++ Phillip ++ was dressed in a white tuxedo with Red accents in the form of a tie and suit vest underneath. His albino skin, white hair, and red eyes stood in compliment to the garments as he arrived for what was supposed to be the first night of the grand party. His eyes scanned the people already gathered and he adjusted his cuffs absently. He missed his bland suits or leather biker gear already.

Doors swing wide to the loud bustle of music,Dark lovely things Clad in black lay over the french influenced Swoop back loungers ,Swaying from the arms of the furnishings Dark little delights perfect display of flesh and debauchery . White face paint cover there faces black high lights around the facial bones.Skulls painted on some fancy others very basic..the Hedonism can almost be tasted in the air these creatures breath in. peek

physical conditions each one slightly varied in some drastic manner then the next. Decadent grabbed Creatures Moving along the stair case lithe hands with sharp Painted and manicured nails teasing the dark wood. Sensual nature here is very distracting from the Large men dressed as Plague doctors positioned in key locations along the stairs and hallways their eyes almost burning with a mixture of contained discipline and insanity of dark

delights before their eyes. women and young men Costumed in black lace and silks VIctorian mourning garb ,Faces with veils woven across the edges of small hats pinned to the ladies hair. The gentlemen tails and tops of black and coal more a kin perhaps to pallbearers. Now and again a glimpse of woman dressed in black tight fitted latex moves with a shadowy grace slipping in and out pausing only to palm something to the Decedent dead

lounging in the Front parlour.

The double doors past the parlor hosts the same motley cast of faces furnishings carry on into this room and opening the whole front area of the estate open right out to the Pool and Spa area. The fountain lights have been replaced in dark blue shimmering up the body of the greek reconstruction of the birth of venus. Very tasteful furnishings and even air coolers have been placed out here by the the bar area near the swimming pools

grotto, The area has a massive sheer Canopy over it between the outside structures. Bustling with servents moving inside and out , two Large Fire pits have been lit, each one filled with black and red glass sending a myriad of spectrum of color about . Music feeds in from unseen speakers..through out the estate.

Over sized pillows in a turkish canopy set like some throw back to ottoman debauchery is too one corner of the courtyard. The scent of night blooming jasmine is every where. Dark red and black canopy wove into place along the frame of the casbah retreat, The air is cool and moving steady with the weight of the many faces Present. The various new faces accents mixing around in total blending.Some dancing happening in the great room where

everything has been moved out and replaced with the same rich fabric of the swoop backed furnishings pushed about and arranged for dancing the doors to the south wing are open But the rest of the estate seems locked down opening only on the right evenings of the events to take place. But tonight the Damned of Baton rouge open the doors to their decadent kingdom. Night moving tiny goddesses and gods pulse off the music in the room a

second bar set from the wall of the great room seems busy with the same macabre Staff going and going about. the walls vibrate with energy from both music and the mood alone in the room seems to have this lively dark energy moving through it. Lights have all been dulled down but not too great the very air chilled and cycled giving the room this fresh feeling every step through it..

<Durmah> is dressed in a floor length gown, in an ivory white with black and gold drape trim. Her hair is pulled back into a sort of upside down bun, leaving a spill of curls to fall from the upper part of the bun. A pair of roses, one dark bluish purple bud and a white one in full bloom, are tucked into the top of the bun.

She’s wearing lipstick and delicate eyeshadow, but otherwise, no makeup. Her silver hair combs and the rosary are both in place.

<Durmah> moves to Phillip with a smile.

++ Phillip ++ breathes in sharply at the sight of debauchery and shivers. Those souls were already reaped though, so his eyes moved to the other light in this darkness and he smiled and offered a hand to Durmah, “I fear this poor soul has chosen the wrong colour, my emerald angel. The darkness swirls about to welcome us and like two candles we stand among it.”

<Anne> stands watching the others with feined indifference. She is dressed casually tonight in black jeans and a black top with half sleeves. Her feet are clad in black shows, highly polished. She eyes glint in the light as she nods to others as they arrive, her hands gnetly grasped before her.

<Durmah> chuckles softly and will rise up on tip toes to kiss Phillip’s lips gently. “I think you look dashing.” She’ll take his hand- he’ll note she’s wearing the silver and green ring he’d had made for her- and will tuck up against his side. Her gaze turns to take in the displays, impressed. “Whomever designed it knew what they were doing.”

Celeste arrives a the Gate of a massive estate on the outer ridge of baton rouge the sprawl of it shoots out past the edge of the tree lines massive Spanish revival Villa looks like something from a dark induced cocaine dream. Large grounds high walls and massive security Personal moving around as the gates open slowly..the Large black cadillac 65 sedan searched over as they pull in . She looks over at Keenan “Some of these people are a

little off But just relax and enjoy yourself ,Some might even go on and on in some weird role play crap..Dont play along Its a sexual game of some weird shit unless you want too then ehh each their own. Hollywood types and Millionaires they are excentrice as hell. Just lean up and enjoy yourself but dont wonder off with out me.

Patrick Walks out his room and turns around going back into the hallway looking back out like a kid at christmas. “abequa..its tonight.”He moves back into the hallway realising he lost track of the days and runs in to change his outfit fast slamming his door Cheering as if he saw the first snow of december.

<Evelyn> would be wearing a nice emerald green dress and heels, her hair done up into an elegant braid. In terms of accessories, she had two jade ear studs in place and an amethyst necklace hanging around her neck, as well as tasteful amounts of eyeshadow that accentuated her features.

++ Phillip ++ let his eyes scan the crowd again and wrapped his hand around Durmah’s waist with a small smile, “I think Santos had a hand in it, so I’m not surprised. It’s… interesting to say the least. I’d hate to be missing this, that’s for sure. Though, I’m pretty sure it mandatory to participate, which… kind of takes the magic from it.”

::Keenan nodded, he was wearing a relaxed fit black jacket, black cargo pants and shined up steel toed boots, underneath that a black T-shirt with a Deadpool emblem and in blood print “Maximum Effort” is printed, a belt with the words PPCLI and some other emblems hold his belt together. He nods to Celeste’s words, she’s the one that brought him here so he’ll just stick close to her, his eyes will scan the room.:: “Sure thing, it’s a bit

crowded and after the rush today, I think I can just wall flower pretty well.”

<Kitt> arrives with most of her pack, in a black lacy dress that reaches the ground and remains far enough out to not reveal her bare feet underneath. It looks strangely adult on her, like she is wearing clothes meant for an older sibling. Her blond hair neatly pinned up, but aside from that no makeup or noticeable alterations to her normal self.

<Anne> remains aloof, jsut watching the others as they arrive. She nods to any that look to her, but remains silent, watchful.

++ Phillip ++ lifted a hand in greeting to Kitt and Altaryn when he arrived. He seemed a little out of place, but enjoying himself none the less. Afterall, he was an albino, standing out is what he did.

>|Altaryn|< arrives a step behind Kitt and on her right, wearing a black tux with the ease of someone who was accustomed to being well dressed and knew they looked good. Though he wore a charismatic smile, his perceptive gaze took in the decorations and those in attendance. As Phillip waved, Altaryn returned the nod with a warm smile.

<Evelyn> would’ve arrived with her pack.

<Ghost> arrives with Altaryn and Kitt. Dressed in slacks and a dark polo shirt. He’s cleaned up for the evening and seems rested at least for the night.

<Durmah> smiles and will look over to Phillip with a smile in answer. She has a folding fan in her other hand, but she’ll lift that hand to also give Altaryn and Kitt a small wave of greeting. She’s smiling, and apparently at ease for the moment.

Abequa hated getting ready. Especially in the stuffy clothes. But she was excited too, and peered out from time to time just to peek while she fought with her clothes.

::Keenan looked at Celeste as more people showed up, he’d look around the place at the numbers in attendance, and then his eyes would wander more.:: “Okay, if I’m going to be around this many people, I need a drink.” ::His eyes started looking for the booze, trying to find something to whet his whistle.:: “Is there something lite around? Maybe a beer or, tequila or something?” ::he gave a light chuckle.::

Gavin glides in and moves over to the bar, Black and metallic graphite suit hand, Jet inlaid cuff links in the shape of a cross on each wrist . Hair folded down the suit like a black curtain hiding some sort of delicate delight , Black silk scarf through the label of the jacket giving it just enough melding of dark contrast to make the attire draw the faintest hints of feeling like one had a chance at touching something ethereal There

it was..opium and Heroin addictive attraction wrapped up at the end of the bar.

Celeste Tall powerful built frame hangs on Keenan and nods toward the bar. “Your want something I ‘ll be back with it..give me a second.”

::Keenan nodded.:: “Sure, surprise me.” ::he smiled as he stood where it was suggested he stay.::

Santos arrives with A tall Brunette woman pale gaunt wearing a matching Black turning satin evening gown to the floor wrapped in a sewn silver thread up her legs spit in the gown Santos Seems to be in a retro refitted 1920 French cut tux Tie half on half off. the woman skin seems to have a light blue hue to it and her hair eyes are a unearthly black as if it were made from things of the abyss, sensual fae like goddess with stone perfect

structure wearing just a simple blood stone choker and black Sable fur wrapped over her shoulders. they appear they stormed in through a portal in time lost in the Barking confusion of a bygone era..Her hands gloved to the elbow she wipes something off the corner of santos lips and slowly shakes her head.

<Durmah> will tilt her head towards Gavin in a nod of greeting. Keenan gets an arched brow because she hadn’t known he was… well in the know. And when Santos shows up with his guest, she’ll turn to give the pair a curtsy of greeting.

Celeste returns with a Glass of Black and tan the smell of thick stour and pale ale in the glass She winks down the bar “the bar tender said you like these. “Celeste says to Keenan.

::Keenan looked at the Beer and smiled wide.:: “Yeah I do.” ::he looked up and when he saw Durmah he waved.:: “Hey!” ::he chuckled as he sipped it.:: “Mmm damn, pretty good shit.”

<Anne> continues to scan the room, standing easly near by the bar. Her hands are still clasped before her, and she has a soft smirk on her face.

Santos Smiles to Durmah as well a small wave from beatrice. “Evening, seems we are just getting started.I heard the arch bishop should be here from the airport with her motorcade in route short”Beatrice covers his mouth with a single finger speaking “Work ..blah Blah..Valez is on her way shortly..”She smiles to Durmah then phillip her unearthly eyes seeming to turn with shades darker then night. “Men and work.

<Evelyn> politely gives the others there nods of greeting when she sees them, before focusing on Santos.

<Sascha> walks in not looking like any of her previous forms. Long fiery red hair cascades in curls down to her knees and covers what little bit of dress she is actually wearing. That she is wearing clings to her like shadows, on her pale skin. Different works of art adorn her exposed skin, from fine paintings to religious icons. Her blue eyes are perhaps the most likely thing to give

away that it is her under there, as they sweep and take in everything around her filtering it through those crystaline orbs.

++ Phillip ++ tilted his head in slight confusion, “The archbishop is a woman? I though Michael was the archbishop… did a Tzmisce do him a favour for the night?” He supposed it was possible and it would be an interesting turn of events. He did, however, nod respectfully to Santos and Beatrice as he stayed close to durmah like she was somehow grounding him.

Michael is there, though refusing to make a fuss he just sits back and listens to the shadows whispering and probably pining away at how much work isn’t getting done right now.

<Kitt> “Visiting one.”, she says to Phillip.

++ Phillip ++ glanced at Michael to note him and then smiled with a shrug, “The more the merrier. This is a party afterall. Though I should have worn black. Next time.” He promised with a wink, “Are you enjoying it so far?”

Abequa stalks out of her room finally dressed but obfuscating it to look like jeans and a t-shirt as she darts for the party to have a look around. “Come on, slow poke.”

Patrick runs down behind her in his world war one Infantry Uniform messing with abequa Pinning a service medal on her shirt .”You earned that one ..trust me”He laughs “I am not slow I fucked tha/t expensive jacket durmah got me up ..its too small..”

<Durmah> chuckles softly as Kitt answers Phillip’s question, though she’s -amused- that Phillip’s first thought was to question if Michael had a temporary sex change. She’ll shake her head and smile to Beatrice, expression amused that she’d literally shushed Santos. “Don’t blame him, please. He’s quite focused on work things very often. I didn’t realize she’d be visiting us as well, but

it’s lovely to see you again.” This is to Beatrice.

::Keenan sips at his beer and chills out beside Celeste, sipping his beer and listening to the music.:: “You were right, this place is eclectic.” ::he chuckled and let out a deep breath as he looks around and seems to try to relax.::

Michael smiles a bit at Phillip and nods. “No, I did not get a sex change… I am here because I need to be. But this showy stuff is not my style.”

<Durmah> curtsies to Michael as well when her attention is drawn to him by Phillip’s movement.

<Sascha> “Says the man who donated the sculpture out of marble back there that was made by hitting it with their fists. That sir, is showing off if I have ever seen it.”

Gavin smirks down at the edge of the bar and looks over the room as More faces rank in and gets up moving outside to the pool area. Straight to that bar and leaning over talking to the bar tender.

++ Phillip ++ let his eyes slide around the good again, “I think, need to be here, covers everyone. Not that I mind mandatory fun. Fun is fun, afterall. Though I still don’t know who’s visiting, but I do love surprises.” As if to prove the point he spins Durmah in a flourished dip to lean over her for a quick and intimate kiss.

<Altaryn> was surprised by how few faces were familiar to him. For the most part he was ‘behaving’ at present, though he did grin at Phillip. “The white suits you better, dear Phillip. Besides, you don’t wish to blend in. Those who blend in are forgettable.”

::Keenan would see Gavin and he’d wave to the man.: “Hey! Gavin!” ::he laughed a bit when he saw a face that he knew socially, he’d look at Celeste.::

<Evelyn> sketched a curtsey to the Archbishop when she caught sight of him, remaining with her pack and observing the interactions.

Abequa growls at Patrick but marginally holds still before getting out to the party and having a look around at the new people.

Gavin raise his glass to Keenan as he heads outside.Celeste Nods to Keenan “Looks like a boys club meeting outside..Or a smoke break..Go on..god..”She teases him.

<Durmah> squeaks softly when Phillip swings her around, because she hadn’t straightened fully from the curtsy when he moved her. But she’s fine to hold on and kiss him back…. though he might get a nipple pinch when he straightens her again.

::Keenan smirked at Celeste and shook his head.:: “Nope, doesn’t work like that, you come with a date, you stay with your date.” ::he chuckled.:: “it’s okay to say hello, but it’s rude to do that.” ::he looked at her.:: “so, what prompted you to bring me to this rather mixed shin dig? just a party with the rich and famous you wanted to bring me to?”

Patrick moves around with the smaller woman fussing getting a little smirk on his face.”think you sing tomorrow right? you got everything you need?” He leans down nudging her head growling. “they have a bar you want something?”

Celeste smirks to Keenan “Its free Food and drinks”she chuckles..”Go ahead, I am good trust me I’ll find my way out to you guys.

Abequa nudges him back and kisses him briefly. “One of those irish coffee things with the cream on top.”

<Durmah> clings to Phillip even when he rights her, as if she’s afraid she’ll float off. Otherwise her expression will remain calm.

<Kitt> watches people and just tries to stay out of the way, hanging out near Altaryn and Ghost. She does brighten upon seeing Anne though and waves to the old woman.

::Keenan nodded to Celeste and sipped his beer.:: “Alright then, I’m going because you said so, can’t use it against me.” ::he smirked as he wiggled his eye brows and moved out to the area where Gavin had gone to.::

<Anne> nods to Kitt, returning the wave with s asoft smile.

++ Phillip ++ purrs at the pinch and has no shame about holding Durmah close as she clings to her. He looks down at her and leaned closer to nibble and whisper naughty things in her ear about promises to come.

Santos Moves over by michael “Who the blazes was with the queens royal Irish rangers..”He nods at the tall Man moving to the Bar And not really letting the bar tender do their job as he goes back there to Do it himself.

::Keenan looked around for Gavin and moved up beside him looking at the food, picking up something and smiling as he smelled it and looked it over.:: “How’s it going Brother?”

Antol and Echo and the band are here as well, the seven foot tall elven creature hard to miss as he walks with the other somewhat strange people with him. Did that guy behind them just eat a fork?

Altaryn whispers What is with all the food’s food

Kitt whispers There’s a lot of Revenants here. And some might be trying to get their party favors drunk a bit to enjoy later.

Abequa pauses and bristles a little bit on seeing Echo, a little growl escaping her as she vanished from view.

<Altaryn> gave a disapproving look but kept his opinion to quiet whispers.

<Durmah> blinks… sort of surprised at the … really tall dude. The fork thing was less odd, weirdly. But she turns to listen to Phillip’s naughty things, and will smile, chuckling softly in her throat. Her hands will ease, but she’ll wrap an arm around his waist and relax against him. Her fan hangs off of her other wrist for now, unused for the moment.

<Evelyn> turns to look at the newcomers, calmly sizing them up without a word. The one who ate a fork earns himself a slightly arched eyebrow.

<Ghost> looks to Alt and Kitt, keeping close to them, and not really mingeling much.

Altaryn whispers When I was a vassal, I went to great lengths not to eat or drink in front of my betters

<Durmah> smiles to Altaryn, “It’s a party, Altaryn, and the… drinks… should be properly prepared, don’t you think?”

<Sascha> leans over at Altaryn and Kitt, her long hair nearly touching the ground as she does so. “Hate to tell you this but a lot of us have really good hearing… so whispering just draws attention to you guys.”

::Keenan had just finished greeting Gavin and his head seemed to shake slightly, his brow furrowed and he glanced to one side seeming confused about something, looking around seemingly for something, and then turn his attention back to Gavin.:: “so, fun party.”

Sound of heels snapping down on the floor rolls in with a overpowering waves of commanding and awe grasping Presence wash over the Room as if the world was in a fearful lock of Struggling for its life and everything that could save them or crush them under bootheel was approaching, Hard walking stiletto heels Sharpen to a fine steel spike on each foot She stood there wrapped in a knee high skirt and black sweater Her hair was Drawn back

to her in a ravishing throw of Dark hair down past her waist. The exposed tattoos on her neck Violence and sex was wrapped up in a hispanic Wrath. Her legs boast two aztec serpents tattooed up vanishing into the Skirt. Her complexion pale brown . She extends a Hand to Michael tattooed knuckles in Aztec Glyphs “Her words roll out like coiled thunder slamming in their delicate twist of english. “We were Delayed..” She says drawing the sun

glasses off looking at michael . Brilliant Green eyes like stones of jade looking at him “Pleasure again.”

Gavin looks to Keenan and nods Laughing “Hey there you are , Best kept secret all the real parties start here really .You find Celeste or she find you, She was up at the clubs looking for you had to remind her you have a day job .

++ Phillip ++ didn’t seem to hear the whispering, but then he had Durmah and plenty of things to inspire his poetry at hand. Phillip’s eyes turned to the woman that approached as Presence commanded and he blinked at the figure in shock and awe, “Who’s that?”

<Altaryn> “I am not ashamed of my opinion. I whisper for the sake of keeping my opinion to those closest to me, and others may focus instead on the music or their own conversations.” He gave a small shrug, but his attetion was pulled the new comer approaching Micheal. He watched the proceedings but otherwise remained calm.

<Evelyn> looks toward the footsteps, the pull of Presence rather irresistible to avoid, and takes in the new figure with that same calm expression.

<Anne> watches he woman approach, her eyes glinting in the light, but hte soft smirk still present on her face.

Patrick smiles at altaryn Holding the irish cream coffee looking for abequa. “Damn it..”He walks by and Bumps Sascha with his head growling a Greeting,And looking at Valez walking to Michael..”poop..Pardon me?”He looks at sascha . “Ughh..I am going to find abby..”He winks to sascha..”Looks like the party is starting,

<Durmah> breathes in sharply, not ashamed to need his strength to gather herself under that unexpected weight of presence. She’ll murmur her answer, “I could be wrong, but perhaps the Montreal arch-bishop?”

::Keenan looked at Gavin and smiled.:: “Yeah she found me at work, my boss gave me the night off, weirdest shit th..” ::his attention turned to the person that came into the room and gave the loud announcement, his eyes were caught, he just looked at this person, he felt his heart skip a bit.:: “whoa…”

<Ghost> looks to this new person in sunglasses.

Michael rises as Valez approaches and moves to meet her. “Always.”, he says as he takes her hand. “Welcome to Baton Rouge.”

++ Phillip ++ nodded his head, “Never met her when I was in Montreal. Too low on the list of visitors to matter that much, but wow… I missed out.” He finally shook his head and gazed back at Durmah, “I think I still got the best deal though.”

Valez winks to him “thank you,So where is the bar..”She looks around the room and back to michael “Cardinal Strathcona sends his regards and blessings,Dear you have done real nice here..”

<Sascha> grabs Patrick and nods to him, “Abby is stalking Echo, you wanna stop her before Antol does.”, she says quietly.

<Durmah> huffs a soft laugh and will nuzzle into Phillip’s throat, giving him a playful (bloodless) nip, and murmurs, “Lovely flirt. I didn’t meet her while I was there, but I … heard her. From time to time.” She reaches up to touch the rosary at her throat lightly, then moves her hand away from it lest it draw attention. She blink over at Patrick and Sascha in surprise… but then she

never -could- find Abequa when she was off sneaking

Michael smiles and guides her toward the bar. “So how have you been?”, he nods as he looks around. “We are working on it. There was a lot of cleanup to do first.”

<Kitt> watches the woman talking to Michael somewhat fascinated before looking back to Altaryn. “Always so chaotic with all these people…”

++ Phillip ++ chuckles at the news that Abby was already hunting for a meal. It didn’t really surprise him, “Not as lovely as my sweet Emerald Rose.” He closed his eyes for a moment and then leaned in to speak softly to Durmah, “The night is young, but there are too many important people here for me. I made my appearance so no one can say I didn’t, but I am slipping out before anyone decides to test my conviction not to be an


Patrick Coughs walking by the cainite shaking his head holding his hand out letting a small growl issue out as he makes his way to the sofa. Winking into empty space.

Echo is off by the bar, with Antol standing over her shoulder chatting away, a massive wave of Presence surrounding her as well.

<Durmah> smiles to him and will kiss his cheek. “alright. I’ll see you later.”

++ Phillip ++ dips in for a soft and lingering kiss before slipping away from Durmah with a cheerful wave to the others as he boldly exits like he owns the place.

Abequa growls and grumbles but pulls away from watching Echo to take Patrick’s hand and follow him.

<Altaryn> “Chaotic…” he mused while he watced the arch bishops stroll off. “It is not what I expected,” he admitted without detail. Phillip made his escape, but given his pack lived here it could have been temporary. He gae a curious glance to Durmah as if asking if everything were alright.

Short Brunette cut hair feral beauty , over whelms the room Bumping her way in Face pierced out from her ears eyebrow and lip .Various tattoos along her arms in a neat sleeve , ripped blue Jeans and mid drift shirt bright red ball cap flipped side ways. She really gives no damns as she nuzzles Into her targets neck Growling as the aura of radiant rebelion permits from her Smearing blood red lip stick down sascha neck in a growl. “there

is the girl..”

<Durmah> turns once Phillip left to watch the people mingling. In the scene of mostly blacks and greys the ivory dress stands out a rather lot, unfortunately, but she’ll remain still rather than go get changed into her backup dress. Altaryn’s glance gets a smile, but she seems calm for now.

::Keenan was standing beside Gavin but was obviously staring at this woman whom just seemed to have this heavy presence about them, this awe that tended to grab attention, he was holding his beer but he wasn’t doing anything with it, he held some food in his hand, but again, did nothing with it, he just stared at her, his head following her as she moved.::

<Durmah> blinks… and doesn’t wholly recognizes the woman, but can -guess- so she’ll curtsy to the newcomer as well before straightening again calmly.

Gavin nods to keenan “You alright, Yeah she is Oh shit.”gavin turns around on the bar.Yanking keenan too look the other way. “So yeah celeste found you..Dont stare at her please Keenan she will come over here..I do not want to even know I am here..”

<Evelyn> looks away from Valez after a moment after bowing to her in respect, before moving to mingle with the others at the party.

<Sascha> near stumbles and purrs a bit as she turns to face Rose after that, her hair briefly forming a curtain around them both as she kisses the other woman. “Mmmhmm.”

<Ghost> keeps back with Kitt and Alt, though he does bow if she looks at him.

::Keenans head is jerked which tugs his attention back to reality.:: “Wha? oh, shit okay yeah dude, sorry brother but I dunno man yeah, celeste found me at work, boss even gave me the time off….I feel like I said that already.”

Valez Looks around and then too Michael “I just felt something..”She shakes her head. “Yes vancouver fell two days ago ,y forces are taking the upper portions and Driving the Camarilla from seattle into the sea or dawn..Fight was pathetic attempt more like a struggle most of their Survivor scattered or fled to LA ..Seattle stand contested but crippled..”She looks around again “Michael beautiful work, I intend to talk with you later? on

some work? “She bows back to evelyn and looks around “I ve got to find what the hell is setting me off.”

<Anne> remains standing near the bar, watching and observing the others, almost like one of the many guards located around the place.

<Altaryn> doesn’t bow, but he does turn his attention to Ghost. “Have you been to one of these before, brother? I feel like I should be focusing on my other duties.”

<Ghost> looks to Alt and shakes his head “Not really….”

<Durmah> is totally listening in on that conversation… and her brows arch… just a little in surprise at the news about Seattle. She’ll glance to Altaryn.

Rose tugs away “Mmm”She smiles “So I am staying with Valez at some Island retreat with..Uhh..oh Beatrice..So tomorrow the others arrive and we can have dinner and I think the first round of fun..God this looks amazing..Durmah doesn’t recognize me thats so cute…

<Altaryn> caught a few choice words from that conversation as well, and he found himself glancing to Durmah about the same time. “Looks like we moved before property values fell,” he joked in a deadpan voice. Something behind his eyes seemed troubled however.

Abequa climbs Patrick like a little spider monkey and uses the height advantage to look around at all the people.

<Kitt> glances to Altaryn as well, then at Rose and blinks and in general moves to stay out of peoples’ way.

Gavin Looks at Keenan “she and I sort of well..ehh long story..”gavin looks to keenan “Glad celeste found you this is great big ass night for you man one of many I am sure many more. She was asking about you ..See that latina with legs walking around anywhere just dont stare.. Let me know ..” He chuckles “Its like high school..Keenan”

<Durmah> snorts a soft laugh to Altaryn. “Or at least before the less pleasant stabbings happened. I’m perfectly fine not being dinner most nights.”

Michael smiles and nods to Valez. “This is good for them to have before we make our push Eastward. I plan to take them all the way to Florida and connect the entire gulf for us.”

<Altaryn> kept just enough presence about himself that it seemed natural he had people gravitated around him. There was nothing supernatural about it though, just natural charisma and body lanague. Indeed, he even seeme to relax a touch as their conversation continued. “You realize there is a fair chance your fate would have been the same, Durmah. You are a survivor. If I had returned instead of sticking it out here however….”

::Keenan looked at Gavin in confusion.:: “Bug ass night? Why?” ::He sipped his drink and then his eyes widened.:: “Holy shit dude is she gonna invest in my business idea? Is Durmah buying in? Because I reworked the concept, basing it off of the Hotel at the edge of the Universe from Douglass Adams..man its gonna be awesome!”

((big not bug fat thumbs))

<Evelyn> makes her way toward the bar, listening to the conversations and giving Anne a polite nod of greeting.

<Sascha> nods to Rose as she looks around briefly and smiles. “This will certainly be one hell of a week. I am already enjoying it.”

Patrick hauls Abequa around and grins growling “You want to look around..meet people? or you want to lay back and watch them..”He asks her tilting his head as she hugs on to his back.

<Anne> returns the nod and waves slightly, the smirk remaining on her lips.

Abequa hugs Patrick’s neck and kisses his cheek as she gets a good hold up there to see what is going on. “I think we should meet people.”

<Durmah> purses her lips a bit. “Well, I had plans in place of what to do, if I needed to. I do not know if they would have succeeded, but all in all I”m pleased to not have been on the front lines, and I’m selfishly glad you’re not double dead.” She sounds -amused- at that, but she’s serious. And then she’ll nod to current-sascha and partner for him. “The other woman is Mistress Rose, or

Bishop Widow. The mirror steps out into her business up north.”

Valez pats Michael’s shoulder..”Its going to be beautiful. “She moves past the Bar straight outside looking at the faces once as she passes by rose and sascha and that cliche .

Gavin laughs at Keenan”No its more like a good way to meet people,get connected. .. damn that sounds like one hell of Idea man you been at it!”

<Altaryn> glances in the direction of Durmah’s nod. “Mistress Rose,” he mused. “Looks like an old friend of Sascha.” He turned back to Durmah, Kitt, and Ghost and asked, “is it only the first night of the party we are expected to be here?”

<Sascha> looks slightly and momentarily uncomfortable caught up between Rose and Valez’s warring presences, but she nods politely and stays out of her way.

::Keenan nodded, he’d only give Gavin the headsup about impending social doom by tapping his arm with his hand and pointing to stay focus’d.:: “Yeah, so each set up night, we find the main breaker of the abandoned park that we’re setting up in, and when it gets dark enough we kill the lights. The place will be set up with soft smoke to keep bugs away from the people that come, we’ll have ambient lighting to make sure that people can see

who they’re eating with n shit, but we’ll be doing a focus on dinner under a canopy of stars while we play stuff by Procol Harum and a few other artists similar or connected to HitchHikers.” ::he grinned wide.:: “Make it feel like they’re at the Diner at the end of the Universe.”

<Kitt> looks to Altaryn and shakes her head. “There will be events all week… the ending one is most important, actually.”

<Durmah> twirls her fan slowly about in her left hand, glancing about in a sort of preoccupied way.

Patrick moves over too Sascha and blinks at Rose..”ohh this is the Widow rose Bishop rose and she has my hat…”He looks around awkward. rose smirks to abequa then sascha then back at abequa “that looks like fun room up there for one more..”She teases and shakes her head”Pleasure dominion..”Rose turns her attention to altaryn “Well hello Handsome sir,Pleasure.” She slowly turns to watch valez “Hunh what is up too..”

<Evelyn> continued on her way to the bar, heels clicking, and eventually reached a spot close to Anne, before looking toward her. “Good evening.”

<Anne> nods to Evelyn and smiles. “Evening.”

Abequa looks at Rose and sniffs a little bit, and smiles. “I see better from up here.”, she growls a little off the top of PAtrick’s head. “Oooooh, I could sing from up here! I just put my legs on your shoulders.”

<Sascha> shakes her head slightly. “Not a clue…”

Santos Slips up with beatrice and coils hand on Durmahs shoulder “We all right dearest? “Beatrice smiles to altryn “Pleasure sir, Handsome young man “She smiles to Durmah.

<Durmah> blinks a bit as Rose focuses on Altaryn, but he’s a big boy. The question helps her to focus and she follows their gaze to Valez’s looking about. Her lips purse, “Possibly after Santos.” A startle when Santos touches her, but she stills the fan and gives him a smile. “Uncle. well enough. Yourself?” She arches a brow at his undone tie… and will reach up to fix it because it -bugs-


<Kitt> looks around at the others, watching what is going on curiously and not getting into the middle of it.

<Evelyn> “Enjoying the party, I hope?” Her dark eyes focus on the other Cainite, watching her without any change to her expression.

gavin looks to Keenan “Man you ..”Celeste smiles over Keenan “Your with me..sorry gavin..”She moves aside hauling keenan with her to the side as Valez makes contact staring at gavin..”Celeste smiles to Keenan “this where go dance over here and Have a drink..”You having a good night.”

<Altaryn> found it curious Beatrice and Rose suddenly had their attention on him, after all it wasn’t like he used any disciplines to make himself stand out. He simply did not want his little group to appear like the awkward geeks at the dance trying to fade into the darkness of the back wall. Nonetheless, he spread a wide, charismatic smile on his features and gave a small asian-style bow. “Good evening ladies. I fear we have not been proprerly

introduced. Altaryn Voss, of the Rose.”

<Anne> looskto her and shrugs. “Not my prefered way to spend an evening, but we all do as we must.”

<Sascha> watches Valez and Gavin and frowns slightly… “This could end with me getting an ass kicking… one moment.”, she whispers and her hair seems to coil around her, the curls moving like snakes on medusa’s head keeping from snagging as she takes a couple of steps in that direction in case Gavin needed backup.

<Evelyn> nods, the barest hint of a smile tugging at the corner of her mouth. “Indeed.”

::Keenan moves with Celeste as he’s pulled away with widening eyes.:: “Hey I got a dance?” ::he points to celeste as he’s pulled away.:: “Good luck Brother.” ::he smirked and shrugged like he was in a firm grip, and he was, the 6 foot tall man staggers a bit with her, carefully not spilling his beer as he moves to the dance floor with her but sets his beer down close by.:: “Hey, yes I’m with you, uh well, it’s slow? I mean, party yeah but

it seems pretty chilled out aside from some weird talk I catch here and there.” ::he shrugs.:: “None of it making sense but meh, not my circus not my monkeys so whatever.” ::he chuckled and danced with Celeste.::

<Ghost> looks to Kitt and nods. He steps toward Kitt, as Altaryn greets the ladies.

<Evelyn> “My apologies, though. I seem to have forgotten my manne…” She frowns a little as the other Cainite abruptly leaves, aborting what she was going to do and turning to look at the gathering.

<Kitt> nods to Ghost and is happy to hang back with him and out of all this business.

Patrick Smiles up to Abequa and moves along nodding to beatrice and rose “Excuse please ..” Rose eyes Altaryn “mm A toreador…Pleasure ..You already made up for the introduction in question with that handsome little smile..”She looks to sascha and takes her hat off putting it on abequa as they turn to move through the people.” Rose Smiles slipping her arm into altaryns “So your gonna tell me all about you..Handsome..”

Santos smiles as Durmah fixes his tie..”She undid it..Not me..”Beatrice clasps her chest with a gloved hand “Such a cad..You hear this..I did that.”

Abequa grins and takes the hat and sniffs it before putting it back on. “She smells like you too.”

PAtrick almost stumbles over the table”She freaking what?”

<Durmah> … isn’t at -all- sure how meeting of the minds between a Mistress and Altaryn will go. Santos gets a bemused look. “I repeat what I said before… I do -not- want details.” She’s amused as hell though.

Celeste Plants a kiss on keenan’s Forehead Leaving the Black lipstick smear there actually leaving a impression there with a smile. “Yeah its slow this how they always start its week long event your here with me and my friends..”She smiles dancing into him “Some flew in to be here..Told you they are strange.”

Abequa sniffs at the top of his head. “She smells like a girl version of you. Not bad, but different.”

Patrick Swings around moving to the other side of the room “You okay now?” He asks her looking up at abequa.

<Sascha> hated leaving Rose but she wasn’t about to leave Gavin in trouble either and well… between the two… Rose was far more capable of taking care of herself. She tries to pretend she didn’t hear Abequa just say that though and glances toward Patrick for just a second before looking back to where Gavin was… not wanting to jump in there if it was really just nothing. Maybe it

was just nothing.

Abequa nods a little bit. “I am plenty okay.”, she pats the hat on her head. “How’d she even get your hat anyway?”

::Keenan smirked and shook his head, he’d smile a bit at the kiss.:: “Yeah, Gavin was talking about how tonight’s huge, something about doing some connecting or something?” ::he shrugged and shook his head.:: “I’ll stick around a little longer but I gotta tell you.” ::he looked around and then back at her.:: “I think I’m kind of out of my league here, and its uh.” ::he looked around at the people present.:: “Really out of my element.”

::his left hand twitched a bit and he rolled his neck.::

<Altaryn> lifted his arm as if he were Rose’s chosen escort for the time and had all his natural social confidence as if the two were old friends. “Hmm. Not much to tell I’m afraid. Young, foolish, only this year had the honour to serve the Sword under the guidance of Micheal just this year. Nothing nearly so interesting as yourself, Bishop. Did I hear correctly you are visiting us from Montreal,” he asked conversationally. The way he gave Rose

his focus it was as if no one else were important enough in their presence to steal his attention away from her for the moment.

<Evelyn> sweeps the room from her spot near where Anne used to be, her gaze briefly landing on Durmah and Ghost, both of them getting polite nods of greeting.

Gavin..Frozen like a deer in head lights as valez touches his hair and smiles not a word leaves her as she moves a step closer.

<Durmah> gives Evelyn a polite nod as well, and will pat santos’s tie once it’s back in place, turning again with a pleasant smile.

Celeste Nudges his head”If your good and stay with me here I ‘ll go with you well..anywhere. But you need to just relax ,Things are strange but most of them..just artist like Your friends..You want that truck business? “she asks Keenan

<Sascha> steps up to Gavin, and on this rare occasion lifts her gaze to meet Valez’s. Her hand reaches out and she takes Gavin’s hand and pulls him toward her, though more like a mother guarding her young than a lover. “Evening, Arch Bishop.”

rose places her arm tight to Altaryn. “New to the sect, maybe you should see out cities wonders…”she smiles at Altaryn..”Young foolish impressionable..I hope.”She tease him with a laugh..”Michael..oh your arch bishop wonderful..

Michael watches all the goings on from the bar and is starting to wish he could drink.

::Keenan shook his head and stepped closer to her looking into her eyes.:: “Nope, you brought me here, you had a reason so I’ll stay till you say it’s time to go.” ::he smirked.:: “Truck business.” ::he smirked and sighed.:: “Start somewhere with your own name and build up.” ::he shrugged and smiled like he was trying to tell himself something.:: “we’re good, long as I’m around you or Gavin, at least I have some people here I know.”

<Altaryn> “Only in such areas I have not already made up my mind. Just ask Sascha how long it took her to convince me to break from what I was taught by my sire,” he smirked as if it were a private joke. “But she has suggested I visit Montreal as well. Tell me. What is it like?”

Valez smiles at sascha and Dips her head “Dame de miséricorde,oh you ..Know our artist..”she smiles..looking at Gavin.”I was just going to ask how he was doing here since he….Left..”She looks to sascha with Easy sinister smile “I ‘ll catch up with you later Gavin..have wonderful night.” she leans into the bar turning around easing her legs off the floor as she thrones the bar stool .

Patrick Looks too Abequa “I left with ezekiel I lost it in a card game, But Hey finders keepers we got my hat back..

Santos Smiles to Durmah and dips his head in thanks as he smiles at her and then Beatrice “See I told you,she is so Polite.”Beatrice Winks to Durmah “I love your gown..You coming back to visit me?

<Durmah> smiles broadly to Santos and then to Beatrice, “I didn’t realize it was an open invitation, especially once uncle came and fetched me.” She purses her lips and will add with some humor, “And it is my understanding that you’ll be… -busy- while you are visiting us. I’ll try not to be underfoot.”

<Sascha> nods, “He’s a member of my Pack.”, she says and smiles back as she watches Valez. “Have a lovely night and enjoy your stay.”, she says before moving back toward the others, and bringing Gavin with her. She looks to him once they have a bit of distance. “You okay?”

Abequa sighs as she nudges the top of Patrick’s head. “This is boring.”

<Evelyn> moves away from the bar, giving Abequa a sympathetic glance as she moves back to where her pack is.

<Durmah> lifts the hand not holding her fan to touch the tip of her nose lightly. A wary glance around and then she’ll let her hand drop again, returning her focus to the pain next to her.

Abequa giggles mischievously. “I swear to all the gods I will hypnotize these people with Baby Shark and make them dance to it if we don’t find something to do.”

Patrick Nudges abequa head from the awkward angle “Its just the meet n Greet..Old customs..real party starts tomorrow with the dance..man its gonna be amazing..You want..not the baby shark. Okay lets go start throwing knives or dancing or something..

::Keenan continues dancing with Celeste.::

Santos lifts a eyebrow and grins”that means she is gonna be there with us out on the point..”Beatrice chuckles to her “I actually Look forward to ..oh look a table..We could sit down these heels..

<Durmah> blinks and looks back to santos, almost horrified. “No. Nope, I am -good- I do -not- need to be in the same space as the three of you when you’re going at it. You know my phone number, Santos.”

rose looks at Altryn “a Place where men make their way but need guidance against the evils of the night, things born in great terror roam among even the bastards of caine quake…But within its steeples we have found power and gain it further as we Move into a deeper learning of each other..and ourselves.

Abequa grins and climbs down off of Patrick. “Oh! Dancing is fun.”

<Evelyn> quirked a brow at the small woman’s proclamation about hypnotizing people to make them dance to baby shark, whatever that was, her calm expression breaking for a moment as bemusement crossed her features.

Celeste Laughs and Drags Keenan along “they have A dj ..lets fix this music situation…”She grins nodding to abequa..”Liven this bitch up ..”

::Keenan followed Celeste, the woman had his hand and just pulled him along, as he was moving he picked up his beer again from the table that he had set it down on and took a sip.;: “Sure! what shall we request first? hopefully something with a bit of a beat and not fucking pop music please? I think I’ve had enough of…whatever the hell I’ve been listening to today from the front house staff.”

Gavin looks to sascha “Hunh? he shakes his head a little “what?..”He asks her as he follows her..I was talking with keenan..what ..ugh” He rubs his head.”not sure what the hell that was about my head is foggy.

<Sascha> hugs Gavin and growls deeply as she looks at Valez, then sighs as she moves off to where Durmah and Altaryn and the others were.

<Sascha> ‘s hair seems to move about a little bit, some of it even lifting like the heads of serpents as if watching people.

::Keenan looked at Celeste and looks at the music, then smirked.:: “Seriously good choice, but y’know, with the amount of growling that’s been going on in this place that I’ve been hearing, I’d be fucking amazed if everyone here wasn’t lead singer for a Death Metal band…maybe we should put some Grave on or something, you know, stuff that everyone here can sing to.”

<Durmah> smiles to Sascha and will hold out a hand towards Gavin, in a lady’s (polite) demand. “Didn’t realize she’d be here, Gavin? But you survived mostly, I see. Good job, Sascha. Welcome back.”

Abequa grins at Celeste but moves to start dancing with Patrick. “Oh just wait till i start singing…”

Music shifts over to roaring punkish Rowl as Celeste Grabs A hold of Keenan moving out there by the pool dancing away ..the desperate dirge of chamber music fading away fast and hard thundering. Patrick grabs abequa and from a far the fluid motion .

<Altaryn> chuckles softly. “An answer that begs more questions. However there is no reason to darken festivities with such a topic.” He smiles charismatically, his head titled as he glanced to her beside him. “You still have told me nothing of yourself. Rumours will do you no justice, of that I am certain.”

::Keenan laughs and shakes his head.:: “You really know how to make a guy feel like a woman from that star wars movie.” ::he laughs to himself.:: “You get to be Finn, sexier female version though, but I can hack that.” ::Once they get to where they’re going he starts to dance, his humour starting to shine through, it was his way of being in crowds.::

<Evelyn> watches the people for a moment longer before bowing to both Archbishops in attendance and leaving the social event.

Santos Glances outside..”I see the troops found the band..so too speak.” Rose tilts her head listening to the music and grins to sascha then altaryn “I am actually ..enjoying this music..I ve heard it before..”She lets go of altaryns arm patting his hand”You should ask me dear after I get settled in Rumors are not justice to the truth..I will happily go have that conversation with any point during my stay ..Its been enchanting..She eyes

The pool and chuckles “that will be fun for games later..

Michael nods to Evelyn on her way out and watches Valez. “So what do you think… you take Seattle… then we storm West once we can reach Florida uninhibited… and then work our way up the coast and eventually condence on the center?”, he smirks.

Gavin looks over at Durmahs hand and moves over to her with sascha and frowns “Yes I am doing alright thank you for asking..”He looks over to sascha after she hugs him eyeing valez and michael and looks away . “I see what happened nevermind.”

<Altaryn> “Of course. Please enjoy yourself tonight. Tomorrow will be a fresh evening.” He gave a small asian style bow to Rose, and just before rising he glanced up and flashed her that charismatic smile again where his eyes locked on hers for just the right amount. After a moment he glanced Micheal’s way before turning back to the others. “Perhaps I should slip out for the evening,” he said with a glance to Durmah specifically.

<Sascha> smiles a bit to Durmah and lets Gavin go. “Stay with me or with them… or Atanya as she is around here somewhere.”, she says to Gavin, then looks to Rose as she steps toward her and sighs. “Sorry.”

Valez nods to michael “Most of the northern states stand ready to do one last crushing push..Cripple the spine along the northern areas ..the Push should drive them in deeper to LA..tighten the noose as the Forces from..Cuba..You have some where we can talk..Party tomorrow we have work to go over.

<Durmah> pats his shoulder gently. In a polite, but firm undertone, “Stick with other weeping angels for now. Or retreat if you’d like, Phillip left already.” She looks to Altaryn and gives him a reassuring smile and nod. “You’ve got the car keys. Gavin may actually do well to go back with you if you don’t mind.”

Celeste Laughs to keenan “I R Feminist ..She chuckles to him “Star what??” She asks and keeps dancing away. “You know I am endorsing that restaurant you want, I mean if you had any one wish what would it be?

<Kitt> looks to Altaryn and hearing he was considering leaving moved toward him. “If you are headed back I would go with you. Gavin can totally come back with us. Artemis might be there too and they are in the same Pack, Lucas too, he’s not a party person.”

Gavin Lights a cigarette” i am good right here with you all She just fucking trying to ..i dont know..But I am good right here thank you though..Have a good night Altaryn,But I like to meet you at some point when there is less..Formality..

<Ghost> approaches as well “I should also wish to join you in this.”

<Altaryn> “Gavin?” He still had yet to meet the man, though he had heard the name a few times now. He nods to Kitt and Ghost though, and never would have left without checking with them first.

PAtrick growls at Abby and Dances with her”You can sing on my shoulders if you want tomorrow night?

<Durmah> nods to Gavin so Altaryn knows who she is referring to.

<Ghost> was refering to Kitt and Alt.

Michael nods. “Of course. I’d be happy to show you around myself. We have made some updates since the fallout with Athena.”

::Keenan laughed and shook his head as she said Star What?: “Star…never mind.” ::he shook his head and just danced with her, and when she asked him what his one wish was he kept dancing, he looked around, and then back at her, his cheeks flushed a bit.:: “Any one wish?” ::he shrugged and then thought, one was already coming true, he was getting his business going to the best of his knowledge and she was in on it so he shrugged.:: “Spend

an eternity with someone that gets me.” ::He was just staring directly at her.:: “You know, cheesy shit.”

Abequa laughs a little and as the song changes she picks things up and half circles around Patrick, half growling and half purring. “Maybe! It might be cool. Singing will be cool anyway.”

<Altaryn> looks to Gavin and nods in greeting. “Another night then.” He smiles in a friendly manner, but wasn’t going to try and insist the man to leave if he wished to stay. He leaned in closer to Drumah and with a playful grin he told her softly, “you look radiant in your element, Durmah. Enjoy the rest of your evening.” He pulled back away without toucing her, and inclined his head in parting.

<Kitt> nodded in agreement with Ghost and would move to leave with Altaryn. “Yeah… there will be other events and I am uhm… noped out.”

<Durmah> blinks and then will give him a broad, pleased smile, tilting her head forwards in return. “Thank you. Have a good evening, Altaryn.”

<Ghost> nods and heads out with them “Agreed.”

Gavin smiles to altaryn “good night and I look forward to meeting you.

<Altaryn> reaches into his pocket and pulls out the keys as he heads out with his pack.

Patrick grabs abby and spins her up and throws her in the Air watching her spin around Opening his arms to catch her and twirling around as she impacts.

::Keenan was moving to the growl and beat, me moved a little closer to Celeste.:: “I’m going to have my own restaurant and bring food people like, that’s my own talent, I don’t need to put that on a Wish, wishing is for shit you’re unsure about.” ::his moves weren’t horrible, but again, it was just expression of movement.:: “I want the same thing that most people want but I guess voices get lost in, it’s not a matter of having a marriage

or something with a ring, it’s about having that other person that fits, my parents never got married, they said Marriage is an institution, and institutions have patients and customers, a relationship goes beyond that.” ::he shrugged.:: “I want someone to…I dunno stand up against trials and tribulations with, laugh with, party with, if that even makes sense.”

Celeste smiles to him “Eternity is a long time. Keenan You sure you want that? I mean commitments can go a lot longer then a life time, and I mean thats what you really really want..I dont think its stupid and Mush..”

☠Matthias☠ He’d walk into the room. A smug, toothless, single-sided grin sat plastered on his face as he stopped roughly at the entry way and panned his gaze over those gathered. While it was true that he didn’t really know anyone here, he at least know there was something of a pecking-order here, so best play it safe. Moving from his position at the entry way, he’d begin to

idly wander about the area, taking in these new faces.

Santos Smiles to Beatrice..”Maybe we should go further in back while everyone settles in. I mean after all this sort of how these things end the meet n greet..I would love too talk with alone Bishop Beatrice..if you have a few hours?”

Rose grabs sascha dragging her out to dance as she watchs patrick launch abequa in the sky..”we are not doing that she says to sascha..”

::Keenan laughed and nodded.:: “It’s been a deep desire of mine for some time, I never really found someone who matches my zealotry and such, and I didn’t really….do stuff.” ::he shrugged sort of side mentioning without mentioning his life.:: “I just kinda lived my life, but things seemed to be changing a little more recently, and it seems I got an admirer who doesn’t mind picking me up from work for weird parties.” ::he smirked.::

“Yeah, I’m sure.” ::when she mentioned it didn’t sound stupid or Mushy he grinned a bit more.:: “well, thanks for saying so.”

Abequa laughs as she gets tossed around and growls playfully. “This is awesome! Go higher!”

<Durmah> curtsies carefully to Santos and Beatrice as they move off… and will curtsy to the pair of arch bishops, too, if she notices them head out, But otherwise, she goes to find a place to settle in and watch at least.

Patrick grabs abequa and smiles kissing ehr as he spins her into the coil of his arms sling shooting Her high very high into the air. “Oh shit..”

<Sascha> snickers and nods in agreement as she gets dragged out to dance. She eyes Rose for a moment with those deep crystaline eyes and then smiles, not saying a word as she starts to dance. Though the flying Abequa does get her attention.

Abequa goes up and into the canopy, grabbing it with her legs and hanging upside down from there. “Wow!”

Patrick lets a deep breath out as she catches her self Cheering “FUCK ! Yeah!”

::Keenan looks over as something absolutely impossible happened on the dance floor.:: “whaaaaaaat the fff….whaaaat?” ::he looked up and his jaw dropped.::

Celeste laughs “that was some peterpan shit right there.”She laughs..”she waves to abequa . “What?

Abequa laughs as she hangs upside down, her hair waving about as she looks down at the ground and at Patrick. “Catch me!”

::Keenan looked at Celeste and then back up at the woman that was hanging upside down by the rafters, then back at Celeste.:: “Did you see that? look at that!” ::he put his hands on his hips and was smiling wide.:: “That’s like world class Ninja moves there lady!” ::He laughed and clapped up at her.::

Patrick Runs under her “Come on Baby I got cha..” He moves around eyeing her.

<Sascha> still moves far more like a fighter than a dancer, but she’s gotten better at not being so rigid. She runs a light touch over Rose’s arms, smiling at her.

<Durmah> eyes this warily… Abequa might be a pack mate, but she’d rather not have an abby helmet.

Abequa drops from the canopy and lands in patrick’s arms with a little oof. “That was great!”

rose Darts in out getting Caught up in the combat rock out grabbing and tugging at sascha She wildly howls at her laughing.

Celeste watches him and grins “Oh you haven’t seen nothing yet Keenan.

Gavin bumps into Durmah and steps back “Fuck I am sorry I am off..”

<Durmah> steadies him, and snags his elbow. “Lets find a safe place to sit and you can get your bearings.”

::Keenan watched as the woman dropped and landed in the guys arms, still rather amazed and then turns and looks at Celeste, his eyebrows quirking.:: “What, oh I suppose you have some John Woo style moves as well hunh?”

Gavin looks over his shoulder..”Yeah I am fucked Durmah..”He Keeps his eyes on the Ground.”I can t get her out my damn head..

<Sascha> smirks a little and starts to pick up the pace a bit, moving with Rose and growling a little. Her hair half wrapping around her out of the way and the other half bouncing up and seeming to move of it’s own accord toward nearby people or rear back like striking snakes.

<Durmah> tilts her head at him, “Perhaps you should go to church area and try praying? I don’t suppose you’ve tried apologizing to her sincerely?”

Patrick Grabs to abequa And starts dancing up a storm grabbing her and pulling her throwing her on to him as they fight along the music snarling playfully at her.

Gavin shakes his head”I did nothing wrong..I gave her exactly what she wanted..exactly..I just made the mistake of trying..it doesn’t matter..She might loose interest and find something else..Christ I pray she does.

Rose curls into her body bending slender muscle into sascha ina awkward almost spine cracking motion grabbing her hair smiling at her with her fierce green eyes burning.”

<Durmah> pats his arm lightly, “Sometimes it’s difficult understanding what the higher up ones want. I don’t know the details, but again, do you think you’d feel better in a church?”

Celeste hauls keenan in to her as she dances “I got a few moves that will stop your heart and jump start it all at once.. You want to see them your ass better be here tomorrow night with me.

::Keenan smirked as he was suddenly pulled into the slightly taller woman and he smiled as he heard her words.:: “How can a guy say no to that kind of proposal?” *he chuckled as he moved with her.:: “But we’re dancing now, or is this something that requires two parts to impress me? bein all mysterious.”

Gavin Lowers his head”god knows what I did and why..Salvation is what I was after and she wanted that even for a night..I gave it to her.”He looks ashamed at Durmah and slowly pulls his arm from her”Dont your right I am filthy…”

Celeste leans into him..”Honey there are so many parts to that Mystery its gonna blow your mind inside and out..Dancing is that what this is..I could have swore we were just warming up.

<Durmah> reaches up to pinch Gavin’s ear. Sharply. Maybe twist. Her tone is dry, “Forgive me. My boyfriend has a thing for pain. But maybe you didn’t hear me, because I didnt mention that you were unclean. I mentioned a -church- because I find religous people find a measure of peace in the walls of their faith.”

<Sascha> presses against Rose her arms around her, sliding along, seeking and touching and daring to pull and press till there is no space at all there between them. She moans just a little and bites her lip as she keeps her eyes on Rose.

::Keenan feels her lean into him, she speaks low and he starts to blush a bit, his mouth moves without sound for a moment and then he nods.:: “We..ahh well yeah, it’s a good warm up.” :he took a moment and looked off to one side and then back at her, his eyes narrow and he grins a bit.:: “You are such a tease woman.”

Abequa stops dancing and tugs on Patrick to go get a drink too, playing with her new hat. “I left my drink somewhere.”

Gavin doesn’t seem to notice the pain he slightest .” I am more then use to pain why I..anyway No..I dont want to go pray..Its about me “He stands up and shivers pacing”I do need to your right..I am not sure where it is in here and I rather not here..tomorrow yes..”He stops and sits next to her”I ruined the night.

Patrick Nudges her “You dont want that one its been sitting to long we need to get anther one..Fresh someone could have done something to it.

Rose tugs her face next to hers”You better stop less you want to be in some major trouble ..there grrrl.

<Durmah> smoothes her dress and sits with him, laying her fan across her lap. “You didn’t. You’re the only one upset. Even the arch-bishop has left to talk battle plans with our arch-bishop. Breathe, Gavin. Even though you don’t -need- to anymore. Just try to calm down and center yourself in the now, please.”

Celeste spins around him in a blur and tugs him around to look at her”I deliver I promise you that..threats not my style

<Durmah> will also then, much like he had the other night, reach over to drape her arm across his shoulders, though she doesnt know how to do the calming thing he’d done for her.

<Sascha> smiles a little, “And there is a part of me that reaaaaallly wants that trouble.”, she grins and quickly sneaks in a kiss to Rose’s throat before pulling away. “But you’re right… not right now.”

::Keenan ‘s head turns and he looks confused…which at this point has become a fairly normal expression for him when interacting with Celeste or Gavin, so he’s gotten used to it.:: “Wow…that was…fast.” ::he chuckled nervously.:: “I didn’t….I didn’t say threaten, I said tease.”

Abequa nods her head. “Yes. No Zantosa specials.”

Gavin sits down and laughs to her”Fuck I wish I could get drunk..”He eyes her arm and relaxes into it”Thanks durmah..”

Patrick Hops over the bar and starts to make her anther drink .”Coffee or Just a vanilla coke with cream? eew Zantosa special..Just gross.

<Durmah> laughs softly, “We’re the same clan aren’t we?” Once he seems more relaxed, she’ll touch the back of his head and draw her arm back, smiling. “And at least sort of friends.” She looks over to the dance floor now, and sounds very, very amused, “I thought when he first showed up that he might be in the know, but he’s very much not, is he?”

Rose growls and eyes her very close “Okay..play the good girl..we all know that good girls just want a chance to be bad..very bad.”She leans back snapping her to her feet.

Celeste does it again putting her head on his shoulder hugging in close “Dreams happen maybe not exactly how we want them too but they do happen.

Abequa looks over at the people dancing, and at Durmah and Gavin for a moment, then to Patrick and nods. “Yeah, like float.”

Gavin looks to Durmah ..”Who me?”

<Durmah> isn’t sure why Abequa’s eyeing her, but she’ll blink at Gavin. “No, the other chef. Keenan.”

Patrick nods whipping it up and hauling the whip ready with him spraying his mouth full ..Handing her the Drink and shaking the can of whip it over abequa head “Open up!”

gavin nods to her”She gonna embrace him as the saint of new orleans tomorrow night its a tradition of some kind here when they do a palla grande.

<Sascha> growls back softly, locking her gaze, then for a brief second her gaze shifts elsewhere and away… “Is that so? I don’t believe in good and bad girls.”

::Keenan saw her practically vanish from before him, his hands were left in air and again, that confused look on his face, but he felt arms around his waist as she had her chin on his shoulder, he rolled his head a bit to get a glimpse of her and smirked.:: “how do you keep doing that?” ::he smirked as he just kind of swayed back and forth in her arms with her behind him, bringing her hand up to his lips to kiss the knuckle between the

index and middle.*

<Durmah> hums a sound of understanding.

Abequa laughs and holds her little fanged mouth open for qhipped cream.

Celeste Whispers to him “Promise You’ll learn how to move like a ..ninja too.”

Patrick Fills her mouth up with ready whip and finishes the can off and grins .”stuff is great.”

Rose looks over at durmah and Gavin then at sascha “Think she has him chilled out..I heard what he did..umm kind of impressed myself..Word is he well you know I imagine that’s why she Stared a bullet through his head

::Keenan smiled, it was the kind that just went up into his eyes, he pulled her arms around him and sighed happily.:: “Thank you.” ::he just looked out at the food, he saw a woman getting a face full of whipped cream.:: “Thanks for bringing me to the party, looks like it turned out way better than I thought.”

Gavin shrugs “So he will get two of three wishes tomorrow night..I guess and then well..you know the rest, He is alright though..nice enough young man.

<Sascha> sighs a little and growls. “Yeah, if she did something to his head I am gonna be pissed. I get it, but at the same time… I… I know what he did and she asked for it. He just gave it to her. Not his fault.”

Rose laughs in her shoulder trying to hide her face.”I think I would have paid to watch her lick cream out a bowl like a kitten..”

<Durmah> nods, “Hadn’t realized that was part of the tradition, but it doesnt’ particularly surprise me. That’s what they meant about tomorrow being an important night.” IS actually starting to get really curious about whatever the hell the mural had been, but ah well. “Will you be attending or will you be at the bars tomorrow?”

gavin shrugs “I’ll Be here ,I might just hang way way in the back..”He laughs..”Like at the ugly kids table..”

<Sascha> “She doesn’t want me to compare her to Athena picking on people below her station.”, she coughs a little bit. “That was a mental image I didn’t need… it’ll make it so much easier to get the shit kicked out of me.”

Abequa laughs a little bit and looks at Patrick, then the pool, then the others. “I should get to looking at my music list for tomorrow… Echo is not going to be a better show than me.”

Rose laughs to her “Red she wont Touch you , your inquisition..Not worth the blow back ,He did that you know..How he got her to do that is beyond me..I know he made her Break emotionally.. I mean when you fuck a toreador you seriously need to consider a few major factors..they play very rough..

<Durmah> rolls her eyes at Gavin and shoulder bumps him lightly.

Patrick Nods to her”I know but you cant eat them..”He squeezes her “we can go swimming if you want I got to take this old thing off..swimming stuff is in the pool house. Your gonna rock his emo bitch ass out back to eat lucky charms.

Patrick shrugs”we can go back inside and shower and practice if you want..”

Celeste Chuckles and smiles”Hey Your welcome..dont thank me just yet..Wait till we really get rolling.”

Gavin bumps her shoulder. “Durmah , I lied to you the other night and I am sorry.”

::Keenan smirked.:: “Pre-emptive thank you, I’ll thank you during and after too if it’s anything like this.”

<Sascha> nods softly. “And as of all of this, my whole Pack is. Ugh, I just have to go back and talk to Desoto.”, she makes a face but then slides an arm around Rose comfortably. “He showed me a little bit of it… maybe she will back off.”

<Durmah> huffs a small laugh and crosses her ankles and tilts her head, looking over at him, “Not surprising, really, but which part?”

Abequa sighs as she starts to walk back toward the house with her drink. “I know I can’t just eat her… but she still made me mad. She controlled me with her blood and that voice thing… I can do it too. I hear it all the time… I just ignore it a lot.”

Rose Looks over at one of the Men dressed as a Plague doctor. “I see Mike keeps tabs on you very well..His skills help any.?”She draws her fingers through her hair and smiles “relax..For god sake from what I see you have a Great deal here then you release.

Keenan smirked and turned his head slightly to look at Celeste.:: “Barton, Keenan Barton Graves.” ::he turned his head back and looked at the people mingling.:: “Figure if we’re gonna spend more time together, may as well know my full name, guys in my unit always called eachother by last name, I always got called Graves, pretty morbid hunh? specially when you’re a cook, someone says hey Graves!” ::he smirked.:: “Aaaaand that’s about when

every new guy in the galley looked at their food and started to wonder if they just got poisoned.” ::he laughed a little harder.::

Patrick hooks his arms over her shoulder.”Yeah..she might stop after I have a good conversation about my job duties..and something they call the convention of thorn, Did you know “He laughs as they go inside past every one.

<Durmah> lifts a hand to her packmates as they pass, but it’s just a greeting, she’s not asking them to stop. Her fan stays across her lap for now.

Gavin looks at her and then back at her”I ve been involved with her for a while now. I am sorry I lied I just didn’t want me to get her reputation screwed up,oh god..”He looks at patrick..” I know trust me..I didnt know you were in the same pack?!”

<Sascha> smirks a little and nods. “Mike has been very helpful, thank you. Things have just been chaotic. And I am pretty sure I have always been wound this tight. Should have seen me in New Orleans when it was contested.”, she chuckles a little and leans over to brush her cheek against Rose.

<Durmah> squints a bit at Gavin, “Which her? the arch bishop or the woman nearly giving Keenan a hand job on the dance floor? Abequa? I really don’t think you’ve been involved with her because I’m pretty sure she’d eat you. Or Dominion would because he’s sort of a jealous type at times.” Her tone is musing. She’s -maybe- joking.

Celeste Blinks and nods”Célèste Lamontagne..”she laughs a Little..”Morbid ..did you see the danse Macabre set up in there..Kind was hot in a creepy way..God only knows how they got all those people to do that.

Abequa looks to Patrick as she drags him off inside. “Oh, you have to talk to me about it. Do the nature show voice!”

Keenan speaks in French: You know, I keep forgetting that you’re originally from Quebec, I think it’s just because I’m too busy enjoying your company.

::Keenan takes a moment and speaks to Celeste in French, smiling as he does so.::

Gavin Smiles to her “Sascha.”He shakes his head at the others..On her list,”Celeste? no Marc would turn me inside out..and then some..that marcs childer.. Patrick NOt a god damn chance..Not that toreador..what the fuck did she mean By the nature show voice..that fucking scares me..a Little

<Durmah> “Marc? Dude with the creepy eyes? and the totally not okay living crucifix? Ew.” She blinks a few times then quirks a brow, giving him an amused look now. “Oh, Sascha. Well she’s an adult. I… don’t see Patrick being happy with that either, but he’s an adult too. If that’s the only lie you ever told me, I’d be just fine with that one. I mostly don’t care who sleeps with whom, as

long as everyone consents and are of age.”

sascha hears Rose whispering in their mind: I saw you with him when I touched your hands..Stop kicking your ass and relax this week fuck valez

Rose Nudges off her head..”Christ almighty..Beatrice is on a kick too. Not that kick but nostalgia..I dont get her..I know your high strung then..”She taps her head..”I know all of it..”She leans in staring at her eyes with a smile.

gavin Looks to her and shakes his head”I dont like lying ..it dirties a relationship, people get hurt and it spirals out of control.

::Keenan looks over his shoulder at Celeste again.:: “Do you mean that display out there? I could probably do the same thing with pig carcasses if I had enough time, but yeah, it was pretty cool actually….I won…never mind.” ::he smirked and left that bad joke to himself.::

<Durmah> shrugs to him, “Don’t get me wrong. It’s good with me that you feel that way, but I’m also not going to blame you for it. New place, you want to keep your head down, and she ranks you by quite a bit, right? Just don’t make a habit of lying to me, please. It makes me cross eventually.”

Celeste laughs “Yes I am a francophone,I use to be a Wildlife expert before I was a rock star..up on Mt royal actually.

<Sascha> smiles a little and looks Rose in the eyes. “That is kinda creepy in a way, but comforting too.”, she glances over toward Durmah and Gavin and waves to them. “Gavin, if you want to take the apartment by mine, it’s open. Felicity has the keys. Least till we clear out the one above.”

Gavin Nods to her”I dont think you will have that issue at all ..Granted..”He teases her with a impish smile “Sometimes the truth is way more complex.

<Durmah> chuckles, And then looks over to Sascha, smiling to her. She does -not- want sascha to think she’s stealing one of her guys.

<Sascha> smirks darkly. “One day I will get what I want and then be sad that the chase is over. I did ask myself recently what drive I would have without that want burning away like the core of a planet.”

Gavin Nods to her “Sounds like three is company I am game.”He looks at Durmah “tttaaa Dont make it strange..”He laughs to her “What are you doing “He laughs to her ,

::Gavin turned and looked at Celeste, the dancing back to front was nice but when it came to talking he liked to face his company.:: “Oh yeah? That’s a major career shift, I hope you really enjoyed working up there, cause I remember taking tours up there when I was younger and it was an absolutely breath taking view.” ::he grinned, somewhere along the way his beer got lost, but that was fine to him.:: “Almost as good as the view right

here….almost.” ::he smiled a bit as he continued to look at her.::

<Durmah> gives him an disbelieving look, “Don’t make it strange? Really? That’s what you say? Go to -bed- young man.” She laughs though, picking up her fan and rising from the seat so he can get out easily.

::Keenan turned and looked at Celeste, the dancing back to front was nice but when it came to talking he liked to face his company.:: “Oh yeah? That’s a major career shift, I hope you really enjoyed working up there, cause I remember taking tours up there when I was younger and it was an absolutely breath taking view.” ::he grinned, somewhere along the way his beer got lost, but that was fine to him.:: “Almost as good as the view right

here….almost.” ::he smiled a bit as he continued to look at her.::

Rose Smiles “ohh depth ..Give you a clue..Sometimes its not about getting as it is keeping it..”She laughs and looks over at Keenan and celeste. “Some times its about getting it so much more..

Gavin grins to Durmah..”Really ..I never..well yes have..twice and it was wonderful”He chuckles playing at her with a wink. “I do need to get Its late and I need some sleep..You need a lift home? I am good to drive..cept to your uncles she is there…

<Durmah> lifts a hand to point upwards, “Phillip and I have a room here. Go on. Get your beauty sleep, Gavin.” She’s teasing. And it’s maybe a horrible tease from someone who looks like sleeping beauty.

Celeste runs her hand up his cheek “Oh we need to get you home..And you need to sleep up ,Long night tomorrow.”She Kisses him once and winks. “lets go come on..Lead the way out ,,”

<Sascha> glances over and nods a little bit, then looks to Rose. “I should also be getting back. But will see you tomorrow.”, she reaches up and teases Rose’s short hair before kissing her soundly on the lips.

Gavin waves to Keenan and sits back down next to Durmah. “actually I thought we could hang out a bit before I have to leave so fast.Not happy about leaving just yet..”Gavin smirks to Her shaking his head .

Rose growls back and lifts her eyes “oh that we will see you tomorrow.”She shakes her head and tilts it her head bumping off sascha and growling oddly.”mmmMaybe in your dreams…”She winks.

::Keenan nods to Gavin as Celeste strokes his cheek and says it’s time for her to take him home, he nods and looks at Celeste.:: “uh…” ::he pulled out his cell phone and his eyebrows raised a bit and slipped the phone back.:: “Well now, I Have tomorrow off apparently.” ::he chuckled and looked at her.:: “I uhm…okay.” ::he stumbles with his words as he followed Celeste out of the Estate, and in a sound that probably only a dog or bat

might here, there was a little squeaking “Yay!” that came out of him.::

<Durmah> sits back down, smoothing her dress again. She …. facepalms at Keenan’s squeak though.

<Sascha> smiles at Rose, “If I’m lucky.”, she says before pulling away almost reluctantly and heading toward the exit. Pausing to nod to Durmah and Gavin. “Serious Gavin, please? You don’t have to come back right now, but come there… don’t go hide at the bar. I’ll see you later.”, she says and looks to Durmah. “Goodnight Durmah. Have fun.”

<Sascha> then heads off toward her car to leave for the evening.

Gavin looks thoughtfully at Durmah . “I want to help you..But I wont if you don’t want me too. “He Lights a cigarette and looks to her”I want to help remove some of that bad stuff in your head..You want help? I really felt that off you..I can help. I can..But you have to want it to go away or at least end a little..I want too,You don’t deserve what I felt off you.

<Durmah> waves as Sascha heads out, smiling. And then she’ll give Gavin a curious look, “If you’ve not been staying with her, where -have- you been staying? At the bar?”

Gavin nods to her”In my office.”

gavin Looks up at her”My office a few times in her bed. She hates it.”

<Durmah> shakes her head a little. “You in her bed? Or you not there? Though I bet it’s the former, given the givens. She’s quite sensative, so I bet she’d prefer you to have your own space.”

Gavin Looks at her and shakes his head”I ve slept in her bed one night on the floor the other time..Dodging me helping you..I think if you let me show you some ways to let that creativity out and Rifle the Stuff out that way Durmah if might give you a way to control it ..”He looks back where valez went in with michael. then back to Durmah..”I think it help.

<Durmah> smiles again, but this time it has an edge, because she’s tired of this topic coming up. “You seem to be under the mistaken assumption that my current art my current creativity isn’t adequate. When I want to learn something else, I will. Stop asking. Or my next art will be to ask Mistress Widow there how to give you the most equisite pattern of whip marks.”

Gavin Shakes his head”I am not talking about that I can show you How to put your emotions in art..Like putting them in a jar..

Gavin holds his hand out “If you see that painting of her in person your gonna feel her innocent side and how it died so slow ,How her Beauty lays inside her ..and I mean feel it.

<Durmah> taps her fan against her thigh once, still irritated, even if she’s still smiling. “I have visions, both terrible and erotic, and some merely maddening. It seems a -terrible- idea to learn how to throw those emotions out amongst others. And you yourself are less than a month old and you’ve already pissed off an arch-bishop with this ability. Perhaps it would be best to let it rest

for a little while, hmm?”

Gavin Looks at her Body stance..”Fine..You know the word no works. And I didnt do that ability to her..I can pin point any place or feeling on a person and tell what you exactly want me to do you..You be surprised what happens when their every desire is actually met..they Tend to go a little crazy . Especially when You cant sit there and do it all the time for them. The Mural was me releasing what I took from her Because if I didnt I

keep going back to figure her out.

<Durmah> is annoyed. But she’s wearing an ivory colored dress, so she’d have to be willing to get bloodsplatter on the dress before she’d do any actual violence. Before she can reply she stops, eyes the floor, then reaches down and flips the short train around so that it’s not spread out for that stupid slurping monster. And she’ll sigh at Gavin. “Something we -might- discuss in detail

when there are -not- innumerable, high ranking guests to the facilities here.”

Gavin blows smoke out to the side of his mouth Away from her. “Have a good Night.”He says with a regard smile and looks over at the door putting the cigarette out by the ashtray near the door. Collecting his jacket from the Bar inside and talking to the bartender a Moment.

<Durmah> did sort of want to throttle him, but hadn’t entirely meant to chase him off. Ah well. She nods when he rises, and will sit back to enjoy the music at least.

Gavin grabs up the cash from the bar and hands them a resupply of drugs From his jacket. And heads out through the room .

Santos walks around the side as beatrice legs go of his arm for the first time tonight as he walks to durmah .”dance nothing fancy footed..My legs are killing me..”Beatrice kicks her heels off and puts her feet in the water. “Night has been very interesting so far from my vantage point.”

<Durmah> winces juust a little and eases away from the water, directing her attention to Santos and Beatrice with a smile. It’s a touch relieved, but she’s also a bit curious. “Heels, Originally for archers and men, and somehow turned into women’s torture devices. Interesting, but has it at least been enjoyable? Welcome back, uncle”

Santos Laughs and nods..”I always went barefoot You didn’t slip as much till the roman sandal, first gucci shoe ever..”He teases her..”What you dislike the water or was it we were just sitting here milling through the night considering a few ideas for tomorrow..

<Durmah> smiles a bit and shrugs, “My reflection is wrong at the moment, so I’d rather not look at it. It’s not the first time it’s happened, but that doesn’t make it less unsettling. And other than the saint of new orleans thing, what else is planned?”

” Santos smiles faintly ,MAsquerade ball..Games of instinct often follow..fire walking, Vision quests sometimes..Fire dancing..Perhaps some Lawn dart and or Croquet ..Michael cheats at Croquet. “He looks back at the house and then here. “Pack challenges some times happen,Monomancy duels ..”He looks out over the yard and back..”I smell ready whip..really??” He looks at her “talents some times. My reflection alas it went away..”He winks to


<Durmah> snorts and pokes him, “The reflection being weird thing was why I was considering lasombra to begin with. And yes, ready whip. Patrick and Abequa went at it earlier. I shudder at the chemicals in it, but I suppose they don’t need their hearts to work quite as well as humans do.”

Santos Shakes a moment and scratches his neck”After this I want to take you for a small two day trip, would you like to go with me to Mexico city?”

<Durmah> considers him seriously for a moment, not used to the shake from him. She sobers and tilts her head, “Ah. Is that -wise- considering apparently people can tell that the Bride and I chat sometimes?”

Santos Considers it a second.”we are going to kill someone..A Cartel Family has gone to far and fallen from grace of the sect. The temple of the jaguar has request it handled I accepted the offer From valez tonight. Think on it, I am fine with a solid no and fault you none. I thought would be a good way for you to learn to move through streets and learn a few things about operating on foreign soil.

<Durmah> blinks a few times. “A trip doesn’t usually imply on-site training exercise. I’m fine with going, but I don’t think I’m going to be good enough with don’t-look-at-me or whatever to keep from standing out.” She motions at her very very blonde hair. “Unless you mean for me to be sort of bait. The whole cartel or just the lead family?” She doesn’t seem bothered by either of the

possibilities – bait or wiping otu a large number of humans or maybe revenants mixed in.

Santos Nods to her and touches her hair..”We can work that detail out..No we are not needing bait this is well Messy ordeal but this would be a amazing clout for you collect..And you can practice the more power aspect ..Perhaps you can rip his heart out and offer it to the shrine of your Patron spirit? She does Demand those in the drug trade pay for her blessing..Either way NO one needs to know the details of the mission I ve talked with

your Pack leader ,He just wishes for you too do vauldrie rite before leaving .

<Durmah> has her hair pinned so tightly that it’s probably not soft to the touch at the moment, but the touch has her glancing over at Beatrice. She’s not sure that she needs to be worrying about clout just yet, but she figures Santos knows well enough. A brow arches then, “Which reminds me that I need to find Gene and ask him a couple of questions about a curse she’d left locally… but

yes, of course. And yes, we need to do our third still, as long as I’m not getting rearranged away from them. I’d hope we wouldn’t get rearranged again so soon after the last one, but that’s out of my hands of course.”

Santos Smiles “we Have some time before we leave, Beatrice has your curious eye..She knows You are my niece .”He smiles again back at a beatrice and then to durmah “You want to leave your pack? Or is that a on the fence feeling..I for one am not stupid to fall for the whole patrick playing cute with his girlfriend and student..They are assamite ,I was concerned they Kamut you into a pack When I saw you went with him.The black hand is a

dangerous group..they have a honor and task..but dangerous none the less .

<Durmah> chuckles, “I know she knows, and no I don’t want to be moved necessarily. You just mentioned that rearranging sometimes happens during a palla.” She makes a flicking motion with her fan. “I don’t think we’re looking at a Kamut situation, besides I don’t think suited for being a black hand, nor do I think that’s what he’s doing. I know he’s a Dominion, but I get the feeling he’s

playing a bit more like a staff sergeant trying to teach a potential baby commissioned officer how not to get dead. I think he got a little put out that our training thing ended up delayed over Katarina. And what -ever- goes on in Mexico, lets hope you come back with less metal in your body.”

Santos Bows to her and winks kissing her cheek very faintly as to not damage her makeup . “I am going to Beatrice home now, I would like that once dance ..and durmah..Do your uncle a favor of sorts..Keep your ear to the ground if you hear any tid bits of good information..”He smiles to her as Beatrice comes up and takes his hand waving to durmah..”I am going to save you now dear girl,We both know he will not talking.” He goes to say

something and she shooshs him again with her finger tip..leading him away he waves once to Durmah.

<Durmah> laughs, grinning as her uncle is effectively handled by Beatrice. She waves cheerfully in response, and will rise to curtsy a good night to them.

<Durmah> after a bit more listening to music… she’ll get a bite to eat and go on upstairs to get out of her makeup (and hairdo) and rest.