Gavin sits among the smoke screen of Cloud of cigarettes and fog.. Blue lights flashing off the dance floor. Pulse Ripping up and down along the walls Shaking the glass of water near gavin ripples moving like a tremor in the soul ,sonic Devotion dropping off like rain from a low hung cloud full of gold dust Dreams

Gavin paces back to the Dance floor and emerges into the flow of music and emotions like a thirsty serpent slipping into a oasis . Shadows never moved with grace as he curls through the masses. Eyes finding the faces their stories spelled out on expression, tattoos..Flirting gazes eyes locked in a passion full eyes. He drank it down into himself..deep holding the fleeting grasp of being lost in true feeling not swan or swoon with blood

and all its dimensions.

Gavin moves torn between the ebbing rip of emotions scaling up and down ..Trapped between the feeling of want and blind trust,inhibiting human emotions were But addictive as Hell..Like 500 dollars worth the best experiences to fall flatline across your soul. Lost within the eyes moving back and forth between fragile being he could feel the Raw push of emotions conflicted in such a massive gathering of people it was by far intoxicating the point his mind just numbed against all the theatrical Tug and pulls that were thrown at him..this was a salvation of sorts in the worst storms.

Gavin felt all the emotional Pull Process in a slow ease from face to face, dance to dance..words whispered, Smooth entrancing come hithers and turns of small god like twists..Faith was in the heart..doubt guilt and emptiness..all the compassion and Ruthless Lust..Demanded His attention ..Emotions tasted better then any sweet kiss of vitae off his lips..God he could feed of these all night just moving along their warmth touching off him

and pressing . Opium bliss daydreams moving off the small perfect imperfect little creatures..Their sweet Flaws savored on Hungry eyes of addict.

Gavin draws in the eyes of the moving on him like a snapping his cruel intentions to recoil. He could feel it load behind his eyes like a hollow point breaching into a weapon.Moving in closer Careful not to shake the room to much as he waded through the eclipse of lights and the storm of music rattling the floor and walls. He moved over watching her cautiously . Skittish little thing ,Eyes torn down through her arms to her long legs and

dark folds of ebon hair..Details focusing closer eyes keen,bright and devouring the details of how smooth her flesh was how it moved with flow of life as she turned and swayed into the ease of the music. He followed her with his eyes stalking her closer..Keen.

Gavins eyes struggled with the feeling of Hues of color shifting through her soul..Odd, it felt odd seeing them, too much around him, the colors shifted brighter and beam all around him he tore his eyes off and eased his minds Sight From her..this was too much to attempt,More practice..too many many feeling over powering as they threw them out there trying to draw and push away each other Damn near over loading his senses. He

staggers back holding to his conviction .It was no innocent notion on his mind,But why in heaven would He feel guilty for want and need..No this was beyond driven and insighted..this was compulsion of soul..Desire drawing hunger out.

Gavins eyes slowly reduced the untrained Talent auras fading away from flipping filtering eyes..going gone and empty..her details were left burning in his mind each small crease of flesh every fine line of applied make up and caressed care..Mmmh..Painted Pretty ..

Gavin watched waited dancing closer moving in among the Close range of flirting gazes to exchanged as he danced up to a young woman looking over her shoulder at his Chosen little Ivory delight for this night. He watched the other woman as his hand slipped to his Partners hair slow tease of nails and finger tips watching the other woman’s reactions reading her desire her want her aversions as she could see the subtle motions he read her

like a book her desires wants spelling out her skin damn near screamed for his touch across the way dancing eyeing his hands his face the reaction of his dance partner the ache of want reaching deep like a junkie howling for more..He could see it deep within her coal painted eyes smokey sultry dark brown eyes watching him the guilt in her moves told him the hook sunk deep into her soul..lust was her bait..She just took it all Hook line

and sinker.

Gavins body moves away Curling behind his victim or was this mutual want..His hand drew the warmth off her flesh wrapping its smooth surface in subtle darg of his fingers down her underside of arms forams following his fingers as she turns slowly arms falling over his shoulders,Onyx black silk of his hair brushing where his hands lured her arms to fall..Her Brown eyes struggling to stay a float in the onslaught of Lust building Behind

her eyes. The confusion of the sudden invasion slipping away as her private space became a welcome battle field of her wants and common sense swimming into a chaotic battle over his dark blue green eyes Drinking in the thrashing of emotions choking each other into submission back and forth .

Gavin slides his face down her neck feeling the heat and sudden fear of excitement shoulder up her spine in a almost earth shaking crack of erotic release as her hands seize to his leg holding down for dear life and god. Her body jerks to him as he drags her slowly nesting into the booth when they find her stirring right before closing shameless smile on her lips as she shifts out into the street feeling released of her burden revisioned

in the dark kiss of the damned.