrap up, we will have little talk about how this all Involves you..you made two wishs last night one was for a compassion eternal right?.. the other one was for A restaurant or the start up..

part for your end of it as gavin was telling me.. So if you check your bank account a Investment group has funded you with a grant to cover start up costs for your truck and restaurant ..its a grant..and also dont make a scene..

<Ghost> stays to keep watch for his packmate and his childe. He keeps back, blending in and seeming above notice, but there all the same. Nothing magical per say, as much as being quiet and not worth noticing. He keeps an eye on them and will depart once they retire.

Gavin smiles”truth feels good when you let it burn out like that. I think everyone saw and heard ..was Pretty damn hard to miss, trust me got my attention rather quick..Was a good performance. You got Nothing to be shocked over, that’s the beauty of the stage something that raw and attuned takes huge stones to share with people.Huge..its impressive.”

::Keenan’s eyes went a little bit wider and he took a deep breath in, and then let a long deep breath out, he held Celeste’s hand and indeed, he did not make a big scene.:: “I’ll look at the account later, thank you and your friends very much.” ::he kissed the back of her hand and smiled wide.:: “Except…I didn’t make that second wish, not really, that was already in the works.” ::he shrugged.:: “But, not gonna argue.” ::he furrowed his

brow.:: “Three wishes? why are you talking like this is some kind of Genie thing?” ::he seemed perplexed, Dear god he upped his game from confused to perplexed!::

Patrick Smiles I am burning up ..”I forgot what being this drunk feels like ..It will be gone soon enough,But its not half as bad as I remembered then again Iam not like throwing some elder around trying to pull his fangs out and pull his head off while sascha was using his head like a fucking balloon animal ..Its hard to do work like that when they are all Screaming and kicking around..Especially drunk off your tookus.

<Sascha> nods a little and buries her face in Gavin’s shoulder. “I know I am just typically very reserved and private and… wanted to show something different…”

::Keenan nodded to the rest however.:: “Compassion eternal, I supposed that’s how you’d see it, yeah, just someone there, more than friends I suppose but not necessarily sexual in a way? I haven’t really been one to express myself in that manner so I dunno.” ::he shrugged.:: “Like I said last night, Wishes are for things you’re unsure about, honestly, as we’ve both discussed at length, I may have some small celebrity status as a chef and

I want to be great, I don’t care about recognition and adulation and all that.” ::he looked at her.:: “Celebrity is what others praise you for, talent is what you have, heart is what you put into it, and I just want to do what I love, for the people I care about, and if I can support them with that, all the better.”

Abequa looks to Patrick and nods. “Mmmm, after this I am getting kinda hungry too.”

Celeste shakes her head”Naw no fae tales here. Promise you that..well maybe one or two and they fight if you leave them in the same room too long..I mean like Fight..they aint throwing glitter either, No your the Saint of New Orleans for the week Surprise!” She grins .”Our friends have this tradition and its old and long the Saint is someone who we bring into ..what was it you called it family. You get three wishes and you got one more so

hold onto it but you got to use it before the end of the week.. ”

<Durmah> relaxes bit by bit, fangs retreating again slowly when the bad memories don’t resurface. Good music playing was another plus, and added to having someone she’s comfortable with sitting next to her… well it helped smooth things over. Soon enough she’s smiling a bit again.

Gavin Chuckles kissing the side of her cheek as she Buries her head into his shoulder. “Well You showed them something they were not expecting and I for one was happy to see a little of the reservation Back.. I mean you did it very tasteful I thought.”

<Sascha> lifts her head to look at Gavin and she half smiles. “I was just worried they were gonna look at me like a stripper or something… one word about glitter and I was gonna just rawr-out and go downhill from there. But it wasn’t bad, right? And it felt good.”

gavin smiles into her eyes “Nothing wrong with being sexy ,Femmine. “He kisses her check again “really You didnt get up there and start doing salt n peppers push it while twerking in a thong..granted nights not over and from some of these faces..Not that I am being judgy angel but the night is still far to young for me tempt fate by saying that out loud and putting that idea in someones head.

::Keenan tilts his head and smirks.:: “The saint of New Orleans? Sounds kinda canonical?” ::He smirked and chuckled.:: “So what the wishes are a form of paid tribute to actually help someone in the name of a saint?”

Celeste Looks at him and chuckles “Not exactly, its a custom I am not from here hon,They are I just follow the march of the drums of rome when in rome.

<Sascha> coughs a little and places a finger on Gavin’s lips. “Oh… no no… mental image I didn’t need. So not right…”

Gavin watchs her finger touch his lips and a smile climbs up “You want me to sing the go go’s our lips are sealed..Ok.”Can you hear them? They talk about us Telling lies Well, that’s no surprise Can you see them? See right through them They have no shield No secrets to reveal It doesn’t matter what they say In the jealous games people play Our lips are sealed” He chuckles stopping off the song and kissing her with a laugh. “I

know thompson twin songs you really want me to finish that song here..I can go so 1980 right here..”

<Durmah> chuckles softly at gavin singing to Sascha, but it’s nice that he’s getting sappy, sort of. And it’s good to see Sascha relaxed.

<Sascha> laughs a little and pokes him in the shoulder after kissing him back. “Only ever got on stage one other time… even played the guitar. Sunny Came Home… at the bar, drunk off my ass…”, she pauses for a moment, her expression shifting as she recalls the night before she shakes it off.

::Keenan looks up at the stage and shakes his head chuckling again.:: “And there he goes again.” ::he clapped when he saw Gavin start a performance, this time he’d let out a little cheer, after all that was the kind of thing that Gavin wanted, and he knew it, he’d turn back to Celeste after the clapping while the song was playing.:: “Well, thank you and your friends Celeste, I don’t know what the bankroll is, but I appreciate it all, and

you.” ::he smiled to her and looked around the room, he’d give Durmah a slight wave and mouth the words ‘Thank You’ to her, and once he knew she saw he’d return his attention to the stage.:: “Well, your family is kinda weird Celeste but, fuck they seem like good people.” ::he’d gesture to Gavin.:: “He’s come close to family lately, seems interested in the stuff I do, treats me like a brother…I kinda miss that, used to have that in the

service, one of the few things I miss.” ::his words seemed to trail off a bit as he watched Gavin, his entire demeanor seemed to get a little more calm and distant.::

Patrick Nudges abequa Chin “Hunt or stay ..Rrriot Grrrrul..”He ask’s her brushing his fingers in abby hair with a smile..”We can go Hit the sonic too and get those milkshakes. my grab a Few thugs in the park? Or something for a light run?

<Durmah> arches her brows a little at Keenan in bemusement. Because she had -nothing- to do with it, but she supposed it was a logical assumption since she’d reviewed his paperwork.

Abequa hops down and tilts her head. “Hunting. I need to feel blood on me right now. Then come back and grab a shower and hang out. Hopefully the workers be less noisy tomorrow.”

Patrick grabs her hand twirling in a waltz to the Door spinning Her toward Durmah as he pauses and bumps his head of sascha growling faintly Making Gavin lean back a little . He Holds on to abequa hand and twist over bumping his head off Durmahs Swinging the like Abby up in in swing dance over under and into his arms “Watch out boy she’ll chew you up Oh here she comes She’s a maneater Oh here she comes Watch out boy she’ll chew you up Oh

here she comes She’s a maneater” He sings to her as He twirls out the Door with her.

<Durmah> laughs and will bump back, then waves to the pair as they head out.

::Keenan watches as the people dancing and he looks at Celeste.:: “Why aren’t you up there performing?” ::he gestured to the stage.::

<Durmah> closes her eyes against a new wave of bad memories and she’ll shudder. Expression… bland (never good) she’ll pat Altaryn’s leg lightly. “I’m going to retreat, I think. You head on out and have a relaxing evening,” And Durmah rises carefully, with the sort of careful grace of someone perhaps trying out new shoes, or not entirely certain they aren’t drunk.

Abequa laughs as she is swung around and grips onto Patrick, waving at the others as she heads out with him to go fill her belly and fulfill her need to hunt something down and pounce on it.

Gavin smiles to Sascha “Maybe you need to invent a persona and go singing with me sometimes in local places..I can show you how to play a few more cords, swing by my apartment sit up play some Music you know and Sing ,Paint what ever you want to Do.”

<Sascha> waves to Patrick and Abequa as they head out and then blinks as she looks at Gavin and then kisses him soundly on the lips. “Oh my fucking… you’re a genius. I feel kinda dumb now not having thought of just assuming an identity for that.”

Celeste smiles to him .”Because my band is here to play a song..and enryi got stopped by the fucking port authority I think she had some weed on her some shit she should be done deal with them some time tonight..our manager is going to go smooth that out I think.

::Keenan nodded with an Ah expression.:: “So you are performing, just later tonight.” ::he smirked and looked around:: “Okay I need a drink, I’m damn dry here, just a water or something.” ::he looked around and headed to what looked like a tended bar.::

Gavin smiles enjoying both a Steamy kiss and well Being genius. “Not Dumb, you been busy, that’s what these are for right to relax..Why did your ex Tell me to have a wetsuit for tomorrow..I am kind of worried..”He asks and grins “Not scared just really ..unsure what the hell to expect from a 7 and half foot tall man who asks if I own a wetsuit..of course I answered with a resounds firm..oh yes sir I happen to own three in two colors..”He

teases her with a laugh ,”I told him I could get one for each of us in our pack and some extras.

<Sascha> chuckles a little bit, “Something about jetskis and racing up the river…”

Mike looks over at keenan slow pouring the new Castle pale ale into the Pub draught And handing him the black and tan. “Having a good night man.”

Gavin Blinks..”Oh that will be fun.”He laughs and chuckles he said something about Drying off in fire walking or Fire dancing he is so damn funny..You Look at him and your like God I hope that man has a sense of humor.”

<Sascha> smiles a little. “Fire walking is a thing.”, she nods to Gavin. “Good thing you picked up some resistance to it… the important part of fire walking is to not panic. The idea being we keep outrselves in control and make ourselves go across it even though our inner selves wants to flee.”

<Sascha> “Fire dancing too… they build a bonfire and dare each other to jump throuhg it.”\

::Keenan smirked and shook his head extending his hand to Mike.:: “God damn I should have known you’d be here!” ::he smiled and shook Mikes hand and took the drink offered.:: “Yeah I’m okay, feel kinda weird just standing around and watching the arts shows though.” ::he shrugged and looked around then back at Mike.:: “How’s your night going man?”

<Durmah> will walk carefully to Sascha and stop next to where the pair are to smile. “You were entrancing, Sascha. And you look lovely tonight.”

gavin Smiles to her blue eyes “See now you are..you are not fucking around.”He laughs a little and puts his head on her shoulder. “Right so ..Just right on”He laughs in her shoulder. “I better get good at it then ..Jump through a bon fire..why ,,Oh hello durmah..” He says moving his guitar so she can join them setting it on the floor by his feet.

<Sascha> smiles at Durmah. “Thank you. You always have such nice dresses, Durmah. But I am happy to see you.”

<Sascha> pats Gavin’s back. “Nope, not kidding… those contests are all part of the Palla Grande…”

Mike Laughs and nods”Yeah I am the strangest one out the lot of em trust me..”He shakes his hand “You having a good run tonight Brother,Go on up there and sing if you want..I warn you though they can be fucking harsh as hell at times..trust me

<Durmah> waves a hand lightly to Gavin. “I’m a bit snarly tonight, I’m headed back up to my room, I think. I just wanted to let Sascha know I thought she did wonderfully.”

::Keenan shook his head like he was just told he had cancer.:: “Nope…nope, I don’t do stages, and I don’t do singing…Nope train to fuckthatville.” ::he took a beer and a deep drink.:: “I’d rather die in my sleep than on stage, heeeelllll no, I am not going to submit people to a form of psychological torture that is my voice, I have too much respect for my own and others lives to do that to anyone.” ::he chuckled nervously and drank

more beer.::

Gavin smiles”Well your welcome to hang out with me even if your snarly, I know my way out..”He smiles to her with a wink ,Patting the chair and looking back at sascha “you Know what the Jet ski race is for..check this out Durmah ,Jet ski race tomorrow night that sounds like so much fun.

Mike Leans over bumping his elbows on the bar grabbing a red bull and slugging don half way and filling it with vodka drinking it again with the same veracity “Man I hear you , I once sang ..god..well I do when no one is around or I like getting down in the shower..My voice sounds really realy bad , every hear that song by elmo the little pink monster? Yeah Mike sounds Like elmo..

<Sascha> smirks a little. “It’ll get rough… you’ll have tenticles overthrowing skis in the water… fucking gangrel cheating and calling up water critters…”

<Altaryn> will look for Ghost once Durmah took her leave. Though he was sorely tempted to stay to watch the rest of tonight’s entertainment. Logically though, he knew he should go as his support crew dwindled. And so, Ghost and Altaryn would head back to the Asylum for the night.

::Keenan laughed and sipped his beer, he’d look around at the very quickly dwindling attendance.:: “Well, looks like the party’s pretty much died down to nothin.” ::he smirked and looked back at Mike.:: “You sound like Elmo?” :He had this pained expression on his face.:: “that…that’s actually kinda funny, we could make a metal band, name ourselves something like Pastors of Muppets or something.” ::he laughed a bit at that.::

<Durmah> lifts a finger at that and shakes her head, “No. Water tentacles are even more creepy than shadow tentacles, I think.” Besides… she might stab someone if they tried to get her in a swimsuit. Still she chuckles “Should be interesting to watch, I guess.” A smile to them and she’ll shake her head at the invitation to sit, she wasn’t going to intrude on the two’s time together, so

she’ll just wave and make her way towards the stairs.

Gavin starts to plot a Idea..”I ave a Idea..”He watchs Durmah Head off “Night Durmah.” He looks at sascha grining “oh that speed ski will be loads of fun..I am so in..”He winks to sascha .

<Durmah> waves to Mike as well as she passes, then disappears back towards her room.

Mike nods to him..”Except the corporate branch up there in the observation booth s..I wouldnt bug the Mvp folks up there..Not exactly the best senses of humor..So you guys are gonna be at the Beach party tomorrow..We river party ,We got River access here so we are doing bonfires ands some fucking around

<Sascha> blinks slowly and groans. “Okay… I am not sure how I feel about a wetsuit… I don’t like clingy materials, my skin likes to breathe.”

::Keenan looked at Mike and smiled.:: “Uhm I don’t know honestly, I mean my boss has been nice in giving me this much time off but I think I might be stretching it if I go for three, we’re getting pretty busy and I don’t want to leave that kitchen high and dry.” ::he sounded concerned and rubbed his arm.:: “I mean..I found out I got the grant for my business but there’s a lot of work I have to do to get that up and running, and I don’t

really want to just drop Mansurs because of that…I have commitments.” ::he looked around then back at him, there was a tension that was starting to sort of flow back into him.:: “I want to…but…I can’t just drop everything and party for…however long this is going.”

Gavin smiles to her”Naw I’ll race if you cover me From shore? I am pretty good,But I you know I am Not good good..Oh you Dont have wear one I will and race them..As long as we dont Play like lawn darts of something while Ski ing along or ewww Javilin throw..”He laughs again..”You did wonderful tonight..Really ”

Mike looks to Keenan “Happens to be a fact you can tell people to go fuck themselves if your life is more important,You always can work in any kitchen right, and congrats on the grant. But follow me You can work in any kitchen ..You think this shit happens every day to people what your looking at here?” He laughs chugging his red Bull “trust me rare..asFuuuuck.

<Sascha> laughs and shakes her head. “Don’t give them ideas… they do lawn darts too. And it can be as gory as it sounds. The object sometimes to be the one who dares stand on target the longest without getting hit.”

<Sascha> “How do you want me to cover you from shore, exactly? I mean I have senses and can keep turtles and stuff off you… maybe gators… telling you, animalism is an unfair advantage.”

Gavin Laughs “What the fuck logic is that..see thats Now that some evil frat Boy shit Iam not doing the rest is cool that s laying down on the floor with golf ball on your lips waiting for a dumb ass to swing a driver at it..we know how that is gonna end “He laughs again watching in his head as dart comes straight down on his head..”Yeah No..”He laughs..”Might be great fun to watch

::Keenan sighs.:: “I can work in any kitchen because being a chef requires you to have a dedicated sense of morality and be accountable, you’re a team behind the line, and if one person starts pissing on the team, specially when it’s one of the heads, you lose the respect you have.” ::he sipped his beer.:: “I won’t do my new business any good if people see me as a guy that pisses on their time off because he wanted some.” ::he sipped his

beer.:: “There are life altering moments, and there are fun times.” ::he looked around and then back.:: “These people have done something amazing for me, I won’t deny it, if I work tomorrow during the day then yeah I’ll get away for the party.”

<Sascha> laughs a little bit and nods, she briefly glances to Keenan and then back to Gavin, shaking her head. “Wonder if they have started placing bets yet on how long before he sees something that wigs him? beach party tomorrow will probably do it… one frenzy is all it’s gonna take.”

Gavin Smirks “Well i think he might do pretty good till then..You got time for one More song Before I ask you if you want a lift home tonight ?”

::Keenan finishes the beer pretty fast and puts the empty down.:: “Well, if the party is pretty much dead, I think I’m gonna head out, seems like I showed up a bit on the late side, have a good one man.” ::he smiled shook the mans hand and went over to Celeste.:: “Hey, looks like everything is pretty much done, the place is pretty empty, you wanna head out and go somewhere else?”

Mike looks at him “Dude tomorrow is Gonna be like crazy fun ,Knife throwing axes, jet ski’s dancing bon fires ..Hot girls in swim gear man…Not mention a my mad skills on the bar..”He grins to Keenan. “I get responsibility and all that,But your on a Date with a hot Blonde,Who wants to take you to the river to party , switch shifts hommie..boss gets his panties in a twist let him un fuck himself I mean you already got your beans on the

fire to eat from for the Next.”He shakes his hand as he leaves . Celeste Smiles to him you can drop me off at the Hotel and well we can definitely talk about tomorrow. I am sure your bosses boss will understand totally.

::Keenan looked at Celeste and nodded.:: “Sure, if you’re up for taking off, lets head out.” ::he’d offer his hand to her to take and if she did he’d walk out with her, looking over to Gavin and the woman he sat with.;: “Hey Gavin, nice music, and thanks to you and your friends for that gift.” ::he smirked and waved to both of them.::

<Sascha> smirks a little bit at Gavin, and sighs, leaning over to rest her head on him. “You want to stay at my place tonight? Long as you promise not to barricade anything?”

Gavin smiles to Keenan “Have a good night man “He smiles to Sascha “your damn right I would love to spend the night at your place ..you want to leave with them and head out..”

<Sascha> waves at Keenan and chuckles a little. “Wait till he figures out how many times he’s seen me as different people.”, she looks at Gavin and nods. “Alright, you can stay at my place tonight. Let me check up with Mike, and then we can head out too. I will catch up with Rose tomorrow after the contests.”

Gavin nods to her with smiles collecting his things up and looking to her as she goes toward the bar “Oh you know she is not gonna miss that carnage

::Keenan’s eyes still furrowed as he tried to figure out where he’d seen Sascha before, but shook it off as he slipped out with Celeste.::

Mike glances up from the bar with a smiles “Well Good evening Mistress,How is it going..”He asks trying to make it obvious he is so Red bulling through the shift here with a pretty good pace.

<Sascha> laughs and nods. “Yeah, she will be there. She is gonna come by to talk about a project we are working on.”, she says and then heads over to the bar. “Just checking on you. You look like you so need to sleep. You should do that, seriously. My Pack is going to take over the whole apartment building we are currently in, when we do I want some security upgrades. It’s not a right-now

thing, but should be mentioned so you are aware.”

Mike Dips his head”I can handle it ,Already got everything I need to Do most the work myself. Sort of saw it going that way . I can up grade and have a police unit in rotation its not a big issue.. I will rest Mistress, I did this to myself I took some private time and I understand My responsibility to the event ,I will go home after I shut down here and rest mistress. Felicity Need more things from the store,?”

<Sascha> nods to him. “Thank you. I think she is okay for now. I’ll see you tomorrow night then.”, she smiles and then moves off nodding to Gavin to lead the way out so they can go home.

Gavin Hooks his arm in hers holding the guitar case .His arm going around her waist as they head out Glancing at the Doors and winking to her as they head out to the parking lot getting in and heading home for the Night.

Mike looks at the Mess and shakes his head drinking his red bull and throwing it in the trash..”Nope, shit rolls down hill so not cleaning this shit up..”He looks around and sniffs “Who the fuck wears axe..”He walks around rubbing his nose as he Leaves.”God dam n thats twice today..Wal mart must have a fucking sale.