Mike txts Sissy: pulling up by the lobby black car.

<Sissy> checks her phone and exits the front of the hotel dressed in a long dark blue dress that moves about her ankles in the wind and sandles that match the dress. Woodsy scented soaps or shampoo like sandlewood, and light makeup. Her hair down and covering most of her scarring on the right side.

Mike Pulls up 69 Gto that looks like he spent a tremendous amount of money and time on .black and chrome Monster creeps up and he reaches over hitting the door open on the passenger side as it he has done this a few hundred times. He glances out the door and takes a last draw off the cigarette . Looks a Little cleaned up white shirt black tie suspenders from the trousers and a shoulder holster which he is taking off and throwing in the

glove box as she approaches he slaps the glove box shut “Holy christ look at you..Damn well you look nice”

<Sissy> blinks and then smiles at him, blushing just a little as she climbs in. “Wow, this is a nice car, did you restore it yourself?”

Mike shakes his head”No ..No I am not that talented. So What kind of food you want or you want me too pick? Please tell me your hungry..”he pulls out doors lock when the wheels roll out. “I am trying to get anther one, but My insurance just blew through the dang roof, “He pulls out tooling back up the man drag lowering the windows just a hint so she can get some air into the car with out messing her hair up. “I do not do this often, at

all..But I mean I ve met you like god knows how many times,Why not a dinner and cool night out..grant i wont look as good as you doing it, But i’ll try and impress..at least the car is pretty too “He laughs.

<Sissy> smiles a little bit and looks forward. “You look great. And you aren’t a creeper. As for food, yes, I am hungry and you pick.”, she pats the dashboard. “I can fix cars too. Never done anything this cool, though.”

Mike Blinks “You know thats pretty Fucking bad ass. and thanks..So you just about fix all kinds of stuff? “He drives along stopping outside Latil’s Landing Restaurant. He pulls in to the spot and parks outside the edge of the trees. Just a rather nice looking Southern plantation house by the river. But its obviously a business. “” He gets out hooking his jacket and coming around to her door popping it open .”So I hope you like creole

and cajun ..they have french as well” He shuts the door locking it with a fob. “Naw I am not a creeper Had a few of those?”

<Sissy> smiles. “Oh yeah, I can fix anything. It’s like a superpower.”, she grins a little bit and then looks to the place before nodding. “Ugh, yeah… the lastest one was this Yevi guy asked me out and tried to get me drunk by ordering me doubles and kept talking about pervy stuff he was planning. Nope. But yeah, sorry, just venting a bit there.”, she smirks as the looks at the place.

“I do like me some catfish.”

Mike hooks arm around her”Yeah Not my style..sorry getting a gal plastered to get my rocks off Little bill cosby. Vent away” He tilts his head to her”Pervy hunh, Yeah no..that’s a bit much ..”He catches the front door for her going inside behind her waiting to be seated. “I am sure they got catfish , you cool? I mean I don’t want to be like making you uncomfortable. I mean sounds pretty bad, I am pretty lay back guy contrary to what I

look like I am sure .

<Sissy> smiles and shakes her head at him. “You’re fine. If I had been worried or uncomfortable I’d have declined. Trust me when I say that I know how to say no and be firm about it.”

Mike looks past her shoulder at the waiter “Yeah that area out by the fountain sounds great..and bring out some extra candles and a umm a cherry coke for her and Coke for me..wine list too . I know the way.” He hooks a arm around sissy moving through the plantation door into the large fountain area . Perfected grounds being kept well and groomed..Insects kept a bay from the tables by swaying torches and candles. mike pulls the Chair

out for her and pushes the chair in for her and sits next her .”this cool? I do come here all the time stay at the hotel toget away.

<Sissy> smiles and listens to him before nodding, and smiles a little when he sits next to her as opposed to across so she can hear him better. “Oh? Nice. Yeah when I have multiple jobs here I just stay in a hotel… easier than driving back and forth and sometimes it’s nice. I can’t look at the same four walls all the time, drives me crazy. Have you lived in this area long?”

<Evelyn> decides to get out for a little while, taking a walk through Baton Rouge.

Mike smiles to her as her drink hits the top of the wrought Iron table top . “Yes But I’ve left a few times for work Keep me out of town for a bit,Yeah I get cagy too..”He looks over a menu and winks to her “want to do five course ? Its so up too you. ” Mike winks to her.”I am fine with it and Dont you dare look at the price tags..Just order what ever you like , I my self I am trying the Five courses and few bottles from the list ,They

also have a amazing Dessert menu.

<Sissy> smirks at him a little bit, raising an eyebrow. “Actually that dounds interesting. I’ll try that. I could use a little something different… so… bartender, handiman… judging from the holster earlier and the way you carry yourself gonna go with occasional bodyguard… your list of odd jobs seems to be as long as mine.”

Mike smiles pushing his hair back on his head”Yeah, I am sort of a Swiss army knife of talents,Yeah we do have that in common, Mine is pretty out there I promise.”Mike nods to the approaching waiter “2010 Lafite Rothschild,Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot . “He glances over the menu and we will have the cheeses, Breads and fruit to start..put your sneakers on brother its gonna be a long night.

<Evelyn> makes her way down the street, a smile threatening to tug at her lips, as if she had just come up with a joke or remembered something amusing. She pauses briefly, looking into a window, before continuing onward.

<Sissy> smiles a little and nods. “Well, these cities at night are crazy places. Out-there is… well, probably not as out there as you’d think.”, she bushes her hair back on the left side briefly. “And working with bands and clubs… man… you see all kinds and I do mean -all- kinds.”

Mike nods to her “ehh they keep their flavor of crap off my watch I am good,I use to guard a gal she had problems with Freaking political types, the sicko crazy shit in that crap let me tell you..It was just a sorted mess really.”He Watches the plates go down with baskets and he unfolds a napkin for her throwing it across her lap and then one in his Nodding them to fuck off “He gets up taking his napkin wrapping it over his wrist

throwing a flirty glance her way he grabs both bottles flipping one up and flash of a knife comes up hitting the neck of the bottle with a pop. Second bottle looping the second one over his shoulder as the first goes down on the table Butterfly blade clicking open in a fan hitting the second bottle Cork popping off as he folds the knife pouring two glasses of each red and Red sweet. “I have a few tricks..I mean I can say something dirty

in french if rather..”He teases her with a wink Settling back down next to her .

<Sissy> watches him and smiles the whole time. “I think I actually know dirty words in about half a dozen languages. And I do use sign but I also read lips pretty well. Sometimes I pretend to be totally deaf just to not deal with people.”

Mike smirks “that’s Brilliant. I so would do that,I am not big on peoples small talk crap unless they interest me. And I am okay with linguistics to a degree. “He winks to her and sits back down beside her flipping the chair around sitting down to study her eyes taking a bite out of a apple swinging some sweet red in a lazy hand to her holding in a offering as smiles carrying the apple in hand toward her face in a tease he extends a

finger pushing a stray strand of hair from her face apple turning to her lips as he holds the glass still to her “words are over rated when over used right?

<Sissy> looks at him and takes the wine, blushing more than a bit even with her darker skin, but takes a bite of the apple as well and looks away as she nods. “I more watch than interact. Plenty of people who never shut up in the world. I do my part to balance out the universe.”, she smirks a bit and sips the wine before looking back at him, watching him.

Mike tastes the wine after her biting into the quickly grabbing the napkin off his arm covering his face as he starts laugh. “Balance out the universe.. pardon me.Silence is often the piercing scream that gets the most attention with their message behind watchful eyes.” He grins Uncovering his face and wiping away his face pointing with his finger to her smiling ” you got me good there.”

<Sissy> laughs a little and takes another sip of her wine. “Thank you. This is already one of the best nights I have had in a while.”

Mike grins again “Well your very welcome. That’s pretty flattering .”Her blacken catfish starts to be served out as he Moves over to where he was sitting next her waiting for his Seafood platters to start popping out. “Maybe you feel up to doing this now and again? Its not half bad Just got to side step the creeps, I mean god above knows its hard to get out ,lord I dodge it on a normal bases ,hell this first time ive been out..god in a

long damn time and have to admit the company is so much better this time..I dont feel like a toy dog on a leash .

<Sissy> smiles a bit more at that and nods, “Yeah. I’d like that a lot.”, she says as she eyes her food and then tasting it, smiles and nods to him. “I know a few pretty cool lunch spots. Most of the time I go out it’s in the day… I have had mixed luck with the local nightlife.”

Mike Smiles up a little at ease as he cuts open a steamed clam with a knife edge. “Yeah? sometimes I have the afternoons off, I mean once in while I have to do a VIP escort into court or some meeting some where.Yeah If I go out ..I tend to keep it to places like this. Out of the way of stupid nightlife,Media hounds or a like. Mixed reviews from critics or something messing with you when you go out? Or bands you had to drop something

like that?” He asks as he offers her a Steamed clam on the edge of the knife holding it carefully to her . “Mean I get that type of crap. It always shows its face at the worst moment and then its just chaos every where then your Freaking out cause the people with you ,Well your worried about them flipping out and you get this whole mexican stand off of emotions playing off each other. Its awkward at best.

<Sissy> shakes her head slightly, “No… I just have the worst luck with attracting trouble. Multiple concerts I have been at have been attacked, it’s ridiculous. I like a little exciteent, a little adventure… but I like to keep all my parts in their original packaging too.”, she smirks and eyes the knife and him before carefully leaning to take it and smiling at him again blushing

before turning way. Then she laughs a little. “I don’t know why anyone would attack the bands at a concert like that… they are all broke asses.”

Mike laughs with her.”I know artist dont have shit for money.”He chuckles again.”Making her a small plate off the large platter of seafood and setting it over by her as he pulls into the Food himself politely but direct to the point of getting to eat when he had the opportunity “I can tag along if it floats with my work I can get out there with you and help out with crap, its not like Spick and span creepers are exactly hard to pick

out..I can tell you pretty easy they stand out like sore thumbs.

<Sissy> laughs a little and shakes her head. “Thanks.”, she smiles and tries some of the food, a healthy appatite for her size. “But in that regard I am pretty good at scaring them off. No one likes a flare gun pointed at their junk and I keep one handy all the time when I am working.”

Mike Laughs ,”Yeah , well I would also consider maybe a few other ugly options body cameras scare dumb asses off faster then guns cause they have no idea where or is watching that thing. And well most concerts have jumbo trons right? so you get a dickhead put up there for everyone to see step back and let the fans eat em up.

<Sissy> smirks a little bit. “Yeah I have cameras all in my van… bit of a technophile in that regard. It’s a thought though. Might do that next time, make some premade capotions that say Creeper and Douchebag.”

Mike nods to her”Yeah ,I would and get me a picture of this douche bag that was messing with you?” He takes a bite off his plate and chases it down with some wine.”I want to know if I need to keep my eye out in the club, he sounds like a issue I get paid to keep outside. If you dont mind..Techno..ohh I was like what the heck..new one by me.I was about to say hey we all got weird little things . He teases her.

<Sissy> blushes and takes another drink of wine, shaking her head at him. “Uhm, no. It just means I like using technology… I am pretty good with it. Fixing it too.”, she winks at him. “Ugh, picture of him… maybe. Oh. Yeah I think I do. Was gonna take it to NOLA and have someone make me a voodoo doll.”, she says with a perfectly serious face.

Mike grabs some bread mopping some sauce up and nods to her”Shit works..seen brick dust knock fools out a house once, Haitian chick blasted him in the face with some kind of goofer dust,think it had spider eggs in it and it grew in his skin and them bastards hatched..Man ..eew.”He Laughs a little at her Blushing”You relax good lord,I am not gonna get all judgy cause you want to hex some retard,I mean hell how we dealt with that sort of

crazy in the Big easy for a long time,Mamba Loa sort his ass out good..If she dont put Papa Legba on his ass.

Mike Smiles again “So your good at fixing a lot if it has parts you can fix it is what your saying its your super power?

<Sissy> blinks and then laughs a little. “Was kidding that shit is kinda scary but we got the evil eye instead so I guess it’s not any worse than that.”, she smiles a little and nods. “I wasn’t gonna say cause most people don’t get it but I’m Rom. We are connected to the universe a little different than most. I am Dhartime which means I can heal physical patterns in anything… people

or machines.”, she says and eats a little bit more.

Currently the scene is: Out-and-About at Downtown in Baton-Rouge and it is Night ( Just trying to have a good time. (cont due to nyquil) )

Mike takes a drink off the wine and Chuckles to her”Your fucking with me right? I mean it really doesn’t make a difference to me either way . Well that explains few cool things ..not really just opened way more cool questions. “He Grins a little more Waving a piece of blacken catfish on the end of his fork “try this my god this is great. think they crush and grow their own or something.”He takes a drink leaving the fork hanging there.

“You know I am not human, Rather not ruin dinner I mean if you sense Physical patterns then I got to be confusing the hell out you?

<Sissy> blinks just a little bit but no, she was sure she heard that right. She eyes the fork but then takes the piece of fish as she watches him more curiously now. Reaching for her wine. “Nope, not messing with you. It’s why I am so good at fixing things.”, she shrugs a little and takes another bite of food. “I can tell some things… you don’t have the same anchor of world view. And

you are older than you look but I can’t tell by how much. I’m not that good at it yet. But uhm, hadn’t quite gone that far as to say not human.”

Mike shakes his head”Never been one..Been around them a long while so some of there habits rub off.”He smiles as she tries the fish “You really don’t have anything to Pressing worry from my lack of anchor to world view.” He chuckles to her and grabs his wine”I mean do freaking humans as a large number even have that anchor these days..Come on..truthfully. I am pretty easy going unless its work related. Then well its a job like any other

I have had. “He puts the wine down and tilts his head”so your Questioning if this smart? I mean its dinner.. and yeah I know Dhamer said the same thing..Oh come on thats a good Cannibal joke..For real.

<Sissy> laughs a little bit. “No, I trust my instincts. If you meant me harm then I’d know.”, she sips her wine and then looks back over toward him. “Scars on my face, and my loss of hearing came from setting off a pyro display to stop a rampaging werewolf. I don’t scare easily. Before you laugh about the flashlights that’s to test for darkness that doesn’t back off from the light.”

Mike says in relaxed tone snapping the spine on the lobster” gross things,I got hollow points of silver if you need some. Fear is just courage screaming to come out..”He sets the lobster down taking some meat out the claw and offering it to her as he nibbles on a litte. “I am so not even gonna laugh about that Obtenebration is what its called,its not the lack of light its the total absence of all things..So I was told.” He smiles again to

her”Scars I happen to understand..and trusting Instincts I absolutely agree but we have to use some minor conviction to guide them,even animals have a social caste and law.

<Sissy> takes the lobster and tries it, smiling a little as she sips her wine. “I don’t like naming things if someone else doesn’t know… good way to piss things off. But I know about the local nightlife. I work for a few of them doing daytime stuff. One of them is even a Lasombra, though I didn’t find that out will I had been working with him for a bit. But in general the pay is good.

And I have had to shoot a couple of them to warn them to keep their mouths off me, but most of them are okay.”

Mike makes a little Face and smiles back at her”Yeah but that is pretty nice under the right situation and right person.”He takes a drink of wine “I am not one of them. But i’ve lived with them my whole life.”He takes bite again of the lobster. “I mean we are very close to relation in that aspect but I am not dead or well..Sorry its complex. And no I am not one of those humans who feed of them. Pay is good I agree for the most part. And I

dont put my mouth where its not welcome “He laughs and smiles to her”see you know more then most. But there are things most of them do not understand or I.

<Sissy> smiles a little bit. “Well, I watch them. My family is related to some of them and so we are somewhat intertwined.”, she smirks a little bit and sips her wine. “There’s a couple I would let try it but not Yevi that’s for fucking sure. Ew.”, she laughs a little and takes another bite of food.

Mike chuckles to her “A person i know says his name like a southern mother says whore.”He Winks to her”Its kind of guilt free feeling hunh? I did not know your people were related to them.”He takes a small piece of Bread out and bites on it. “Yeah ,I am sort of like them but I dont need well to bite, or what comes from it or catch on fire,and i dont have to sweet daylight savings.” Smiles again to her.”I like the fact your not a clueless

person and you went straight in at this. I appreciate that.

<Sissy> nods and smiles a little. “My family line is called Ravnos but we have several branches of the tree. Yeah… this actually works out better. I am in deep with the weird and normal doesn’t last long. Not that I wasn’t willing to give that a chance, but I can only dance about and fake not having a double life for so long. In this case, I prefer I can be honest.”

Mike Laughs a little almost choking with a grin “Knew I liked you,Mine is Zantosa..And we have a about 6 or seven branches . I cant really keep up with it..I am weird? Really? “He makes a curious face to her “Really? I am weird, well not normal. “He chuckles again to her”And I was made, well Not in the capacity of weird but we started out being made and kind of took it into well what would be considered realm of normal as it gets, I was

born just like you.

<Sissy> listens from that side and laughs just a little. “I didn’t say I was normal either. At least not what most people would consider to be so.”, she takes a sip of the wine and watches him. “Okay then so what’s your superpower?”, she chuckles.

Mike laughs to her”My charm”He laughs “I can use their powers, I age very very slow. But I can move around with out any of their curses..”He winks to her “I mean I could entertain that imagination but I think Yevi took that to the next level of what was it..eew?”He asks and refills his glass. “Not trying to get you wasted, for 875 a bottle I drink it because it tastes damn good, I have on more power too..But that’s a surprise .”He laughs

shaking his head”Its not that , Dear god ..He was that bad hunh?”

<Sissy> laughs a little and then nods to him. “Well, he underestimated how much a gyspy can drink.”, she looks back to him after shaking her head. “I have some stuff on me too, protects me from their mind powers. But that’s neat. I don’t think I ever heard of that before. But at least you can still enjoy the sun and food and other things that bring pleasure to the soul as well as the

body, huh?”

Mike nods to her”More then some I can enhance it for me, and well Its a cool thing.”He smiles”I sat there in the car enjoying the smell of your perfume and body wash with out invading your space and being creepy I just enhanced my smell, I also however try and not over do things like that when I was younger I was a bit of hedonist asshole..Still am if given time but I keep busy ..But I am not the sort to take advantage of person unless

its work related.

<Sissy> coughs a little bit but blushes and covers that up by taking another drink of wine. “Well, glad you like it. I am not a flowery type… I like earthy smells. And I like having a good time but generally I am the one that has to make sure things are stable in the family. Responsibilities.”

Mike again agrees with her”Most of my people are complete cluster fucks..So I understand. Hey you asked what my power was.”

<Sissy> smiles a little and nods. “I did, I totally did.”, she grins and takes another drink. “So what do you want to do after this? We should both enjoy the rest of our evening before it’s back to work tomorrow.”

Mike Nods to her”totally what I was planning,I thought we were just two people who bumped into each other over time and we got a chance to have dinner and test waters of social interaction, granted some heavy flirting on my part But i like to flirt and enjoy myself..with very limited Company..Very exclusive.

<Sissy> grins a little, “You won’t hear any complaining from me about that. And if I do suddenly start complaining about a handsome man flirting sould probably make sure I am not a pod person.”

Mike Dips his head with a calm smile accepting the complement . “Pod people..god I loved that film the body snatchers..I’ll let you in on a secret..Yevi is a pod person..Not even kidding. Sort of..But any way.”He winks as they Bring the White Chocolate Bread Pudding. “I hope you like this, You need a anther cherry Coke to space out some wine or something else? Bread pudding is one I like but I thought this little dish would be more up you

alley. “the waiter ignites the Banana split and then kills the Brandy burn on it with Ice cream and chocolate sauce. “Its called a Bananas Foster Split I had them flambe A little rum and Brandy on there.,Just one shot not doubles “He teases her with a grin . “I am having a wonder time actually.”

<Sissy> chuckles a little as she watches and does in fact have a bit more cherry coke. “That’s very neat. Ugh, pod people… see I have seen some freaky stuff, most of it more interesting than scary. But I am all about a live and let live policy. Except for the darkness trying to eat me, fuck that shit.”, she snickers and then tries some of the dessert. “Wow, this is really good.”

Mike smirks and takes a few Bites of bread puddling and leans back Eyeing her with a smile”there is a great deal out there, I ve been scared a few times in this life..Yeah thats not cool to be devoured by the Emptiness.”He leans forward grabbing a napkin off a folded stack near him wiping his mouth off. “I think thats actually a move in the best direction is to see the value even if something different..Freaky is alright..But I ask you in

very strict confidence.Normal can be very much more horrific hunh? I mean honestly.?

<Sissy> nods a little bit, looking thoughtful before taking another bite. “It is. It’s what causes people to do horrible things to others just because they are different than themelves. What pushes my people to the edge of society, and be attacked on a regular basis. So I have no love for normal.”

Mike Looks around and moves next to her so he can talk with out letting the world hear them.”I know how you feel there,If people knew what I was..Christ they kill me. I wont pretend I can be pretty horrific if pushed,Or ordered to .But I am me most the times.”He looks at her and winks”You want to walk around a bit and we can come back finish this up or get more.. I figured a walk around the garden talk a little drink for me..Dont worry

I can drive you home or figure out options cab etc.

<Sissy> smiles a little and nods to that. “Sure that sounds great to me. I like to be outside… campfires in the woods or on the beach… my family, we all tell stories and just sing and dance around the fire all night. RVs parked everywhere.”

Mike Offers his hand to her after he pulls his jacket over her shoulder taking the cigarettes out and lighting one arm staying just over her shoulder. “I use to live out on the open range when I first left home,Lived under the starts slept on the ground me and my horse..Fires..yeah it was like the cowboy movies some nights, when we travel around..stories god I use to listen to those for hours and well My family maybe fucked up and

twisted a little..they are mine and I love to hear their stories and even hang out some times…Some times..

<Sissy> tilts her head. “So you said you age very slowly… are I ask how old you are?”, she smirks a ltitle. “I mean a lot of my people are long lived… I think my Baba was 180 when she passed away.”

Mike looks at her “I was born in 1799,August 12. “Mike nods again looking at her as he moves over by a small cluster of trees pulling his coat off her shoulder and setting in the grass as he sits down looking at the near by pond then the fountain where they were sitting “thats a big ass mess on that table.”He laughs to her.

<Sissy> blinks but then chuckles a little as she takes a seat beside him and nods to the table. “Yeah. Wow, you have seen a lot.”, she says and relaxes there watching the water. She’ll spend the rest of the evening happily chatting and having a decent chill time with him till it’s time to go back and get some sleep, but definately willing to go out and do it again.