<Sascha> heads in and straight up to the office, knocking on the door and waiting.

Gavin opens the Door to the office and smiles sitting Down “Hey there,How you doing? You doing good tonight?”He asks putting away Papers and then moving to sit at the front of the desk.

<Sascha> shuts the door behind her and goes over to sit on the souch and watches him. “I’m doing alright, just busy. Tying to get some things handled for both here and those coming in from Montreal. What have you been up to?”

Gavin Nods to her slowly lighting a cigarette and pulling the ashtray near him “I understand completely. Your pretty Busy,How is the home life in Montreal? Been doing a lot of art projects myself, Mellow interactions with a few Cainites and keeping to myself for the most part. reflecting into myself a little and Finding a few newer aspects of out looks emerging .

<Sascha> raises an eyebrow but nods to him. “What’s wrong, Gavin? I am serious. I don’t like games and drama, just tell me what’s going on.”

gavin lifts a eyebrow “I am being dramatic,in the slightest. I just said I was sorry the other night and I had to reflect on it . I am not mad or being dramatic,Why does everyone expect drama..I can handle my own little issues Just fine. I just got a Huge pile of them dumped in my lap I had to lie last night, and take a hit for it and I recoiled thats all.

<Sascha> gets up and looks at him. “You forget I can see that halo of emotion around you too? What are you upset about? Jealous of?”, sighs. “I am the one that should be worry for dumping my pile of emotional drama in your lap while you have your own to deal with.”

Gavin Shakes his head”You didn’t I was basically being grilled if you and I were involved. Then warned I should not..and well I lied to save your reputation at that point and I was okay with that,then I wasn’t and then I was..Because honestly I dont really give a damn who thinks what about me, but You are a different story entirely .

<Sascha> alks over and sits on the desk, wrinkling her nose at the cigarette as she looks at Gavin. “Gavin, I already told you I don’t care. People are going to talk and give shit no matter what. I haven’t hidden from anyone that actually knows me where I go or who with. Or the status of that relationship not that any of it is anyone’s business. There are several people that know about

Patrick and I, but not how complicated that is save for a couple. Or Rose and I, which is thankfully far less complicated and I am grateful for that. Tal… hasn’t really spoken to me since my Tide right before I went back to Montreal and I sort of drained him and took him apart so I can’t really blame him. And then you… I almost killed you. I still feel really bad about that.”

Gavin Nods to her and shakes his head”I am jealous that’s all, “He stamps the cigarette out knocking the thing in the trashcan ashtray and all.”I can stop drawing painting or I wrote a song even about you. I cant stop..Her and altrayn just fucking go around all Nilly willy. “Gavin looks at her”But I care, It was her tone that made me react that way. So I felt it be shameful on you if they knew, I know nothing good comes of lying, I really

do..But I had too..I didnt want her to think she has some leverage on you..Or something she could use to hurt you.

<Sascha> frowns and looks around suddenly before growling and then calming down, looking at Gavin. “I’ll talk to Durmah. I don’t know why she would … other than maybe afraid that Patrick or someone might hurt you but people will get over this shit. She is walking drama herself between Santos, Altaryn, and Phillip. And the way she plays each of them, all while hiding in her petticoats

from the breaches in her mind.”

Gavin laughs to her”I am not mad , patrick already spoke to me..was odd not seeing him But I got his point,If I break your heart He would show me Mine..talwar I was warned he oh god kill me..I am not exactly worried on that level..I ve died already my soul is secure.”He rolls his eyes “I just dont want anything getting on you..I do care very much about the person you are..your station,trappings of the orde they mean nothing to me..hell

the vampire you are is part of the person you are..Not the other way around ..Dont be upset..I thought on it , it was just her eyes, it was like she was screaming at me then she had some fit and I had to calm her down.

<Sascha> nods. “I don’t know… maybe she is the one that is jealous since Altaryn dumped her. I was suprised to see them working together. They have this freaky love-hate thing going on. I can’t stand it. Too much drama.”

Gavin laughs”Oh i knowI saw the whole damn thing its like john hughes had a anne rice love child and boom..add some off color humor,I meanthey are like me But not even close. She wants to be artistic and along those lines I understand though..I am not judging them but I am defiantly eye balling the trifecta of Crazy..and I step out that shit.

<Sascha> chuckles a little and relaxes, nodding to him. “Good then. As for the painting, singing, whatever… go for it. Find inspiration where you can and use it.”

Gavin laughs “Beautiful I cant stop..my god..I need a place of my own I am running out of room, I drawn you god knows how many times, painted you twice..Wrote two songs about you and remastered two of older songs and reworked them..”He lets a breath out.”I am actually enjoying it a great deal. I just didnt want you too get angry with a onslaught..I mean your under enough stress..granted I like to think I help it as much as I can. I need

to tell you though,I am okay with how all the aspects of you and I .

<Sascha> smiles a little. “It’d be a little creepy if you weren’t what you are. But it’s something you need to explore. I am not going to get angry. And it’s very flattering at the same time. You are not an annoyance to me. I care about you and the way you feel.”

Gavin smiles again “Yes I would be worried it i was going through your trash and taking pieces of clothing..no I burned those like you asked..granted I have to admit I took a shower they were in the back wall..god the smell of you and that drove me wild for …thenI started painting again.”He laughs and rolls his eyes “Nothing Sexy showery happened there But I did run out and start painting in a towel..Again why I need to move out of the

club. Got to get some space.”

<Sascha> nods to him and looks around briefly. “Well, we could all just take over the apartment building. Put you on the floor above me… put Art and Atanya across the way, and Lucas. Still have a apartment or two for guests.”, she chuckles a little.

Gavin growls a little and winks to her”Oh I love to be above you…One floor.”He smiles and winks playfully. “So its us? Art and atanya and Lucas? I mean its not a bad Idea to be honest helps protect us all and keeps us from stagnating in that asylum, the other place is nice but there is too much going on there for my liking. way too many people coming and going

<Sascha> smiles at him and nods. “Yeah. A place for our whole Pack for protection, safer than being alone we’d all be there close but not at the Asylum. And I like the location in relation to the churches… and Atanya and Lucas would enjoy it overlooking the cemetery. And we wouldn’t be far from the library where Artemis spends most of her time.”

gavin smiles back and paces over to her and puts his hands on the desk either side of her “You Mind if I paint you again,after a I finish songs for the palla grande? I want to really paint you ..God that sounded very very dirty.”He teases her moaning a little with a grin “say canvas…Oh oh God canvas…Paints ooo”He laughs and winks to her “I love when Harry met sally ..big hush hush secret right..”He chuckles again looking at her eyes

and shakes his head “When do you think I can help with the Pack affairs?

<Sascha> looks down at him and laughs a little, reaching out and playing with his hair. “I don’t mind as long as we aren’t using my skin for canvas… gotta draw a line somewhere.”

Gavin Looks at his arms and then her “really “He chuckles with a tease. “You ever tried to paint? You might like it..”He winks to her as she plays with his hair..”I am gonna sing a few songs with abequa and one or two at the ball, I plan to keep myself out the way, when you get a bit though..I like to sneak a Dance or a few minutes if you get time. I think I should show you some painting things,I am certain you like it..and if I am

painting on your skin , you better be wearing it.”He teases her.”We are gonna have to go back to montreal after the Palla grande..got to talk to Marc..

<Sascha> shakes her head slightly. “No… never tried painting. Not sure what I would… with the body art it’s a connection to both me and the person I am working on that brings it out.”, she nods to him a little.

gavin smiles to her”yu so get me its insane..thats why I paint..Sing anything with art it connects me..Deep..I had a impulse last night I dont where it came from either..Nothing too off beat from what you said I would start feeling..But I wanted to shoot this guy in a drug deal..His aura was all fucked up his heart rate was too calm when was talking about some disgusting things he was doing..I suddenly felt this need to purge the world

of his face..I mean I really almost killed him in straight up vengeful crazy both guns drilling his face off the wall I want to see if the blood when it hit the wall if it show his sins in the patterns if it show where he fell so far…thats normal Right?

<Sascha> nods. “Mmhmm, we all have different ways of connecting, but those connections are important.”, she listens to him and nods again. “Yeah… that happens. We all have urges like that, least pretty sure we do. I had a long sort of talk with Marc about it once… I say sort of because he didn’t speak at the time. Anyway, shit, I need to go get ready. I’ll see you in a little while.”

gavin moves out her way and looks at him self “FUCK thats tonight!”He Pecks her on her cheek “I got to go get cloths ..shit…shit..I’ll see you there”