<Ashe> say cross-legged on the ground in his jeans and a tight fitting black t-shirt as he focused on the little critter in the palm of his hand. It looked, for all the world, like a small fire belly newt. As far as familiars went, it was quite possible that a -newt- was not the most impressive, but that had never bothered Ashe. Ember was quiet and thoughtful, which suited him just fine.

<Ashe> smiled as Ember lifted his head and opened his mouth to make a little croaking squeak, “Well, that’s rather bold of you, but yes, I could work on being able to feed you more. Are you really that hungry?”

<Ashe> chuckled as the little newt ran in a circle in his hand and he lifted his other one as if to appease it, “ok, ok, you have a point. You have been helping me with a lot of the paradox I generated last time. I’ll work towards channeling a bit more of my energy into providing for you. But in return I’d like to to be more active with you. I wish to learn to commune more fluidly with you and other spirits, are you willing to teach me?”

<Ashe> lifts his head to the warm breeze and inhales slowly, “I see, that’s fair enough, Ember. Thank you…. but I’m not sure I want you -always- in my hair though…. no, you aren’t slimy.” Ashe chuckled and lifted his hand so that the newt could crawl onto his shoulder and then closed his eyes.

<Ashe> remained there meditating for about an hour, his mind joining to Embers for the duration of the communion before Ashe retired to his forge to work.