::Maryska would pull up to the club on a new motorcycle, her old one was still at the old house, who knew what was happening to it now, but it needed to be there for appearances for whatever the sabbat decoys were doing, or at least that was her own little thinking to justify leaving it there, making the sacrifices for reality sake. Once she pulled up outside she took her helmet off and stuffed it into the storage on the side of her bike,

locking that and then seeming to click something under the gas tank, then slipping into the club propper, looking around to see if she could find her friend.::

!durmah wanders in, wearing one of her more familiar and comfortable slim-line corseted dresses. She’s got her hair pulled up in a bun. The only thing perhaps unusual (for her) is the touches of makeup she’s wearing – delicate eyeliner, perhaps some shadow. She doesn’t bother with rouge, because really. She does pick up a vodka at the bar and will move to claim a booth, and when she sees Mary,

she’ll lift a hand to get her attention.

<Durmah> wanders in, wearing one of her more familiar and comfortable slim-line corseted dresses. She’s got her hair pulled up in a bun. The only thing perhaps unusual (for her) is the touches of makeup she’s wearing – delicate eyeliner, perhaps some shadow. She doesn’t bother with rouge, because really. She does pick up a vodka at the bar and will move to claim a booth, and when she sees

Mary, she’ll lift a hand to get her attention.

║^Maryska^║ smiled at Durmah and waved back to her as she ordered herself a vodka and moved over to the table that Durmah was at, settling down next to her and giving her a one armed hug.:: “Hey!” ::she smiled as she sipped her drink.:: “It’s been a while, how are things going?”

<Durmah> smiles broadly to her, “Oh, the small shoot out or so. Maybe some C4, though it’s possible that the one I had was fake.” She sounds -amused- “and I’m trying not to fret too much over a big event coming up this week. but I’ve been told that all I have to do is look pretty and show up. And not eat anyone.” A soft scoff and a lift of one hand in a vague ‘as if’ sort of motion.

Fortunately, the DD wasn’t as -loud- as golgotha, but it was a dance venue, so her voice wouldn’t carry beyond the booth.

<Durmah> “you?”

║^Maryska^║ smirked. “shoot out and c-4? okay, can we hang out more? I’ve been sitting on my ass fucking learning how to knit, except for a little excursion the other day, which I need to talk to you about, there’s something out there and it’s a bit fucked up, an entire ghost town…not even on records anymore, whatever it is, it’s got some of our best calling for back up before we even explore any deeper, it’s old, something

we haven’t seen before.” ::she sipped her vodka.:: “Hey if you’re being told not to eat anyone…shouldn’t you, not eat anyone specifically there? I mean if you bring your own?” ::she oddly didn’t seem off put by the idea of her drinking someone elses blood.:: “I mean, you gotta eat right?”

<Durmah> laughs, a soft almost giggle. “Yes, we can bring in someone. Not anyone youre attached to though, because chances aren’t great that they’ll survive the nibbles.” Her expression sobers, then. “Not too surprising, given some of the local warnings I’ve been given since we moved to the sword. There’s something out there that’s a -lot- like a wolfman, actually. It’s even called a garou.

loupgarou I think? Something like that. Where is it? I can check with the security guys to see if it’s something they know about.”

║^Maryska^║ shakes her head. “I’d have to get longitude and latitude, because there’s no town name, and it’s not even on county records, we looked, but there’s nothing, no skeletal remains, nothing. There were entire famlies with kids and there’s nothing, just empty overgrown buildings with streets of water and turned over vehicles with claw marks, bullet casings all over the place, and I mean enough for an infantry unit.”

::she sipped her drink.:: “I mean the fight looked like it took place in the eighties or nineties, but still…we’re investigating because there’s something we need to free from that area…and it seems like we need to free it from whatever this is.” ::she grinned at Durmah happily.:: “I appreciate you not eating my friends.” ::she gave her a nice warming hug.:: “It’s why I like you, you’re so considerate.” ::she giggled.:: “And you make

good food.”

<Durmah> tilts her head, expression thoughtful but she’ll reach over to hug Mary in return and flash her a quick smile. “Thank you. I’m -really- glad I can still cook. And that might be that critter, really. I was told it gets active every 20 or 30 years and it’s active now, so that could be the last time it walked about. The story goes that it was human once – a plantation owner who had

a hardon for one of the slaves. The slave was a follower of the Bride, and had an offering shrine. The owner’s wife got angry and went down and broke the shrine and killed the girl.. and the Bride went in and cursed the plantation owner – given the whole thing was his fault. He went crazy and, I’m not clear -when- it happened, but he changed into some sort of wolfman like creature, and killed

everyone on the plantation. Whatever he bites, they temporarily turn wolfy too and rabid before they die. They kill things, but only the original one turns others. And something about it is extra venomy. The Houndmaster ought to be able to regrow near anything, but it left permanent marking on him – a wound that still oozes years later.”

<Durmah> reaches up and touches the silver haircombs she wears, “That’s why I’m always wearing something silver, because it doesn’t like silver, and will avoid people wearing it. But apparently he likes blondes, so..” She gives a wry motion to her -very- blonde hair.

║^Maryska^║ smirked and shook her head.: “So you’re attracting this guy for…shits and giggles.” ::she shook her head and laughed.:: “Okay, I swear we need to hang out more, cause it sounds like you’re having all the fucking fun.” ::she sipped her drink and licked her lips.:: “I’ll have to look into it, I’m doing a bit more research as well before we go in there so, this could be helpful, I’ll let you know.” ::she rolled her

neck.:: “I’m glad you can still cook too, totally need some more pies by the way, I’ve been jonesing.”

<Durmah> wrinkles her nose at Mary, “Attracting it? No. I’m related to really scary elder in the area. Putting me out as bait is not on the plan book anywhere. There’s been this general, polite panic about me -not- going out in the swamps actually. But that’s why I have been wearing silver all the time since it’s supposed to make him avoid you. He’s apparently a local legend, and his old

plantation house is around, too. It’s -also- abandoned, and I could probably get a location of that if you wanted it. Go -armed- though, because he’s sometimes there I’m told.” She’ll sip her vodka and smile broadly, “I’ll bake some and get a Cargo to drop it off at Krosp? Since I’m night shift I cannot visit, but I can pay a cargo person to do a small package delivery.”

║^Maryska^║ smiled wide.:: “I’ll make sure to let our guys know your cargo is coming.” ::she listened intently to Durmah as she talked.:: “Hmm, yeah the more info you can get about this would be better, and yeah I’m going armed.” *she almost snorted.* “When am I not?” ::she chuckled as she sipped her drink.:: “there are bigger things out there than me, I know.” ::she nodded.:: “Even if it isn’t the same thing, if we happen to

take care of it while doing our other thing too, it’d be an additional bonus, fewer women going missing.” ::she smiled.::

<Durmah> nods. “I’d thought about going out to repair the shrine, but it would have to be done during the day. And at the time, I didn’t want to risk the security I’d need to head out there. Besides, what I know of the Bride is that she’d be more irritated at the rape and murder of one of her followers. I could be wrong, but Gunner seemed to have people who knew of her, so maybe they’d

know better.” She chuckles, “And if anyone has any requests, text me and I’ll get it together.”

<Durmah> “I meant to get some things for the romney who are around the camp, but hadn’t been back out there since all this.”

║^Maryska^║ smiled. “Yeah, you got kinda side tracked with your…promotion.” ::she winked a bit.:: “so, what’s this about C-4 and a shoot out?” ::she turned to face Durmah with a little more interest as she brought back that old topic that was sort of glossed over.::

<Durmah> huffs a laugh and will sip her drink with a small smile. “Background. Altaryn and I are not in the same pack anymore. So we’re on different teams. He’s been given a task to get rid of snakes in New Orleans – that’s a nickname for a group of dark arts worshippers who are probably strengthening the demon over there. Other packs aren’t supposed to help… which is mostly fine because

he’s been avoiding me. But the other day, he got a lead on a guy selling -lots- of weapons, assault grade, on the street. His pack wasn’t around, and it wasn’t directly related, so I went with rather than let him go alone. seems like this guy had been selling to the snakes, so Alt wanted to get him alone and ask him some questions. The twit arms some of the C4 for personal protection. Joy,

right? Alt goes in the car with the twit… I manage to sweet eye the guy and get the C4 in the other car…. and once we were on the road, I tossed it out the window at cars chasing us.” She sticks out the tip of her tongue.

║^Maryska^║ sips her drink as she listens to Durmah intently.:: “Fuck that sounds like fun.” ::she giggled as she tells the whole story and then tilts her head.:: “Why is Alt avoiding you? is he sour still about the promotion?” ::she furrowed her brow.:: “well…okay I can see it but…is this a man mope thing?”

<Durmah> lifts one hand in a small shrug, “Mostly, I think his pride was hurt. He was also pretty confused by the situation in general. I was planning to give him a year or two before revisiting it all, but, well.” A small huff and a snort. “Twit had body guards, who chased us… ran -me- off the road, and got Altaryn stopped too. What then happens is a lovely little shootout.” She rolls

her eyes dramatically. Obviously, she wasn’t majorly injured because… here. “All in all, Drama. We let the police catch them with the guns. Altaryn was upset that I might have been hurt, and he went into his old concerned mode… which was nice. So, I don’t know that he’s come to terms with it yet, but it seems he’s a little better about it than he was.”

::Maryska nodded slowly.:: “Sometimes a guy just likes feeling like he’s able to protect someone, I mean it was kind of a thing for Ashe too, now he’s kind of moping, trying to figure out what he can do, his twinkly stuff has gone all wonky, he almost went thermo nuclear there a few weeks ago..and I mean…” *she makes a mushroom cloud with her hands.* “big…but he just kept it in..” ::she sips her drink.* “Poor guy is upset he can’t

keep up with the family, he knows he can’t finish a job even if he could..” ::she smiled a little sadly.:: “I’m hoping to talk to the Black Unicorn to see about helping him.” :she smirked.: “Yes…it’s actually a black one.”

<Durmah> arches her brows. “I’d heard some of the spirits mention something about a unicorn pair, but I’d sort of assumed they were drunk or something. Really?” And then she’ll reach out to pat Mary’s hand lightly. “Be careful. He may think you don’t want him or need him anymore, now that you can shift. You might need to try and reaffirm him some.”

║^Maryska^║ smiled.:: “Oh…he knows I need him.” *She winked at Durmah playfully as she sipped her drink.* “I’m learning knots.” *she wiggled her eyebrows again as she nodded then about the Unicorns.* “Yeah there are two, one is still being held, we have to free it.”

<Durmah> snorts softly, “Chat with Altaryn if you’re up to it. That’s his art. Mind you, he’s -good- at it, and I’ve rarely been quite as ready to jump a man, much less a pair of them, as the time he tied up Phillip for me.” She grins in memory. And then will smile to Kenzie, “That… sucks, really. What kind of spirit are they?”

║^Maryska^║ smiled. “Well, Unicorn is primarily one of healing all and inflicting no harm, however…where there’s black unicorn well…thats more of a, heal everyone and beat the piss out of anyone that hurts your family.” ::she grinned a bit, and when the knots were mentioned she laughed.* “he tied up the Poet for you? aww now that’s a present to have.” *she giggled.*

<Durmah> holds up a finger and will fish out her phone. After a moment she’ll turn the phone to show Mary a picture. Nothing important is visible, given that Durmah’s sitting on Phillip’s lap and her skirts are in the way, but he’s clearly bound up in dark red ropes that are as much tied around him decoratively as they are keeping him from moving. Judging from Phillip’s expression, there’s

-probably- an orgasm photo in the series, but Durmah just shows the one. Obviously Altaryn took the photo, since he’s not visible and Durmah’s got both hands on Phillip. She grins. “That was before we were promoted.”

║^Maryska^║ gestured to ask if she could see the phone.:: “Uhm, may I?” *it was the first time she’d asked to see more, she had been shown that picture before, and she had blushed furiously, but now she seemed to have this apparent look of wanting to discover.:: “I mean, if there are…ones you don’t want me seeing I obviously respect that….”

<Durmah> shrugs, and will hand over the phone. “Phillip’s actually wearing stuff underneath, but Altaryn didn’t take those images. and… Phillip’s not shy. I’m not sure you’ve met him?” Her tone is teasing. Since Mary called him Poet, she knew, but still. There are ten photos on the phone in total, and yeah… given expressions, there was some stuff happening under the skirt. Durmah’s

flushed by the end photo, and is cuddled against Phillip giving the camera (or more likely, Altaryn) a coy smile. There are earlier photos, but if you didn’t know that it was Phillip, you might just think it was someone pale and male, since she took some images of just the knot work on his skin.

gavin txts Durmah: Whats going on? I am board out My mind.

║^Maryska^║ was looking over the knots, and she was getting a little flush.* “damn, that looks like fun.” *she cleared her throat and handed the phone back with a smile.* “I don’t know how I would exactly ask Altaryn about…showing us that kind of thing though, it seems more like a practical lesson than one you learn….not practically.” *she tried to come up with another word but just stuck with what was there.*

<Durmah> chuckles a bit. “I think at first you use manniquins? But yeah, I’d think it would require a person you’re willing to let you and him get personal with. If it helps, for him it really is about art and not a sexual thing. Me? Phillip in ropes was sexy as hell.” She quirks a brow at her phone when it bings a message, and she’ll pause to tap out a reply.

gavin txts Durmah: ahh ,Well I ‘ll avoid bugging you then I was not sure that was you on the monitor thought I caught a glimpse of you in there earlier.

║^Maryska^║ nods. “Yeah, I’m not sure seeing as how Ashe said Altaryn is like a brother to him? so…I don’t know how freaked out that would be for him, I could ask though.” ::she then waited while Durmah tapped out a text.::

<Durmah> “Friend of mine might be joining us. He’s the general manager here and at Golgotha.” She arches a brow. “I imagine then they’d want to avoid anything crotch related, but there would seem to be a lot of style and theory that you can learn on arms or legs.”

gavin txts Durmah: I might swoop by avoiding getting into any BS. Just had some weird vibes earlier.

║^Maryska^║ nods as she hears a friend may be dropping by, she smirked.:: “Always like to meet new people Durmah.” ::She gave a slight smile as she then listened about the knot work.:: “We’ll see, I mean who knows, they did spar with their shirts off.”

<Durmah> sighs, “That was nice.” She’ll sip her drink, but will keep an eye on the door. She’s dressed in one of her more ‘normal’ dresses, hair pulled up into a bun, and wearing just a little bit of makeup.

::Maryska nodded in agreement and took a moment to show Durmah the picture she snapped from that night of both men, shirtless with swords.:: “Yeah…it was.”

<Durmah> laughs once, having forgotten that Mary had taken it. “good shot. I’m not usually a drooling type, but I have to say it’s a bit distracting when there are muscled men with their shirts off and doing deadly arts. Even in practice.”

║^Maryska^║ nodded with a smile and did a very approving.* “~mmhmm~” ::she licked her lips and then put the phone away.:: “Yeah.” ::she looked at Durmah and picked up a napkin, play wiping at something at the corner of her lip, giggling.:: “They need to do that just a few more times I think, because I’m pretty sure I can get a better shot if they do.”

Gavin moves through the Clubs dance floor Shifting through multi pulse of light and ambient mood like some Beautiful dark Prince sprung from the wayside of post modern gothic victorian novel Shadow melts over him and his glide like silk rolling down the side of clutched fist in a bed sheet. Demanding but strangling the last draining passion out of everything with a simple smile creeping up his face . A post modern dark god steps along

also causing a few eyes to follow along daring in his approach. “You all being taken care of well enough”He asks in a crisp Francophone Draw stirring all sentiments of anne rice myths darting through the mind as Dark blue green eyes smooth out to Durmah and then Mary as he stops at the edge of the table.

<Durmah> laughs, “You’ll find Altaryn doesn’t have his tattoo anymore, but he might oblige you. He’s a flirty bastard when it strikes him.” She’s a bit dry and resigned about that, but Durmah hadn’t stabbed anyone in -ages- so it was probably a joke. “Have to find a good place for them to meet up since he can’t go out to Krosp.” She nods to Gavin and will tuck her skirt closer to scoot

aside and let him sit. “Speaking of flirty bastards with too much style, Mary, meet the new manager here. Gavin, this is Maryska, from the Krosp camp.” Her tone is teasing, though, so she doesnt’ mean anything -mean- by her words

║^Maryska^║ nods and looks to Gavin as he made his way over with style.:: “Hi, I’m Maryska, but you can call me Mary.” ::she said extending her hand to the man to shake.::

Gavin Slides into the booth with a fluid degree of grace matching the curve of his smile Shaking her hand “Enchanté Gavin St.Croix “Settling in next durmah a Sort of opium lace slide of his voice injects to the tables atmosphere. “Too much style? that like have too little just should never happen..ravishing tonight Durmah. ” He sets a cigarette case down on the table a click of metal light on top as he folds his hands in front of him .

“Flirty well It comes with the Job, who wants to go out and play with all the Pretty things in the night if they smile at you once in while,Can I get you Ladies anything ?

<Durmah> waves a hand slightly, “I’m fine. You said you had a bad feeling?”

║^Maryska^║ shook her head no as she held up her drink.:: “I’m good for now, but thanks.” ::she was sipping on a full glass of vodka, taking her time with it as she looked between the two.:: “So uh, is Gavin one of the very good friends of yours from the Mansion?”

<Durmah> hums softly and reaches over to touch Gavin’s cheek. A light poke, but yup. “Very good? I don’t know about that, but the answer is yes.” And in an undertone to Gavin, meant not to carry, “She’s moon-touched.”

Gavin dismisses the Notion with a light Dark laugh. “ehh It passed Felt like someone was putting a burning hate through my head if that makes sense any?” He looks over at the glasses “see this is tragique et ne fera pas”He shakes his head slipping up “Allow me ,To get something a far cry better then this for you. “Gavin smiles “Oh ,well pleasure again. “He seems more affronted by the Vintage on the table then the delicate subject matter.

He smiles again “Yes that will not do, that makes me a bit cross..Please excuse me a moment I will be back with some more proper for actual guests.

║^Maryska^║ blinked a second and looked at her vodka, then at Durmah.:: “uh…is he saying sorry for the drink, let me get you something better?”

<Durmah> watches gavin go. And she’ll answer Mary with amusement. “Yes. Yes, I believe he did. Meet a… far more typical member of the clan than Altaryn and I.” She watches Gavin go to the bar, because she liked her vodka and would really rather he not bring her something like wine… which in her experience tended to be what guys brought her after saying something like that. “He’s very

artsy, and sensative to flavors. Well, I’m sensative to flavors, too, but I happen to like vodkas.”

║^Maryska^║ nods:: “See, I love my vodka, and if he has something like from home, I will not argue, but if he brings me…wine? I may have to slap him.” ::she smirked.::

<Durmah> chuckles, “He might just be switching it out for a better grade. Tonight’s tender isn’t Mike, and so we probably got whatever they use to mix drinks.”

Gavins Comes back Holding a Ornate bottle and two crystal clear tumblers setting them down . “I ordered this specifically for you..Obviously when mike takes a night off I need someone more ..”He waves a his hand in frustrated manner.”With it to handle this things. “Himalayan Edition of the Stolichnaya vodka rolls out into the glasses very carefully as he seals the bottle placing a glass in front of each of them. Bottle Sitting down in

front of durmah. “Its made from distilled Glacier water from the Himalayas I hear its wonderful, I my self can not indulge but please Enjoy . “He moves back in next to durmah as he lights one of the cigarettes from the case and leans back. “I can not stand that whole ordeal, I mean really I am rather embarrassed.

║^Maryska^║ nodded with a smile, and then looked at Durmah, Maryska nodding to Gavin and looking at the bottle he brought back, she looked at it with some interest.:: “Water from…well this will be interesting, my father told me of stuff like this.” ::she smiled as she smelled it, and furrowed her brow, then took a sip licking her lips.:: “It tastes like water.” ::she had a second sip of it a little more than last time and

shook her head looking at it.:: “I think you got rrriiii….” *she blinked slowly and set the glass down.:: “fuck…me” ::she set both hands on the table and let out a long breath.::

<Durmah> quirks a brow and considers the glass, then will pick it up to take a sip. She’ll give an appreciative hum and take another sip. “Oh, that -is- nice. Thank you.” She’ll snicker softly at Mary’s reaction and then laughs when she lets out the breath. “So, wait. You were even -warned- by your father, and there you are taking a big gulp? Also, no thank you dear. I’d rather not have

Ashe coming at me with his sword. It’s a bit sharp and ow.” Adds the last to clarify she didn’t mean something kinky. To Gavin, “Her husband’s a metal smith, and really very good sword fighter as well.”

Gavin just smiles “Rather happy you enjoy that then,I can almost taste it on the air, rather envious myself.”He tips his head Caught in a fragment of something lost between the room they were in and perhaps anther one in a Different place and time. “I see”He comments on the sword man bit. “Please next time correct them if they try and pass the sky vodka off on you. I expect my friends to be treated very well. After all these are things

best shared in good company not all things are Business.

║^Maryska^║ was still holding onto the table like it was keeping her sitting straight, letting out a slightly grunted.:: “Yup!” ::she took another breath and her cheeks were flush red.:: “Wow…holy fuck that’s good.” ::she smiled and slowly she started to relax.:: “I think I’ll wait a few before I sip more.” ::she smiled wide looking at Durmah.:: “I don’t think he’d mind.” ::she rested her chin on her hand as she looked

between the two, her cheeks red, and then nodded a bit.:: “Yup, he makes swords, and axes, he made a pair of really nice axes for Breanna.” ::she looked at Durmah and chuckled.:: “God I hope she can use axes…” ::she sat back against the bench of the booth they were sitting in.:: “So, Durmah tells me you’re artistic repertoire extends into a realm of true appreciation, just like hers and Altaryns, but a little more traditional in a

sense?” ::she left her hands resting on the table top.::

((your not You’re))

<Durmah> chuckles a bit to Kenzie, “Appreciation? No, He plays guitar, sings, paints. does poetry. And I never got to see the painting you did the other night. Did it come out as you’d expected?” She doesn’t ask if it came out well, because… no point being rude. Besides she didn’t know if he was an impressionalist or what.

Gavin chuckles lightly “I would Often agree yes ,I am finding however other things come rather to my prenatural talents that seem to keep blooming out,Yes I did One could say it captured her wonderful and her very emotions. She was so happy to have it I believe she displayed it in the common room of her packs residence , I am rather proud of the one I did of you as well. ” He turns his head toward the dance floor and back to the faces

near him . “Yes I am also Photographer,Sculpture,song writer and well I can go on and on But ..”He laughs a little “I sound like a pompous asshole , Lord knows In all essence I am a humble before the great works of gods creation.”

Gavin takes his phone out “Did you wish to see her painted?”

<Durmah> looks to Mary and will tip her head towards Gavin with humor, indicating his varied art interests. “That is what the clan tends to be like. Altaryn and I are very low key on the creative scale.” She focuses on gavin again, blinking, “Who? Rose? No, I like my eyes in my head and me being not totally dead. Or did you mean the one of me?”

║^Maryska^║ shrugged and nodded as Gavin offered to show the painting that he did.:: “Sure, I’ll see your art.” ::she smiled and leaned a bit over the table, only one breast really seeming to make much of any kind of bulge in her chest, the other…there’s a lot of slack in the shirt, but she doesn’t seem to really notice anything herself.::

Gavin looks to Durmah “no..Notre Dame de la douleur I would never dare attempt such a thing..upon pain and suffering for capturing her emotions..Yours is boxed back at the golgotha and matted and framed. “He nudge the phone to life “No of sascha,I took here feelings mine and melted them into paint and canvas ..It was breath taking, Harnessing that and pushing it outward..”He shows them both his phone. “Becareful when you see it in person

please if you do Durmah..it will grapple at you..I had to cover it till I could come to terms with what I had done.

gavin smiles a little “thats her even if she seems different ,If you follow my meaning..I had a privilege to see that side of her.”

<Durmah> arches her brows, recognizing one of Sascha’s appearances in the features. And then she’ll blink and reach over to pat his shoulder lightly. “I’m afraid you’re going to have to come to terms with that. You may be used to reacting to your own work a certain way, but you can get your self caught if you’re not careful. It’s very beautifully done. I’m familiar enough with her different

faces to recognize her. You’re quite gifted.”

║^Maryska^║ looks at the painting on the phone, she doesn’t say anything, she just looks at it, she lets out a little.:: “hunh…” ::she slowly tries to relax her sitting position just staring at it for a while, not really moving as she does.:: “Uhm, if I give you a picture, can you do a painting for me? I’ll pay for it.”

Gavin smiles to Mary “I will do it if you give me a picture,But I will not take money for it. Principal of the matter for me. The honor is more then enough.” He puts the phone away. “I can stop painting her,Drawing her..Even written a song for her..”He lets a sigh out and looks at the bottle and dismisses the idea. “All moments are magical because even they vanish so quickly at the end of the act.” He lets a fond soft smile edge on his

face. “Its very complex range of things we choose to find in each other,but don’t blink they soon are nothing but songs and faces captured..and we are left with just those..thats part of the wonder of it all that sudden impact. I canceled my performance here tonight.

<Durmah> gives him an -alarmed- look because she hadn’t realized he performed here, too. And then what else he says catches up in her brain. and she’ll furrow her brows a bit. “Gavin… are you -crushing- on Sascha? Don’t get me wrong, she’s a lovely person – ” when she’s not in Horror form, tearing things apart or something, “-but she does have a partner already. Talwar’s quiet, but…”

She started to say someone you shouldn’t fight, but then remembers hwo he got here and well. She decides not to tempt that particular fate tonight.

║^Maryska^║ smiled and nodded.:: “Okay, it’s actually two photo’s being made into a single painting, I may need you to use some imagination, but there are two men, I’d like it if you could have sort of, the two of them standing together like friends, the pictures will be close enough to the poses, we’re lucky that way.” ::she smiled.:: “My Grandfather and Ashe’s father….I’ll show you the photographs after I get them, I put

them in a scrap book so I know where they are.” ::Mary looks at him and shrugs.:: “What? she’s not that bad looking, I’d take a …okay the vodka’s kicking in.” ::she looked at the glass that was half full.:: “wow you’re fast.”

<Durmah> gives -Mary- an alarmed look now. “Mary… I don’t know how to drive a motorcycle. You do not want me to have to drive you home.”

Gavin smiles slow to her”Its nothing , Of course not she caught the muse of me..It happens. “gavin smiles to Durmah.”I mean really I dont think she has time for me,I assure you..dust or perhaps a iration of twinges at best to her..I rather not sully her name with rumors of me.I am just connected to her…”He looks to Mary and nods “I can have her bike stored out back and one of the men will let her collect it use the yellow cab. I can

secure it in the warehouse.” He looks back at Durmah.”really a person of her station and me..? “He chuckles and shakes his head.

║^Maryska^║ pulls the key from her pocket and hands it to Gavin.:: “I’ll drive back in the morning to pick it up with my truck, do not lose those keys please.” ::she smiled as she looked at Durmah and grinned.:: “I will not drink and drive, I am more responsible than that….I will however have a wonderful run through the woods later.” ::She smiled widely.:: “it’s really refreshing.”

gavin takes the keys and nods.

<Durmah> shakes her head alittle and will sip her drink again. Sip. Though she supposed it would be pretty difficult for her to get drunk now, she’d rather not test it at the moment. A nod of thanks to Gavin, “Appreciated.’ And then she eyerolls at Gavin’s affront. Before she can say anything though, she twitches, hands jerking as if she wanted to flinch more or move them. They’re in public

though, And… well. This had been happening a lot recently. She doesn’t say anything, though her eyes unfocus and her humored look will fade into something intent. Sitting next to her, Gavin can no doubt see the subtle -violence- hiding out in whatever she was seeing, especially given he’d seen her react before. But with it happening more often. Well, her beast wasn’t happy.

Gavin slides his arm over Durmah calm as rain falling warm compassionate tone in his voice almost threatening to be more musical then speech whispering just faintly enough for mary to hear”give it too me and relax, shh.. your with me..not there.”He lets the warmth of his voice ease down into her ransacked emotional state.”there we go..”He whispers” its okay..I got you..”He smiles to Mary .”Yes I will have your bike taken perfectly safe

and cared for..one of the boys will let you in to get it tomorrow. Just knock on the side door.

::Maryska looked at Durmah and then at Gavin.:: “Uhm, what happened to her?”

<Durmah> ‘s lips curl, weighted malice sliding around her and the subtle growl just loud enough that any nearby humans would probably start getting twitchy. But then Gavin’s tone and words help her calm just enough that she can wrest her control back. She’ll blink slowly, growling stopping as she focuses her eyes again. A deep breath and she’ll sigh, leaning into the touch briefly in thanks

before she straightens again to give Mary a worn sort of smile, “Sorry. I’ve… started getting flashbacks to … well. Less pleasant times. I’m fine now. I think.”

::Maryska nods slowly.:: “Sorry to hear that.” ::she seemed concerned but she didn’t beyond more than the attempt to sound consoling, she wasn’t a psychological professional, there wasn’t a lot she could do, and knowing exactly five things about vampires, she didn’t really consider herself a professional on that either.:: “did they pick up sort of after the promotion?”

gavin pats her shoulder as he slips his arm back off her “You are very welcome.”He says reaching for a cigarette and lighting it “We all find some solace in what we are..”He smiles softly and taps the cigarette in the ashtray “Sometimes the moments break us, Dear beautiful Durmah has failed to mention as charming as I come across ,Empathic, Sympathetic and kind..and feeling..We can quickly back slide into darkness with the same passion

,Cold and unmoving, Cruel wicked some of us revel in that others like myself dwell in duality with it. Even struggle against it. But I wont sit here and watch that take her,nor would I expect her to do the same..With some risk we can calm or excite that aspect ..I imagine the emotional tug grabbed ahold hell it transformed me which “He says looking to Durmah .”I have found out its rare but it happens..Very rare..So I am not even talking

to certain people about it ever..its odd..they still seem perplexed why it happened.

<Durmah> sighs softly and lifts a hand to rub her forhead. And she gives Mary a small smile, “No, it was happening before, too. It’s just my reactions are more difficult now. Something you can appreciate, I’m sure.” Given she did now turn into a rage puppy when she wanted to. Gavin gets a measuring look and she tilts her head just a bit. “Well, I doubt many of them remember clearly what

it was like to be … young.” Human. But that’s not a polite thing to say really.

::Maryska nodded.:: “I understand entirely.” ::she smiled.:: “But at least you have the right people to help bring you back though.” ::she grinned at Gavin.:: “At least people whom seem to give a shit.” ::she looked back to Durmah with a wider grin, and she would again take a forced breath.:: “Damn, this is a fairly nice buzz.” ::she giggled a bit and looked at the glass.:: “yup, you are awesome.” ::she’d wink at the liquid in the glass

and then look back at the two.:: “Also helps that he’s a form of family.”

Gavin chuckles to her “I am so fucked”He laughs and crosses Himself. “I think I should retired for the Night I have a lot to think through . “He slips out patting Durmahs Shoulder. “If either of you ladies need anything please, Just ask a employee. “He smiles to Mary and dips his head laughing “For 3500 U.S. Dollars it damn better be good, or I’ll be blowing someones knee’s out . “He leans over kissing both durmah cheeks “Anything just

ask..I am going to go sort out some matters..thank you again and for the wonderful company “He says smiling to Mary as well after he gives durmah a moment to extend a good bye as well as Mary.

<Durmah> gives him a wry smile at the comment, and will kiss one of his cheeks in return. “I’m not far behind, I think. Good evening Gavin. And take care of your self, please. We need to talk about that young chef sometime soon, too.”

::Maryska stood up and extended her hand to the man.:: “Thank you very much, you’re a gracious host.” ::she’d smile to the man, as she did so, and after the shake was accepted, she’d then look at Durmah as she mentioned she’d be shortly behind.:: “If you’re not far behind, maybe I should slip out now, it’s a bit of a trot back to Krotz.” ::she smirked.::

Gavin nods to durmah “Absolutely , “He takes marys Hand and shakes it “Enchanted..”He bows his head moving back past the Bar Point to the door as a guy moves to open the door for gavin and passes out into the sing song of the nights dark ebbing tides of color.

<Durmah> snorts softly to kenzie and will finish her own glass of the vodka. And then she shakes her head to Mary, “Alright, but becareful, please. I can call you a cab if you’d rather.” She’ll slide out of the seat and motion a server over to take the bottle back to where it was stored,

::Maryska looked at Durmah, she then stepped forward and gave her a hug, then stepped back, her hands would rest on Durmahs upper arms for a moment.:: “I…kind of need to vent a little, the run will help.” ::she smiled to the woman and then let go of her taking a few steps back and giving her a little wave.:: “It was good hanging out with you, hope we can do it again sooner.” ::she then headed for the door and out into the night.::

<Durmah> hugs her back and will tilt her head at Mary when she doesn’t release her. Her brows arch, but she nods, “Alright. Yes, we should. I’ll get you some pie baked tomorrow.” And once Mary heads out she’ll rub her brow again, then gather up her things to head out as well.