<Sascha> talks to Felicity first and after discovering Gavin did in fact sleep over there but that the sounds of furniture being shoved around was heard sighs and then smirks. “Well, time to give him a horrifying lesson…”, she says and then goes into the bathroom and closes the door. She concentrates and pours herself down the drain and then works her way around and up the drain on

the other apartment, coming out in the bathroom and reforming, albeit naked. She opens up the bathroom door from the inside and looks around the apartment. “Gavin?”

Gavin Wakes up and draws his pistol stands back “Holy Sanctified shit!”He looks at her..”umm holy did you get in here..”He looks around lowering the gun . ” Crying mary you scared the hell out me..Really..was that.”He looks back at the bed room Door where he shoved the bed..”Did you come through the walls in there..secret doors? “He glaces to her”Not that I am not glad its you..And now I know why that dick Mike was digging around the

other day until dark..”He smirks a little “I am jumpy..as Hell.

<Sascha> smirks a little bit and shakes her head. “The drains. I went into my bathroom sink and came out yours. I was just gonna warn you that furniture won’t keep Valez out, she can turn into shadows and slide under doors and stuff too. Not that you needed any help being paranoid.”

Gavin Groans”I figured she just punch a hole through the damn wall and drag me out ..”He sighs. “I might stay here tonight..I am not stupid. “He looks around the room and Shrugs. “she has to find me if she wants to fuck with me again..Its fucked up..I can feel something back there in my head.It cant make out what the hell it is.”He shrugs and looks around the room..”You can just put a door there if you want, i mean its your

apartment..FUCK “he groans.”I am so damn embarrassed… I don’t want you to get into it with her, I broke her..she wasn’t expecting it I had no idea what I was doing or who with..You understand, christ it was a mistake. If she is gonna Show me the error of my ways that’s got to be on me,I dont want you getting hurt because I was a moron.

<Sascha> shakes her head and reaches to pull him to her. “Gavin, no. Don’t let her scare you off. She’s not gonna do anything. She’s been warned you’re a member of my Pack. I won’t tolerate some bullshit because she can’t handle the aftermath of what she did. Besides, she of all people, having been in that city for as long as she has should know to be mindful of certain things.”

Gavin Looks down at her bumps his head on hers”I am not scared just not retarded…I am gonna get her back. “He grins to her..”Again playing I rather not have her tap dance my skull off the walls..I am hopeful she Spent the night thinking about war bullshit and not how she could go all Plasmatica and get too me.”He looks around the apartment and back at her “You had some fun at least right?”

<Sascha> nods to him and kisses him softly before pulling away. “Zaluut will be there tonight… this will be loads of fun. And no one knows I have snuck in a song either into the list for tonight. So right now I am a high strung ball of stress, plus I need to change my form again.”

Gavin nods to her”I am worried I am gonna draw their attention again ,Look I love lime light and Attention.”He smirks stupid when she kisses him “Your bad..I don’t want to get them worked up and crap..But I need to do this . I got to let this shit out and crush the hell out of what ever it is that is going on in me.

<Sascha> smiles a little and hugs him. “Then do that. Some people here aren’t gonna understand… but that doesn’t matter. They need to figure it out for themselves, same as you, same as me.”

Gavin nods to her”Your good at this you know.”He chuckles and looks around the apartment.”I ‘ll Fix what I busted up..I so over reacted a little, Just was something there in her eyes and it I dont know what it was I did not like the after effects of it. Foggy and I felt like I couldn’t see things straight,I tried to move to leave but her eyes did this gold thing and my damn legs locked right up. Like they ..then It was almost crippling I

couldn t take my eyes off her and boom there you were saving my stupid ass.”He laughs to her “thank you.”

<Sascha> leans over and kisses his temple. “No problem. I didn’t think she’d try something there, boy was I wrong.”

Gavin leans his head to her looking at the wall . “I think that was her point,I feel like a bitch when dealing with some of them..I need to thicken up aspects of myself. I am not exactly a slouch..But I got a idea or two to make that playing field a little more level.”He looks to her and grins “I wont get all forceful, violent wasn’t it “He teases her with a grin .”I got to Work on a few things..But who doesn’t. I wanted to just reach

into her emotions and rip them out before I left.

<Sascha> nods softly and glances to the furniture. “I rather not go back the way I came… but we are gonna have to move this so I can get over there … course I could just use your shower.”

Gavin hauls the Bed back out of her way “there you go,well I love to let you use my shower but your gonna be hella late back . And honestly You dont have your things in here..I dont have my things here either. I need to go get them .”He throws some wads of money on the bed and throws a few pill bottles over there. “Zantosa going in heavy as a warning,Some of them were so drugged up last night. I almost feel like shit selling them crap,

but at risk of sounding like a Junkie asshole at least I know what they are getting is good and clean . I know they get it from some where else but still that so souns like some asshole making a excuse ..sorry old AA meeting shit in my head..god I ve been to rehab so many times its comical I ended up like this if you think on it

<Sascha> chuckles faintly. “Great, now you got that song stuck in my head again… I’ll see you in a little while.”, she makes a face at him and pushes the rest out of the way so she can sneak out naked and run into the other apartment.

Gavin blinks “Thats funny I dont know if she means rehab or Something way more comical

<Sascha> goes and gets ready for the party, making some… adjustments to her form.