::Maryska came walking up to the caern area, she had been walking around the newly forming Bawn area for the better part of a day, her hands in her pockets, mostly thinking about what happened in that abandoned town, her sunglasses were off as she just looked around at the permeating nature.::

Gunner Not really caring about the extend of the work going on seeming more focused check security measures,He walks the back side of the Area inspecting the woodline and seeming more focused past the limits of the Umbra seeming a little more on alert.

::Maryska looked up and saw Gunner, seeing his focus and seeming tension, she walked up to him.:: “Hey Gunner, you’re looking more tense than usual, that old town got you worked up?”

Gunner nods to her and steps back “Yeah I can see that shit Spreading this way..I don’t know what that was But I am not retarded enough to sit back and think its some stupid spirit claiming back a town..that was fucking evil..that damn gypsy said something about this shit.

::Maryska furrowed her brow and tilted her head.:: “It’s not Wyrm whatever it is, but it is corrupted, I mean here look.” ::she pulled out her phone and started showing him the images she captured.:: “if the water wasn’t there you’d be able to tell that there was a strategic withdrawal, the attempt to cover each stage, it’s a big natural something.” ::she showed him the claw marks.:: “I’m not saying it’s strictly spiritual, there are

after all real world impacts here..” ::she kept letting the video play through.:: “And with no bodies, I don’t think they were desecrated, if they were, typically spirals just kinda leave sick effigies all over, you’d see all sorts of sick shit…not this, it’s just a total walk through and slaughter.”

Gunner shakes his head”their hives turned on each other jus like our caerns..I dont think this shit has anything to do with the normal garou issues that plague us..they were trying to stand and survive what I saw were people to scared to get out in the open..I mean I am with you something is god damn fucked about it. That gypsy said he had been in a place where their were shacks and houses out there..And what have you..Finding that fucker

and talking to him might have some clues to this shit.

::Maryska nodded.:: “Talking to him might give us some insight yeah.” ::she had that distant thinking sound to it, like she was mulling over options.:: “so he’s been out there then, interesting.” ::she slipped the phone away and looked around.:: “so, what are you thinking here? going to shore up some defenses against an unknown enemy that hasn’t started to move on us yet?” ::she looked at him.:: “Punji traps, they’re the best for unknown

shit.” ::she grinned.::

Gunner looks at her”Kids all over here..No we need to get more people to do things but its hard to do when someone keeps treating our kin like fucking lesser retards. I am not getting caught up in that shit but they are going to cross a line they wont be able to get out. I am not name dropping but they better come to terms I am not their fucking alpha fast..I help and if they want to follow thats cool but someone holding to bullshit ass

ways Is gonna get himself fucked up by kin.

::Maryska’s brow furrows.:: “who’s….wait what?” ::she stepped forward.:: “Who’s treating kin like shit?”

Gunner shrugs “they have it was what Josh said. I said fine, I know most of them think they know better cause they think they understand how all this shit works..Well I love for them to explain it too me, hell no stay out it, Girl You got your family and shit to handle let the Kin sort this shit out not like they are gonna kill or hurt anyone just a few lessons are gonna get dossed out iwager

::Maryska frowned.:: “I don’t see the kinfolk that rolled with you to come down here taking shit off of some assholes that swagger in…there’s going to be a fight, let the ones that came with you know, mamma don’t let her kin stand alone.”

Gunner laughs “Mary girl they got this its a infraction and Fucking bruised egos. My people that came here..Most them dont give two shits or spits about ruffled feathers and if they did your right we be talking in different tones trying to figure out how we were gonna remove a tire tool out some garous ass. Some of those kin can shift, Into glabro..Some are empowered with the same identical blessings of gifts as we are and I know a few

of then wield talismans , iam assured its not a issue so its not. Josh just wanted me to know mostly out respect. got a ear full looking for that gypsy.

::Maryska nodded slowly.:: “Alright, I’ll take your word for it.” ::she hooked her thumbs into the belt loops and seemed to think for a moment, and she smiled a little more brightly, like something came to her, some idea that she suddenly got brewing:: “yeah, hm. Okay.” ::she looked around at the defenses that were being put up.:: “did we catch that haunting shade yet? We seem to have not heard from it in a little time.”

Gunner shrugs “I posted the traps tanner and Matty Might have scared it off.

::Maryska nods.:: “well, I’ll go check the traps again in the morning and see if they’ve been set off, in all honesty I haven’t heard anything though, I do need to feed the caern again, feels weird feeding the caern, usually they feed us, but it’s just waking up, so it’s a decent trade, I get to be a mother to not just my children but to a spiritual place too.” ::she smirked a bit.::

Gunner nods to her”and soon when this all stable this shit is gonna you all , I am gonna love helping getting this going and stuff but its gonna be on the Cliche here you know..all of you.

::Maryska looked at Gunner.:: “yeah, then you can sit back and act like an elder, smoke leaf and tell us kids what’s going on and what needs to be done.” :;she gave him a slight slug to the shoulder.:: “Let us do the majority of the rest of everything while you make sure the other septs know we’re here.”

gunner Laughs to her”something Like Mary Something like that. Now we need to find that That gypsy Hunter..and do it with some damn tact I don’t want any shit with those people You know..I mean Maybe one of the boys with some impulse control can track him down but I really suggest they do it with their hat in hand.

::Maryska again furrowed her brow.:: “Gypsy hunter? you’re telling me someone is hunting gypsy’s?”

Gunner shakes his head”Did you like miss that whole thing at the fire or were you late where the gypsies came in with a girl to talk about the rain? that guy with her is some gypsy chieftain and he hunts Supernaturals like us vampires etc ..he protects his people from that sort of thing. He was in that bayou looking for a lost gypsy boy I guess he was talking about it with you all by the fire.

::Maryska shook her head.:: “I think you’re thinking of someone else, I didn’t hear about a gypsy chieftan hunting supernaturals.” ::she seemed confused.::

Gunner looks at her”You were there You were late cause you had family stuff..anyway guy needs to be Found and talked too But they want to be careful gypsies are not someone to Fucking go in high handed at ..You know?”

::Maryska nodded slowly.:: “I normally like to have a conversation with someone to figure out who they are before I decide to threaten them.” ::she smirked and looked around, kicking her heel against the toe of her boot.:: “just an old philosophy I have.”

Gunner nods to her good concept considering they Launch curses that ..welll we gonna avoid that shit One of the guys has to know how to reach them , matty most likely the girl talked alot with and tanner. Jet and ryelei..thats who we are looking for but Really tell him to do it like we are looking to talk not some snoop troop shit before He gets a silver knife in his ass and a curse to follow it

Gunner laughsa little “Matty is the Better candidate maybe I dont know.

::Maryska smirked.:: “Jet and Ry were at the fires over by your place and here, they know who we are hun.” ::she looked right at Gunner.:: “They called themselves kinfolk, and we basically sat with them and sang, I think if anything, we could just talk to them straight, and yeah Matty seems to be a good face, he’s a Raggabash, y’know the guy that happens to have less anger than just about everyone in the group of us.”

Gunner smiles to Mary “I got hope for Matty..a lot of it.”

::Maryska smirked.:: “You really do pick your hopefuls and such.” ::she laughed a bit as she looked in the direction of the town they were at.:: “Fuck I really want to know what happened there, I didn’t even know there was a town out that way, I should see what there is in county records.”

gunner looks to her and gives her a strange face.”Its just not there..Like a whole town is not even on record..I am not kidding..I showed them that picture here and they said they dig but I am hopeful the guys and gals will get on this and route it out..we need real supplies for that shit..its not right what happened out there something trapped a entire town in on its self..that makes my blood run cold.

::Maryska’s head turned to Gunner when he said that.:: “Wait, the town doesn’t even exist on record? okay, no there needs to be something else involved to wipe a town out of county records like that.” ::she pointed back.:: “If that town doesn’t exist on record then whatever happened out there had some kind of access to public records.” ::she rubbed her fingers through her hair a moment.:: “Gunner, I keep saying this, and for the love of

gaia I wish the spirits would fucking hear me, but we need a Theurge….and preferably someone who knows a thing or two about computers or something.” ::she looked closer at Gunner.:: “Or a survivor…I can’t believe that no one survived that, I’m going to talk to that Ry…Rylei I can’t fucking remember his name, there’s a lot of work to do, and we need answers.”

Gunner nods to her”Yeah but the theurge is not the answer some of them need to draw their heads out their asses and work together verse waiting for you or me to shove them on..I mean seriously some of these things they could get from the kin but like the other day they asked for help and because it wasnt garou they blew them off like they knew better then a kin who knew the spirits.See its the ignorance that is what they have to learn to

get over..some of the kin that were here are really adapt at the spirits,I can make some one sign shift if they want it, I got a freind coming down from new york but that trip is not the fastest to make thee days and dangerous as hell..but they should be here soon .

::Maryska blinked and then nodded.: “Oh right yeah, you…just finished telling me that some of the kin around here are…yeah sounds good, well then point me to someone who knows man!” ::she pushed at Gunners chest.:: “I say Theurge but you know what I mean, I need a spirit talker, fuck!” ::she sighed and then furrowed her brow.:: “okay, I get a feeling that this person that talked shit about kin is the same dude, seriously…I need to

know Gun…who the fuck is it? it’s not Matty, he doesn’t know enough, Tanner’s a cub so he knows even less, Bo I haven’t seen and Scooter is just…I dunno, kinda weird…that leaves Angus, it’s not Angus is he? I mean he’s kind of an idiot but he’s not a fucktard is he?”

Gunner Lifts his hands “I was asked to stay out it and let them teach him the error of his way .The knife horse”Gunner laughs a little and stops slowly “Said she was in agreement so Iam staying off it, sure thing there are a lot of kin that speak to them here.We can check in the am and see who is up and wanting to help with that.I know them gypsy kin and these other Gypsys Ryelei and Jet..they are ugh not kin but cousins to all of us..I

got issues with none of them and rather not some of them came along with us on the open road.They seem very interested in helping us and we them .

::Maryska smirked.:: “God damnit the old ways just follow like a shit stain don’t they?” ::she sighed and shook her head.:: “Okay, I’d love to talk to Rye and Jet, get the old town sorted first, I want to talk to Unicorn about a couple of things.” ::she sighed.:: “Mostly about Ashe.” ::she looked at Gunner for a moment.:: “Ashe is feeling lost, and I’m trying to help him find his way but as a mage…well he doesn’t have anyone to help

him, his avatar is quiet and not saying anything, and everytime he tries to help us he goes near nuclear to do it.” ::she crossed her arms over her chest, and hugged herself, this may be the first time she’s shown any body language denoting insecurity in some time.:: “He needs…help, he’s my…he’s a part of me, and it hurts seeing him suffer like this, I want to see if Unicorn can help him.”

Gunner looks to her”He tried talking to someone in the mage world that might have clue, the ones I ve seen are a fucking joke..and waste of time..and need to be kept far back they fucked up so bad..I mean thats the part I know that hurts ashe is they fucked up and he paided the piper now he is hunted, His family was put in danger..He needs to maybe step back from the magic learn to be just ashe again would be my call But even with his

magic he never be able o fight beside us mary..Something he has to come to terms with .

::Maryska nods in agreement.:: “And I’ve told him this, he’s not made to do what we do, and he doesn’t have the proper emotional disposition to kill a person.” ::she paces back and forth.:: “And he’s pissed because some stupid ass dragon asshole whom shall remain nameless was sitting outside his fucking forge at the mage chantry in full dragon form and brought down the men in black, and Ashe, working to defend his pregnant wife as she ran

killed them and then dealt with the emotional issues of having killed men with his sword.” ::she looked at Gunner with a little anger in her voice.:: “But I’m not bitter or anything about that.” ::she snorted and rolled her eyes.:: “Fucking Daedalus.” ::she kicked a rock.::

Gunner Nods to her”Our men have orders to kill that thing if it comes here and is retarded..they know what to do..I dont have time for that bullshit and I am not risking it , he should be careful the weaver loves old and useless throw back spirits..and he was bragging by a fire the first night I met him and some of you about killing unicorns..might not be the fucking smartest thing for him to be out this way..that thing would fucking

obliterate him ..and my friend..By the way she is doing so much better..Granted Breanna was talking to her the other night In a manner of speaking . she is ashe that shit is not on him the other dumbass mages they made a shit call..and they ran with it..I have no nee of their bullshit here and ashe is welcome not because he is your mate , Because he doesnt draw attention to himself and can live with his family.. We respect the guy.

::Maryska furrowed her brow.:: “Killed a….when did he kill a unicorn?” :::she looked at Gunner and actually took one step back as if to revisit the stupid thing she just heard.:: “Okay, yeah, I’m going to uh…yeah I need to send a text real quick.” ::she picked up her phone from her pocket.:: “I need to sort of…fix something I said to him, I was unaware of most of this till now, one second.”

::Maryska nods and puts her phone away.:: “There we go…I’ll just stop that shit from happening.” ::she smiled at Gunner.::

Gunner looks at her,”Cool but he Welcome in town Just not there..and if he stupid I have a cure three times over.”He shrugs and moves over by the stone of the fire pit,”Was the first Night tanner came into our yard He was talking some stupid shit..And he said that crap..not that I give two fucks I am a get of fenris you know how many dragons serpents we slagged?”

Daedalus txts Maryska: Thank you for the warning, I should be available Tuesday to talk.

::Maryska smirked and moved over with Gunner.:: “A few I’d imagine, however Jormungandr is a bit different than a Draconic in some situations, not all but some.” ::she smiled.:: “Yes, I read a book and learned some words, don’t look shocked.”

Daedalus txts Maryska: Very well.

gunner looks to her and Nods “Yeah ,well just saying he needs to go back to whatever fairytale land he flew his stupid sad ass out of.

::Maryska nodded slowly.:: “You know, I feel kinda bad for the old soul, out of place in this world, but not learning from the mistakes?” ::she lets out a sigh.:: “that’s just…not smart.”

gunner looks at her”it has no place in this world at all it needs to either fade away eeking or go out in a roar..If i was him I would seek out the technocracy and go out destroying them all..But I tend to be a glass full kind of guy who likes to fix my fucking mistakes.

::Maryska nodded slowly.:: “Okay, the leeches used to love having these monthly meetings, we need to have our own and get some things in order, we gotta start doing some major stock taking of what’s going on and how we’re taking care of it, cause I definitely don’t want stupidity landing on our front door.”

Gunner nods to her”I was doing that, then the co dependant shit with tanner burned me and My family out..Well I haven’t asked her yet..Anyway I need to load out for the night I have to go sit in total silence with her and have a nice still evening at home..its god damn amazing days go by and she doesnt say a thing to me or me to her maybe a few word..god We love it..So still..anyway Before I sound like a dipshit ineed to head out Mary


::Maryska nodded to him and would stand up, and give him a hug.:: “good night Gun, be safe.” ::she would after that walk her own way, moving like she was taking a walk in the mid afternoon.::

gunner hugs her back and heads off to the house.