phillip txts Alice: *hugs* I miss painting the roses with you

Phillip txts Alice: … The what? Is that a Euphemism?

<Parvati> comes out to visit Storyland Park, since she had saw an ad about it recently, and was intrigued enough to check it out.

Alice txts Phillip: … no? Come find me! I’ll give you a kiss if you can catch me?

Phillip txts Alice: Oh, how can I say no to that chase!

++ Phillip ++ arrived in New Orleans as soon as he was able to with his motorcycle rumbling to a stop in a parking lot before the leather clad albino made his way into the storybook land with an amused smile as he gazed around the darkness, “Marco?” His voice was light and humored.

<Parvati> stops upon hearing the voice, but doesn’t turn to look at whoever made it, moving out of sight.

<Alice> giggles and calls out from somewhere deeper in the park (which is oddly open after hours). “Polo!”

<Parvati> looks toward the other voice, feeling she should get out of here, and checks to see if the owner of the first one was between her and the exit.

++ Phillip ++ grins and his laugh can be heard as light a playful as he slips to the shadows to slink along in the darkness. He dipped behind a statue of a giant goose with a singsong, “Mar-co!”

<Parvati> decides to book it, quickly heading toward the exit.

++ Phillip ++ catches sight of someone running and he grins hungrily, “Lunch-o.” A running prey item stirred his soul and he began moving quickly in the shadows after the fleeing snack. What luck, he could give Alice lunch!

<Alice> giggles again and yells from the Alice in Wonderland section, “Polo!”

++ Phillip ++ looks over his shoulder with a feral grin, “Hold right there. I found a picnic lunch…” He licked his lips as he began hunting the little mouse.

<Parvati> looks over her shoulder, and moves even faster, slowing down briefly to draw a knife from her boot before resuming her blistering pace. She keeps it concealed from her pursuer by holding it in front of her.

<Parvati> “I’m not anyone’s lunch!”

<Storyteller> Phillip easily overtakes the fleeing Parvati as she trips over a stone and falls to the ground in front of him. Now standing a mere arm’s length away with her on the ground…

++ Phillip ++ grabbed Parvati off the ground, pulling her against him in a strong hold, “Alice, I snagged lunch, want a quick bite?” He grinned, who knew this would be a dinner date.

<Parvati> grimaces as she’s grabbed up and held against Phillip, trying to break free of his grasp and escape.

<Alice> comes out from behind the bushes. “You promise you aren’t being sneaky to lure me out?”

++ Phillip ++ grinned and batted his eyelashes at Alice, as he turned to show the meal, “Would I do that? Ok, maaaybe I would, my fair painted rose, but this time I am honest.” He winked and sniffed Parvati’s neck, “Hmmm, this one is a marvelous bouquet. Ladies first?”

<Parvati> fails to break free of Phillip’s grasp, and thus drives her foot at his balls to absolutely make sure that she gets out of her captor’s grapple.

<Alice> tilts her head a bit as she comes out and looks at Parvati, then at Phillip. “I am okay, and she doesn’t seem to like that very much. I don’t like them when they are scared. It tastes bitter.”

++ Phillip ++ tilts his head slightly and looks down at the struggling woman in his arms, “Oh.” He’d been more excited by the running, but he evidently cared about what Alice’s preferences were since he suddenly released Parvati and patted her on the butt to send her scurrying away like one might do to a horse, “Shoo then, run away little rabbit.”

<Parvati> makes yet another attempt to break free of Phillip, but fails this time as well, looking over at Alice. She stumbles a little when she’s let go, turning and getting the hell out of Dodge. Tonight had been a bit too eventful for her.

++ Phillip ++ smiled at Alice with a roguish grin, “Next time I’ll bring you a meal you will enjoy. I admit it was a bit on the fly since I saw her running and… got excited.” He slipped closer to place a hand on alice’s waist so he could spin her into a dip and gaze into her eyes, “A bitter drought is no proper drink for a flower so sweet.”

<Alice> smiles at him and moves with him with a nod. “Well of course you did. Naughty kitties like to chase things. So how have you been?”

<Parvati> is gone.

++ Phillip ++ chuckled and leaned down to place a gentle kiss on Alice’s lips before easing her back into a standing position, “Hmmm, if I knew protean, I’d be a little albino kitty just to knock everything off the Bishop’s table.” And somehow, it was impossible to tell is he was honest or jesting, “I’ve been good though, taking care of the small things so that others can have the glory. It’s what I am best at.” He brushed

a strand of hair behind her ear, “How have you been?”

<Alice> smiles and kisses him back before getting back to her feet and watching him. “Busy. Mostly research but some music stuff too. The people in the Elysium have gone positively -bonkers-.”, she looks up at the rain and tugs on Phillip to join her in the tunnel of the castle.

++ Phillip ++ has no problem joining Alice and snuggling with her inside the tunnel, “Hmmm, something about busy hands and devils?” He chuckled because lets face it, his hands were always busy and he was a devil, “The people in Elysium -are- bonkers. I know someone that thinks the Prince is an infernalist and the Tremere have gone off the deep end… though… I might know a few people who had a hand in that. Or do you mean

bonkers beyond that?”

<Alice> smirks a bit at him. “That about covers it. Always such a clever cat you are.”, she says and doesn’t shy away from his touch. “They call -me- crazy… that has all gone to heck in a handbasket.”

++ Phillip ++ brushed the back of his fingers over Alices’ cheek in a tender gesture, “We are -all- crazy. Some of us are just more honest about it.” He smirks a little ruefully, “The Cam is going to have to pull things together if they want to hold power. Cracks can be widened and make the tower crumble. I don’t want to see you caught in that.” He was honest about that much. “People know a demon has tainted the Prince

and that the clans can’t control their ghouls. Setites plague the streets and the island that is this city is being closed off from support.”

<Alice> nods and watches Phillip’s face. “Crazy is just a point of view others can’t cope with yet.”, she shrugs. “They won’t hold power here… they are just lingering cause they refuse to let go… I don’t know about this demon tainting thing… and the ghouls loose were from Samson, an Anarch they tried to kill. Setites are always an issue… everywhere. In fact, heard they came

from Shreveport, which would mean the Sabbat people are slacking in snake hunting.”, she smirks at him a little.

++ Phillip ++ hmmm’ed and snuggled Alice with a playful nip to her neck, without fangs, “Hmmmm, infernalist is what I mean, but I don’t have much to do with Shreveport. I think Some of us are hunting the setites her, but I am not a good hunter. I suppose, I’m decent at my path? If nothing else.” He leaned back to smirk, “Sometimes I hear things, usually after everyone else. The city will need to handle it’s own issues for a

week though. Palla Grande is approaching and I don’t think any packs will be in New Orleans. Are there any cainites in the city addressing issues aside from the ones I know about?”

<Alice> blinks a little bit and giggles at him, “You do that I am gonna have to get you back.”, she smiles and then turns her head to look at him. “What’s a Palla Grande? A holiday? There’s a few doing stuff… mostly quietly though. Dupre has people looking into the werewolf attacks and the fires…”

++ Phillip ++ makes a soft purring hum of a noise, “Would be not so good for you. I prefer if our friendship was not bound by blood.” He wouldn’t do that to a friend, not like that, “A Palla Grande is a holiday. A sacred celebration for my sect. It’s a pretty big deal with people showing off and partying, but there is actually an undertone of community and celebration if you get past it all.” He smiled, “Hmm…

werewolf attacks and fires. I actually don’t know much about those. There is a group of werewolves out in Krotz, but I don’t think they have anything to do with it.”

<Alice> tilts her head and nods. “I understand. Oh, that sounds interesting.”, she shrugs a little. “A few art places got attacked… the Toreador are peeved off. Witnesses were all freaked too bad to describe it but we’re positive it was a werewolf. And during a full moon no less.”

++ Phillip ++ nodded his head with a grimace, “Ah, that’s harsh. The toreador love their art and they are really high strung.” He sighed, “We need them to focus on actually being a force to be reckoned with.” He ran a hand through his hair, “I hate to actually say this, but can we do something to sooth them? Like… I can write them poetry to enjoy?”

<Alice> shakes her head. “Oh no… Toreador are dangerous, especially like this. You get one worked up and they all just… and they are so fast… and they do not play. They are planning something.”

++ Phillip ++ nodded his head and chuckled, “Right, I’ll try not to give into the temptation to cheer them up.”

<Alice> smiles a little and nudges him. “But maybe you could come write some music with me sometime soon?”

++ Phillip ++ smiled and dipped his head with a grin, “I’d love to, maybe together we write a hit for the radio!”

<Alice> “I’d like that very much.”, she says and rises on her tiptoes to kiss him again. “I am glad you came out to see me tonight. I hope you have fun at your party.”

++ Phillip ++ smiled and returned the kiss, “I enjoy seeing you and I’ll do my best. It’s the people that make the party though. So we will see.” He sighed and looked up at the sky, “I need to head out though. It’s a long drive back… I’ll send you a message after the party, ok?”

<Alice> nods to him. “Alright. Take care and I will see you again soon.”